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Up until late 2017, cryptocurrency was always an “underground” experiment – used by Dark Web shoppers and tech geeks alike. In recent years, however, real use cases for cryptocurrency have started to emerge and the potential of blockchain to change the world as we know it is slowly being realized.

As a whole, dapps have been largely unimpressive compared to the hype they received throughout 2017 and 2018. However, there are several dapps under construction that will truly display what blockchain is capable of. Upfiring is one the dapps. The project takes the existing bittorrent protocol and employs a blockchain aspect that rewards seeders for sharing files. It is one of the best use cases for Ethereum smart contracts, and has the potential to be adopted by the hundreds of millions of torrent users who currently seed files for free on the existing bittorrent network.

The project isn’t all talk – a fully-functioning version of the application was quietly released a few days ago. This version is considered “unofficial” by the Upfiring team, with the official version planned for release later this month. It can be found on their github: https://github.com/upfiring/upfiring-update/releases.

The community has begun establishing file-sharing sites and servers where users can share Upfiring files. These files end in .ufr, rather than .torrent, and are encrypted. If the prospect of earning cryptocurrency for sharing files seems interesting to you, try out the application for yourself. This project is unique – there is nothing like it on the market right now, and could easily become one of the most well-known (infamous, perhaps) dapps of 2019.

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