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Should You Pay Tax on Your Crypto Gains? Comments Off on Should You Pay Tax on Your Crypto Gains? 11105

In the U.S., Congress is pushing crypto brokers to reveal transactions to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) so that it can collect taxes off these trades. In such a situation, businesses would also be forced to disclose their digital asset trades exceeding $10,000. This is a new addition to the $550 billion dual-party infrastructure bill which the U.S. Senate is currently considering. 

The rules are that if you trade digital currencies, you have to pay taxes on your profits. The problem comes in tracking who should be paying, as crypto transactions are hard to trace.

The IRS has been increasing measures to be able to identify transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other digital assets. They are set to issue rules with regards to how these currencies should be taxed.

If you use your digital assets for purchases, you will be required to pay taxes on the increase in value of the cryptocurrency. This makes it quite different than using fiat currencies for commercial purposes. 

What is the implication of taxation?

Taxation on Bitcoin, for example, would be a complex process. Due to its high volatility, the fair value is hard to determine on sales and purchases. Investors who trade in crypto assets are lured to it due to the anonymity and freedom from regulation that it offers. 

Naturally, many are not happy with this new bill from Congress. Furthermore, according to the rules, capital gains on crypto assets are taxable, just like any other investment. Investors have been holding their crypto assets for years. Therefore, their increases are excessive. The taxes on these profits would be enormous. 

It would also place crypto exchanges that are decentralized under pressure since they are not like traditional brokers that act as a middleman between buyers and sellers. Their business model is not designed to track and report transactions. 

A benefit of taxation is that if laws are enforced, large institutional investors who are too cautious about entering the crypto markets right now (due to the regulatory uncertainty) may just decide to jump in. Such influx of funds is good for the crypto markets as it will significantly raise the value of cryptocurrencies.


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Bottom Line 

Authorities are becoming more aware of the risks of leaving the crypto industry unregulated. Taxation rules and laws will have to be thoroughly drafted to prevent possible loopholes since the crypto industry is tricky to regulate. Coinrise has many benefits suited for the active crypto trader, and therefore a recommended brand.

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