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New York City, NY. – Recently, the Automated Market Maker OortSwap was launched, with the Exchange core function. It is an AMM-based decentralized margin trading platform on multi-chains, where users can easily earn interest through lending and perform leveraged trading

Like many other decentralized exchanges in the DeFi industry, users can trade tokens on OortSwap as if they were on a centralized exchange, but without going through a third party. This means users have 100% ownership of their cryptocurrency without the risk of exchange theft, but conversely, they need to keep their wallets safe. It provides users with the most basic trading opportunities that can be used to increase liquidity in the mining pool and gain passive profits.

In addition, Users can exchange different tokens using the liquidity pool. While some users exchange tokens for another token, other users earn rewards by pledging tokens in the liquidity pool.

Besides trading business, OortSwap develops other products. For example, users can first provide liquidity and get fee rewards; then go to Farm and pledge LPtoken to get OORT token rewards, OORT is the native token of OortSwap protocol. In addition, in the future, there are various ways to play such as Lending, Margin, OTC, NFT, and GameFi. The diversity of play methods can meet the needs of different types of users, and in the short term, it is very explosive potential. Moreover, backed by REI’s powerful ecology, it will also empower it.

The combination of these features makes OortSwap no longer a DEX, but a comprehensive DeFi service platform. If users are interested in this, join their community to get the latest news.


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