$10,000 minimum deposit. First year setup fees waived. 10th anniversary silver coin.


With the top customer review ratings in the industry, a larger number of cryptocurrency offerings than any other Bitcoin IRA provider, it's no wonder Regal Assets is the top-rated Bitcoin IRA company. Join Regal Assets. The initial setup fees are waived for a limited time only.

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Founded in 2009, there isn’t a single Bitcoin IRA provider that has been around longer than Regal Assets. Regal Assets started out offering traditional Gold IRA accounts, so the company knows a thing or two about the business.

Like many of the IRA providers we’ve reviewed (pretty much all of them), Regal Assets’ head office is located in California. And while there are many other providers, only one can stand out as the best in class. Every facet of Regal Assets’ business is top notch. So much so that even some celebrities use it to buy gold.

Bitcoin purists who believe in digital gold as a viable retirement option certainly know that the days of celebrities and big time investors getting involved in digital currency has only just begun. Below we breakdown the pros and cons of working with Regal Assets and provide you with a final verdict.

Regal Assets Pros

Regal Assets allows investors to get their piece of the Bitcoin retirement pie with a minimum investment of just $10,000. Only one IRA provider reviewed here at CryptoRadar offers the opportunity to get in the game at a lower cost. Still, for the value Regal Assets provides in terms of top-notch service and offering a plethora of investing options, investors will be super happy to fork over the minimum.

Perhaps the company’s biggest advantage is that no other company in the space offers 10 different cryptocurrencies as investment options at once. Here’s the full list:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Stellar Lumens
  • Zcash

With so many different investment options to choose from, even the most hardcore crypto enthusiast will be happy with the selection. Think about it. Bitcoin and all of its related namesakes provide different spins on its inventor’s vision. That inventor being Satoshi Nakamoto of course. Ethereum and Ethereum Classic provides investors a chance and investing in a hub for decentralized applications. Litecoin is a faster and cheaper version of Bitcoin. Ripple works with central banks. Stellar Lumens is a popular finance platform and Zcash is all about privacy. Imagine having the full spectrum of cryptocurrencies covered in a retirement plan! Wow!

It’s no wonder was such a wide selection of offerings that customers are raving about Regal Assets. Every customer review or consumer awareness platform we surveyed gives Regal Assets a perfect score. Regal Assets is the only Bitcoin IRA investing company with an A+ rating. Google reviews gives the company a perfect five-star rating, along with the Business Consumer Alliance group. It’s one thing for a company to brag and boast about its credibility in commercials and on its own website, but when everyone else seems to be talking about it, that’s a good sign!

It makes sense given not only the wide ranging portfolio and long-standing reputation the company has, but also because Regal Assets exceed the expectations when it comes to security. The company ensures investors up to $100 million and uses Equity Trust as is the custodian, arguably the most trusted custodian in the industry with the best reputation. All of this acts as a safety net in case assets are ever compromised. That’s highly unlikely given Regal Assets meets the same cold storage standards of the industry’s leading competitors.

Cons of Choosing Regal Assets

There really is only one downside to choosing Regal Assets over the competition and that’s the minimum investment requirement of $10,000. Still, committing $10,000 to a retirement investment account will still allow most people to take advantage of the opportunity. Since most investors focused on retirement typically would have more than $10,000 if they are getting involved in something as volatile as Bitcoin, most people won’t be deterred by the minimum requirement.

Regal Assets Vs Others (Noble, Bitcoin IRA Coin IRA, BitIRA, etc)

CriteriaRegal Assets Other Bitcoin IRA Companies
Minimum Investment$10,000Only one other IRA starts at less than $10,000
Coins OfferedBitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, Zcash.Only NobleBitcoin comes close
Customer RatingsPerfect 5-star ratings on every review site where its listed.Ratings vary greatly. No other IRA provider offers perfect ratings.
Insurance Offered$100 millionInsurance varies from $10 million to $100 million

Should You Invest with Regal Assets?

Of all the Bitcoin IRA services available on the market today, it’s clear that Regal Assets is by far the industry leader. Opening an account is just as easy as any competitor will offer, the reviews from customers speak for themselves, the specific cryptocurrency offerings are more diverse than any of the competition provides and the fees are minimal.

Anybody looking at Bitcoin and digital assets as long-term investments would be wise to consider Regal Assets before deciding to go with any competitors, keeping in mind that the executive team has been around since 2009. The company has deep roots in a proven track record of success in precious metals that obviously translates well in the world of digital gold too!

Getting started is as easy as making a phone call, stating your interest in filling out an application to get your IRA opened or rolled over. Contact Regal Assets to get the process started and find out for yourself what working with the number one IRA company in the industry is like!





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