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Combining the features of Blockchain and distributed hosting, OpenWeb Network has built a decentralized web network that anybody in the world can access. OpenWeb Network allows users to consume content, buy domains, and publish websites. The network runs on the computing power of the distributed host systems that get rewarded for their contribution.

The intent behind developing the decentralized internet is to eliminate the monopoly of a few intermediaries that control and dictate the rules of the present World Wide Web. these intermediaries govern the majority of servers and thus implement censorships, denial of service, etc. at their own whim. Since the present internet is centralized, it has single points of failure that can be easily targeted by cybercriminals.

On the contrary, the decentralized internet developed by OpenWeb Network works on distributed hosting, hence there is no single point of failure and it is not controlled by a handful of organizations controlling the servers. OpenWeb Network leverages the power of Ethereum Blockchain and has ERC-20 based OpenWeb Token (OWT) at its heart.

There are 3 key players in the OpenWeb Network:

  1. Users: They consume content of already published websites by spending OWTs.
  2. Hosts: Contribute computing power of their systems to host website and get rewarded in OWTs for doing so.
  3. Publishers: Publish website on the OpenWeb Network. Spend OWTs to buy/refresh domains and publishing website.

The OpenWeb Network team is working aggressively to push the project forward. The network went live in January this year and the OWT got listed on STEX exchange early in February. The buyers can also track their OWTs via popular portfolio management apps like Blockfolio and Delta. The details of the project can be tracked on,, and

To get regular updates, you can follow the project on twitter and telegram.

To know more about the project, visit OpenWeb Network Website

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