Crypto Influencers and Thought Leaders Chime In On Facebook Libra

The Blockchain Futurist 2019 conference took place earlier this month. The event is perhaps the most popular in the industry. It’s definitely the flagship event of the Toronto blockchain scene. CryptoRadar.org was there and with so many notable figures in the room, we couldn’t help but ask influencers and thought …

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Top Blockchain Stocks to Invest In

It’s now possible to invest in cryptocurrencies through traditional stock trading platforms thanks to publicly traded blockchain stocks. Not all of them however are directly involved with cryptocurrencies. A blockchain after all is a decentralized database. The fact that the principal use case for a blockchain is cryptocurrency is merely …

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Former Bearish CNBC Host Makes $55,000 Bitcoin Price Prediction

Photo by André François McKenzie CNBC Squawk Box host Joe Kernan is predicting a Bitcoin worth in excess of $55,000 after the currency goes through his having event in 2020. Kernan’s sentiment is quite a departure from his original bearish position on the project. He like many others laughed at the …

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