Ongoing sports specific bonuses and jackpots.


Nitrogen Sports launched in 2012. It's one of the first Bitcoin betting sites ever to open its doors to the crypto enthusiast. The site offers great odds for sports fanatics and just enough action at the tables to please a casual bettor's appetite.

Deposit Bonus
Games Offered
Live Betting
Coins Offered
Customer Rating
  • Top notch promotions for serious players.
  • Long-standing reputation in Bitcoin community.
  • Great betting odds on sports.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Plenty of live betting options.
  • No first-time deposit bonus.
  • No live chat support.

Nitrogen Sports differentiates itself from other Bitcoin betting sites in a variety of ways. Some of those points of difference are positive, some are not. We’ll review them all. The one thing Nitrogen does have going for it is that it’s one of the longest-standing Bitcoin betting sites taking wagers today.

The company is licensed in San Jose, Puerto Rico and has already been doing business since 2012. The site also brands itself as more sports specific. While it does still offer casino games like Baccarat, BlackJack and Dice, the selection is limited. What’s also different is the layout of the website. It’s not as loud or promotionally oriented as competing sites that emphasize table games a lot more.

While Nitrogen Sports is certainly not the best Bitcoin betting site to play on when it comes to the variety of games offered, that doesn’t mean the site hasn’t done a good job at carving out its own niche in the market.

Consider this your guide to everything good, and everything not so good about Nitrogen Sports.

Nitrogen Sports Overview

We’ve already covered some of the high-level overview features and branding of Nitrogen Sports, but it’s time to fill in some of the details. Like the name says, the site is mostly focused on its sportsbook. It offers the full range of sports that competitors like Betcoin offer, including everything from major leagues like the NFL, NBA and NHL to niche sports like handball, darts and snooker.

Lots of Live Betting Options

Again like Betcoin, Nitrogen offers a wider range of live sports betting options than most other Bitcoin gambling sites. That makes the gaming experience more fun and allows players to capitalize off of the increased variance of betting on an event as its being played. That’s a big deal for many players. In a sport like tennis for example winning just a single game within a match can sometimes double the odds of winning. Watch the opposing player win the next game, and the odds cut in half. This gives a player the rare opportunity of playing both sides of a match and potentially ending up with a net profit regardless of who wins the match.

Great Betting Odds

More than the live sports betting side of things, Nitrogen actually separates itself from other Bitcoin sportsbooks for another reason. The site undercuts the odds offered by competitors significantly.

Let’s breakdown an example to illustrate.

In Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season the Seattle Seahawks visit the Cleveland Browns. The Seahawks’ odds of winning are -126, meaning that a player has to wager $126 to win $100. To win that same $100 at competitor, it’ll cost a player $132. That’s a $6 difference for taking the same bet. Saving an extra $6 on a $126 that may not sound like a lot, but serious gamblers value every bit of money they can save. Shopping around for the best odds is a big part of succeeding as a sports bettor, and Nitrogen clearly wants players to bring their money to the platform.

It’s a good thing Nitrogen excels in offering friendly sports betting odds, because their promotions lack at giving new players a certain kind of welcome boost.


No First Deposit Bonus

It’s pretty much an industry standard and the gambling world that if you’re looking to acquire a new customer your reward them with a first deposit bonus as a way to welcome them to your platform. There’s a lot to like about Nitrogen Sports, but the fact the site does not offer this deposit bonus is not one of them. That definitely deviates from the status quo. Instead of rewarding players up front, Nitrogen chooses to focus its promotions on rewarding loyalty and consistent participation on their platform.

All competing websites in the Bitcoin gambling space reward customer loyalty to some degree. So let’s go ahead and cover the different promotions available at Nitrogen.

The NFL Sunday Contest

The NFL Sunday contest is a promotion where Nitrogen encourages active users to participate on those sites Twitter account and register for a chance to guess which player in the league will lead the NFL in a specific statistical category for that given week. In Week 5, Nitrogen asked players which quarterback they believed would finish the week with the most passing yards. Up for grabs is 0.03 BTC in free bets split between all contest winners.

Although splitting 0.03 BTC doesn’t seem like a lot, the cool thing is that if nobody wins, the amount gets rolled over to the next week’s contest. The contest changes from one week to the next. So if this week Nitrogen is asking players to select the quarterback who will lead the league in passing yards, the next week they might ask to choose the receiver who will lead the league in reception.

It’s always changing and it’s a fun way to keep people engaged on their platform.

NitroProps: MLB Post-Season Homeruns

Any Nitrogen player who plays a six-team parlay featuring at least two Major League Baseball games and any four games from the NFL and NBA will be eligible to split up to five full Bitcoins with other players as long as the total sum of homeruns hit during the 2019 MLB playoffs is more than 110. At the time of this writing, no less than 52 homeruns have been hit. Below are the minimum requirements on the six-team parlay that must be included in order to qualify for the five Bitcoin giveaway.

  • 6-leg parlays featuring at least two (2) MLB lines + four (4) NFL or NBA lines.
  • Starting the League Championship Series, we’ll accept 6-leg parlays featuring at least one (1) MLB line + 5 NFL or NBA lines.
  • Minimum Bet: 0.002 BTC.
  • Odds Requirement: 1.5 or higher on each and every leg in the parlay.
  • Only these Bet Types will be accepted: Totals (Over/Under), Spread and Moneyline.
  • No Alternate Lines allowed.
  • Only parlays made during promo period (Oct. 3 – 20, 2019) will be accepted. (Timestamp when bet is made will be considered.)

The above list is a lot of hoops to jump through but it’s worth trying to claim a piece of so much Bitcoin.

Second Chance Survivor

An NFL survivor pool is a game where the player attempts to pick one winner each week for all 17 weeks of the NFL regular season. The last person standing wins the pot. If two players make it to the end of the season, they split the pot. Nitrogen Sports gives players a second chance to enter a new pool in the middle of the season. Here are the eligibility rules:

  • Players who have joined any paid pool (Prospect, Draftee, Rookie, Captain, All Pro, MVP, Hall of Fame, NITROGEN) are automatically included in the 2nd Chance Survivor Pool.
  • Players must select their picks from Week 4 onwards until they are eliminated or are the last survivor(s) of the pool.
  • Ultimate survivor(s) win 0.1 BTC.
  • The pool ends on December 29, 2019or until last player(s) standing.
  • If two or more players survive the pool, the prize is divided equally among the winners.
  • Winner(s) will be rewarded within 48 hours after the completion of the 2nd Chance Survivor Pool.

NFL Parlay Promo

This promo ensures that players get something back whether they win or lose. Participants will receive up to 0.005 BTC in free bets just for including a team of the week as picked by Nitrogen to be part of an eight-team parlay. This is one of the more straightforward promotions, but any experienced gambler knows that it’s really difficult to win all eight games on a parlay card. Below are the rules for the promotion.

  • BTC risk = 0.001 BTC free bet.
  • 005 BTC risk = 0.005 BTC free bet.
  • Minimum payout of 0.001 BTC free bet.
  • Maximum payout of 0.005 BTC free bet.
  • Free bets to be rounded down to the nearest qualified amount (eg. 0.009 BTC risk earns 0.005 BTC free bet. 0.004 BTC risk earns 0.001 BTC free bet).

Game of the Week promo rules

  • Minimum number of legs for this parlay promo – 8-legs.
  • Legs Requirement: must be All NFL Games, including the Game of the Week.
  • No odds requirements.
  • Betting lines allowed in this promo: Moneyline, Point Spread, Over/Under.
  • Alternate Linesand Teasers are not allowed.
  • Players can only redeem the promo once a week.
  • Players must tweet their entries and post betslip link with hashtag #NitroNFLFreeBetto @NitrogenSports
  • Free bets will be awarded within three (3) days of tweet.
  • User must set his Twitter profile/post to public or else we won’t be able to see your entries.
  • Entry deadline each week: Mondays @ 11:59 PM EST(timestamp of wager, not of tweet).
  • This cannot be used in conjunction with any other Nitrogen Sports promotion.
  • Players found circumventing promo rules will be disqualified from all future offers.
  • Previously banned players are disqualified.
  • Nitrogen Sports reserves the right to interpret its promotion rules as it sees fit.

Promotions Review

The fact of the matter is Nitrogen takes a unique approach to their promotions. They’re all timely. Many of them are sports specific and the site tends to follow up with added promotions that fit the same themes and reward players for coming back. It’s a really cool approach that keeps players excited about getting in the game.

The downside of all that is that Nitrogen seems to put so much effort into clearly defining the eligibility and participation rules for a contest, yet they decided against offering a first-time deposit bonus. What also makes these promotions lucrative for Nitrogen is that players essentially have to place wagers on many games on one bet card. Wagering on many events at once and having to win them all in order to profit is something that very rarely happens. In fact, experienced sports gambler’s usually don’t play parlays because the variance embedded in each individual game is so high that even the most knowledgeable and prophetic handicapper is unlikely to win. That means wagering on these promotions is effectively like buying a ticket to try to win a jackpot.

Table Games

While Nitrogen Sports is very competitive in terms of the promotions and betting odds offered on the platforms sportsbook, it’s not nearly as competitive when it comes to table games. While some competing betting sites offer literally hundreds of games, we can list all of Nitrogen’s offerings here:

  • Dice
  • Baccarat
  • One Deck BlackJack
  • Two Deck BlackJack
  • Eight Deck BlackJack
  • Three Card Poker
  • Craps
  • Slots

Notice how three of the above games are really the same game? It’s clear that the folks at Nitrogen are placing a deliberate focus on sports and treating everything else like it secondary. That’s what they want their brand to be about and that’s with the customer experience displays.

Maximum Bets and Limits

Just like many other competing betting sites, Nitrogen’s limits are all based on the betting public. On a popular bet like picking the New England Patriots to cover the point spread, which they’ve been known to do at an above average clip over the last 10 years (thank you Tom Brady), sportsbooks definitely limit the amount of Bitcoin that can be wagered. Limits are always much higher on events that either involve a high degree of variance or are just not as popular with the betting public.

Given there is no shortage of forums related to Bitcoin betting listing a whole slew of customer complaints on all the different platforms that are taking bets on the market today, it’s always advisable to not gamble with more than one can afford to lose. In the case of Bitcoin betting, the gambling part isn’t just about placing wagers on games, it’s also a gamble to give any particular website a significant amount of cryptocurrency.

Remember, although currencies can’t be hacked, websites certainly can be. There’s no customer service hotline for retrieving lost or stolen Bitcoin, no matter how good the customer support at a gambling site may be.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Unfortunately for altcoin fanatics, Nitrogen Sports doesn’t support any of them. It’s Bitcoin or bust. Not even Bitcoin Cash gets any love despite the fact transactions register on the BCH blockchain faster and it costs less.

Players who want to place wagers with altcoins simply have to go elsewhere, there’s no other option at Nitrogen.

Customer Support

Nitrogen Sports deals with customer service inquiries through a ticketing system. Unlike other gaming sites we’ve reviewed, there is no live chat option at Nitrogen. Every inquiry is answered through email. This makes it difficult to get questions answered while a game is being played, or when it’s about to start. Many casual bettors who just play for fun will throw their money down at the last minute, so this makes logging on to have a good time on a moment’s notice difficult.

Nitrogen’s staff is pretty good at answering emails quickly but the fact they don’t have an instant way to communicate seems to deviate from the traditional manner in which online gambling sites handle customer support requests.

Nitrogen Sports vs. Other Bitcoin Gaming Sites

We’ve already highlighted several of the differences between Nitrogen Sports and other Bitcoin betting sites. Nitrogen offers some of the most exciting betting promotions in the industry. However, the site lacks in terms of supporting altcoins, customers and a wide variety of table games that most competitors offer. Below is a chart summarizing all the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a Nitrogen Sports customer, relative to what other sites offer.

CriteriaNitrogenOther Bitcoin Betting Sites
First-time Deposit BonusNo deposit bonus100%, up to 5 bitcoins.
Number of Games Available to PlayFewer games than other sites, way more sports specific promotions.A wide variety of virtual games, table games and sports betting
Deposit & Withdrawal LimitsNo deposit limits and no withdrawal limitations either.Various limits on withdrawals.
Customer Ratings4.1 out of 5 on Sportsbook Review. 2.7 out of 5 on Legit Gambling SitesOther betting sites have more reviews that rate better.

Should You Use Nitrogen Sports?

After reviewing every facet of the website, it’s clear that Nitrogen Sports holds sports wagering above any other kind of betting. As well it should. After all, its offerings are synonymous with the branding and messaging the platform uses to engage players and acquire new gamblers.

While the site falls short on offering a first deposit bonus and making their website accessible to altcoin wagers, the promotions are top-notch and the betting odds provided on the site are very much competitive.

We definitely recommend Nitrogen for the hardcore sports gambler looking for good odds on games, but we can’t rank it at the very top because the site’s scope is very narrow compared to competitors who offer hundreds of games alongside the same kind of sportsbook options.

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