UALA LUMPUR, 28 December 2018 – Capital Investment Bank Limited crypto arm, FINAFEX has been impressively ranked 11th out of 5,224 ICO Registered Crypto Currency by ICObench, the globally renowned ICO rating platform supported by investors and financial experts. This recent announcement reiterates Labuan (Malaysia) based FINAFEX’s global position as one of the most competitive leaders in cryptocurrency trading platform in the heart of Southeast Asia, well capturing its US$3 Trillion market. FINAFEX, supported by an Investment Bank licensed under the purview of the Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority (LOFSA) is now considered by Investors and financial experts around the world as one of the most reliable and stable new modern age crypto asset regulated exchange to ease seamless trading.

Within Asia, newly launched, FINAFEX is unique and fast-providing crypto-based services beyond what current exchanges are offering. Its competiveness is proven due to its location, accessibility, usability, its cutting-edge technology, innovative tools and trading packages, able to deliver a seamless, regulated and legally sound environment while attracting millions of users who previously lacked access to crypto assets trading and thus benefiting the entire crypto-economy. Besides being a service provided by a traditional investment bank, FINAFEX efficiently provides crypto trading services, leveraging its investment banking license to offer import- export trade settlement, crypto custody, and fiat-to-crypto-to-fiat trading and remittance. It is no wonder how attractive FINAFEX is, as it cuts the Letter of Credit issuance by putting the export/import transaction on the blockchain and using asset- backed crypto for trade settlement.

Rashdan Ramlee, COO of FINAFEX said, “Solidifying our high market status within the global industry, we are proud to claim that FINAFEX’s investment banking credentials will provide an advantage by allowing the advisory, issuance and eventually the listing of securitized tokens on the FINAFEX exchange. The security tokens can be in the form of tokens backed to physical assets such as gold, minerals or even real-estate, collateralized digital asset tokens, crypto bond notes or tokenized income bearing instruments amongst many others. This has been concluded as yet another interesting subject that will heat up in the coming years as the issuance of security tokens for an asset or revenue-backed projects.”

This improvement in the crypto space alongside a further accentuation on managed situations will drive reception of crypto as an advantage class and a portfolio enhancement alternative amongst institutional speculators and family workplaces and drive the market benefiting from crypto resources for $20 trillion in next five years.

FINAFEX will be focused as a leading-edge foundation of the long-haul Cryptocurrency and Crypto Asset Industry based in Labuan – the seaward computerized center of South East Asia, including a lively ICO and Crypto Notes dispatch stage, Global Remittance and Settlement utilizing blockchain, Trading Platform for Security Tokens and advancement of a development lab on blockchain use cases and token biological communities. FINAFEX will not just be purposed to present issues looked by crypto industry, however it will be looking into improving the administration procedures of crypto reception and would fill in as the extension amongst crypto and fiat cash. It is for all these attractiveness in its position that FINAFEX is poised to bolster potential new companies by offering truly necessary liquidity and be the one to look out for tomorrow.

For more information on FINAFEX, please visit https://finafex.com/

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