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Cryptocurrencies, including the always eventful Bitcoin, have really become household names. No longer is this sort of terminology used only among high-level financial executives or industry experts. Even the average everyday person is trading or making payments or purchases with their preferred cryptocurrencies. So, what if you want to really learn more to benefit from personally, or if you are already well-educated on the topic and have even incorporated it into your business?

Whether you are a seasoned crypto expert, or you are just starting out, the next move is to attend at least one of the year’s upcoming cryptocurrency conferences. The financial world is ever-changing, so you can expect nothing less from the crypto realm. However, spending a few minutes reading online about topics on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies won’t always cut it. Additionally, don’t you want to get out there and network with other like-minded individuals?

If you’re still on the fence, and aren’t sure whether to put some of your budget toward an upcoming conference, here are a few reasons why you should.

  • Speakers – Most people scroll through upcoming events to look for the big names in speakers, and this make absolute sense. Of course, you want to learn from the best! Also, consider how much of an education you could receive from a founder of a hip young startup, along with a number of corporate executives, investors and influencers.
  • Exhibitors – Want to see the latest in technology or learn more about products that will be useful to you and your business? Most large conferences have a full hall of exhibitors.
  • Additional events – Many event goers love the idea of networking, so the additional events that are offered at summits are a great way to take full advantage of the opportunities. Whether it be a roundtable discussion or a themed party, get those business cards ready!
  • Pricing – This will be a big part of which package you choose for the conference. However, be sure to consider the add-on events, or even other offerings like meals, before you finalize your package selection. It might just save you money in the long run!

As that you now have more of a background on these type of conferences and exactly what to expect and look for, you can easily begin searching for a good crypto event. So, let’s fill up your conference calendar with some of the hottest summits that 2019 has to offer!

Blockchain Expo Global

The Blockchain Expo Global is a truly gigantic event. As that London is seen as an epicenter of the financial and economic world in Europe, as well as the rest of the planet, it’s no wonder that this conference pulls in at least 12,000 attendees. The networking opportunities are truly endless! This might seem a little overwhelming for a crypto event newbie, but it’s also one of the best ways to experience everything that could be imagined in a conference of this kind. Of course, there are many medium-sized events that are also available all across the world, so the choice is really up to your individual needs.

Speakers from last year included Oliver Volk from Allianz, Thomas Power from 9 Spokes and Kapil Dhar from Lloyds Banking Group.

This year’s event is going to be held on April 25 and 26th, making it one of the spring’s favorites if you’re close to the UK. Conference goers will have the opportunity to hear over 500 speakers and see at least 350 vendors. Some of 2019’s expert speakers are:

  • Nadeem Ladki – Director of Ripple
  • David Ferguson – Head of Digital Innovation of EDF Energy
  • Julian Gray – Technology Director of BP
  • James Poulter – Head of Emerging Platforms & Sponsorship of LEGO

You can book your spot online now.


TOKENOMX was held in Chiang Mai back in 2018, and it was an extremely successful event, boasting a large number of attendees. It also offered a full panel of 21 experts who discussed a variety of important topics. Former speakers include names like Nicholas Merten from DataDash, Barnaby Anderson from Blockchain Alchemy and Erica Blair from Blockchain Branding. TOKENOMX is very unique in the Asian market for Blockchain events, in that it has a very strict no-pitch policy. Instead, conference goers will experience something more like 20-minute Ted Talks. Another special touch is that TOKENOMX will offer attendees all of the slides from the speakers at the event at no additional charge. This helps people attending the panels focus more on the moment, rather than hurriedly jotting down notes in fear that they might miss a crucial point.

TOKENONMX will have a bit of a venue change, and it will be held in 2019 in Bangkok on February 27-28th. You can expect several different priced packages from which you may choose, which allows you to really place an emphasis on completely customizing your event experience. Their speakers include financial experts and finalists like:

  • Nicholas Merten – the founder of DataDash
  • Michael Nye – expert content creator and crypto trader
  • Sally Eaves – a co-founder and CTO of Project Shivum
  • Miko Matsumura – a founder of Evercoin

You can reserve your conference packages today.

CoinAdvice BlockChain Conference

The CoinAdvice BlockChain Conference is held in Pattaya, Thailand, and it’s definitely a favorite among the Asian crypto community. The previous year’s conference boasted 1,500 attendees, plus at least 100 speakers and a number of exhibitors related to the financial field. This conference promoter also holds a wide variety of other financial summits, so you can expect a well-oiled machine.

This 2019 conference will happen on March 4-6th. You can expect world-renowned speakers like:

  • Vit Jedlicka – President of the Free Republic of Liberland

  • Ali Mohammed – Co-Founder & CEO of Gold Bits Coin

  • Dr. Sarat Kumar Malik – Securities & Exchange Board of India

  • Alexi Lane – Everex CEO and Founder

You can purchase your event package today.

Blockchain Summit

The Blockchain Summit in 2018 took place in Hong Kong, and it has already been called one of the premier conferences of its kind in Asia. There were over 1,000 people in attendance, plus at least 80 speakers and a large number of industry exhibitors. Some of the 2018 speakers were Mun Shing Cheong of C Block Capital, Terence Lam of Up Blockchain Technology Limited and Dr. Daniel Ng of Beijing Tsinghua University.

Held once again in bustling Hong Kong, the 2019 event will occur on February 27-28th. What makes this summit stand out is that it always initiates a focus on four trending Blockchain themes. This year’s speakers will include respected experts in the crypto and Blockchain world, such as:

  • Ritesh Sarda – Sun Life Financial
  • Samita Malik – Aegon Asia
  • Peter Levesque – Modern Terminals Limited
  • Georgio Mosis – Innovative technologies

You can purchase your tickets or package now online.


TOKEN2049 will take place on March 13-14th in Hong Kong, and it generally expects over 2,000 attendees, as well as 100 expert panelists. Some previous speakers include experts like Vinny Lingham of Civic, Max Kordek of Lisk and Martin Köppelmann of Gnosis. There will also be an area for exhibitors, plus influencers and other guests hailing from at least 50 countries. This event likes to focus on beneficial networking opportunities, as well as covering trending developments and cryptocurrency processes.

Speakers will include:

  • Saifedean Ammous – Author and Economist
  • Charlie Lee – Creator of Litecoin
  • Bill Barhydt – CEO and Founder of Abra
  • Max Kordek – President of Lisk

You can reserve your space now.

DC Blockchain Summit 2019

Set in Washington DC in the United States, in the center of one of the country’s most impactful financial and economic regions, the DC Blockchain Summit 2019 will be held on March 6-7th. t typically hosts a large number of attendees, along with over 70 industry panelists. You can also see a number of exhibitors offering product demos and the latest in technology. Previous speakers include well-known names such as Kevin Batteh of Delta Strategy Group and David Bailey of BTC Media.This conference discusses ICOs, key market developments, ETFs, trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, legislative and regulatory trends and much more.

Speakers will feature:

  • U.S. Representative Tom Emmer – Congressional Blockchain Caucus
  • Anoop Nannra – Cisco
  • Tom Jessop – Fidelity Investments
  • Kavita Jain – FINRA

You can reserve your package now.

Crypto Invest Summit

Set in sunny Los Angeles, California, the Crypto Invest Summit will take place on April 9-10th for 2019. Previous panelists have included Alon Goren of Wavemaker Genesis, Apolo Ohno the Olympic medalist and Tim Draper, the founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

And attendees can expect over 6,000 other networking hopefuls, along with 180 speakers. They also boast over 100 exhibitors, plus thousands of influencers and investors. This event places Blockchain technology at the forefront, also encouraging networking to the highest level. Additionally, you could do worse with the weather.

Speakers will include:

  • Charlie Lee – LiteCoin Foundation
  • P. Bart Stephens – A Founder of Blockchain Capital
  • Amy Wan – CEO of Sagewise
  • Dan Doney – CEO of Securrency

You can reserve your package now.

When you begin looking for the hottest crypto events for 2019, you’ll soon discover that the problem is not finding one to attend, but deciding which one you should choose. If this is your first conference, just be sure to be prepared. If you are definitely no stranger to crypto events and knowing just the right way to network, then think about booking even more than one summit. Just remember — you can never make too many contacts or stay too up-to-date on the trending tips and tricks of cryptocurrencies. We’ll see you in 2019!

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