The Craziest Bitcoin Predictions of All-Time

Bitcoin predictions are a dime a dozen. That’s ironic given many pundits are predicting a one million dollar bitcoin over the course of the next decade. Depending on a person’s perspective, the idea of a one million dollar bitcoin might be inspiring or laughable. This retrospective covers the good, the …

Bitcoin Price

Former Bearish CNBC Host Makes $55,000 Bitcoin Price Prediction

Photo by André François McKenzie CNBC Squawk Box host Joe Kernan is predicting a Bitcoin worth in excess of $55,000 after the currency goes through his having event in 2020. Kernan’s sentiment is quite a departure from his original bearish position on the project. He like many others laughed at the …

10 Future Bitcoin Developments That Could Skyrocket Its Price

The popularity of Bitcoin has increased exponentially since its birth a decade ago. Moreover, its value has steadily increasing hitting an 18-month high this summer. In this article, experts discuss 10 future Bitcoin developments that could skyrocket the price. Miners Payments, Regulation Certainty, Gold, and Geopolitical Instability “Some developments that …

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