MSRise VS Carbon Footprint of Bitcoin Comments Off on MSRise VS Carbon Footprint of Bitcoin 2001

“The emissions produced by Bitcoin sit between the levels produced by the nations of Jordan and Sri Lanka, which is comparable to the level of Kansas City” — this conclusion was recently made by researchers Christian Stoll, Lena Klaaßen and Ulrich Gallersdörfer.

The study indicated that the high energy consumption resulting from mining leads to a significant carbon emission. And as the required computing power has more than quadrupled since last year, the problem is aggravated, according to the study. It adds:

“The magnitude of these carbon emissions, combined with the risk of collusion and concerns about control over the monetary system, might justify regulatory intervention to protect individuals from themselves and others from their actions.”

Market participants do not want more government regulation but the problem remains relevant. One of the best solutions is to reduce the power consumption of miners. It will not only save the environment, but also save money. And at this moment MSRise appears.

MSRise is a project that aims to reduce the negative impact of mining cryptocurrency on the environment. This is not just ICO, it is an environmental project. It is expected that their mining equipment will be at least than 3 times more effectively by the criterion of TH/s per 1 kWh of consumed electrical energy than the best existing samples from Halong Mining, today`s leader in energy efficiency of mining.

Everyone can participate in saving of our environment following the link:

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