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November 20th 2018

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January 20th 2019

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The STEEL Ecosystem simultaneously offers the best guarantees of privacy, anonymity and security due the use of a decentralized block chart, blockchain technology, hybrid Tor network, and implementation of PGP encryption, which after 20 years has proven its superb capability of protecting that inherent right for privacy and freedom online. …

The STEEL Ecosystem simultaneously offers the best guarantees of privacy, anonymity and security due the use of a decentralized block chart, blockchain technology, hybrid Tor network, and implementation of PGP encryption, which after 20 years has proven its superb capability of protecting that inherent right for privacy and freedom online. This is what makes the STEEL Ecosystem a completely anonymous and safe environment. Our solution allows exchanging confidential information online with clients, colleagues, patients or friends in a completely secure manner. The STEEL Ecosystem contains the anonymous STEEL Messenger, the decentralized STEEL Network for secure data exchange, cryptocurrency STEEL Wallet, own SISHUB blockchain network and decentralized complex blockchain-based STEEL Antivirus software for desktop and mobile devices.
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STL Overview

Price0.000005 ETH per 1 token
Total Supply35000000000

STL Additional Info

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    STL Team

    Artur Andonis

    CEO & Co-founder

    A seasoned marketing and sales professional with 14 years’ experience in large-scale project and business management. For many years, Artur took various managerial and corporate positions in Israeli companies, such as Hot Communication and the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov).

    Vladimir Groshev


    A serial entrepreneur with 15 years’ experience in business development and project management. Vladimir was the co-founder and/or CEO of a number of successful technology businesses, such as PSK Consulting, the Russian Trader, and the VIST company.

    Semion Tsitkilov

    CFO &Co-founder

    As an experienced entrepreneur, Semion manages an Israeli venture fund which invests in pre-seed startups and grows them to mature stages. He holds a BA degree in Mathematics, Informatics, and Economics from Moscow University and has been serving as the CEO of a private financial company for the last three years. Chairman of the board of directors at Veert, assets manager at Galili Ltd.

    Michael Lyabin

    CTO & BlockchainDeveloper

    Michael has fifteen years in IT-development (including encryption and infosec-related projects, as well as blockchain networks). He created applications and projects for safetyjabber.com, GoInteractive, Use Net Downloader, Maks Hosting. He is highly skilled in blockchain-based software development and databases creation.

    Pavel Krivenko

    Strategic Planning

    During his 15 years professional career, Pavel has held key positions in a number of tech startups and established businesses. He was a creator of Q-BASE.CLUB Platform, CEO at the OOO LIRAiKO, CEO at the ZAO ZM-Grafik.

    Ivan Pavlov

    Antivirus Developer

    Ivan has an extensive experience in networks and software security audit.

    Gennadij Vasilkovets

    .NET Developer

    Gennady has over seven years’ experience in .Net development, including the creation of Big custom centralized client-server applications for advertising campaigns in the USA, Europe and Ukraine as well as team leading projects in custom software developments for automatic and semi-automatic processes. Head of Advertising Department in YHTBA CORP (USA); experience in writing spyware Trojans for corporative needs.

    Irina Belyaeva

    Public Relations

    Irina has worked with Chinese companies for more than ten years. She is an experienced PR specialist and a highly qualified trilingual translator (English, Chinese, and Russian). Irina is a graduate of the Beijing Foreign Studies University.

    Roza Dolgieva

    Marketing Communications

    Roza is a qualified marketing communications manager and translator, experienced in international blockchain-based projects.

    Borys Balinskyi

    Front-end Developer

    Boris has an extensive experience in creation and implementation of web interfaces and applications for large-scale projects in USA, Europe, Russia, and Ukraine. He operates a wide range of technologies for developing and optimizing the work of highly loaded applications and has two years’ experience in UMI.CMS technical support.

    Vasiliy Holovchenko

    Graphic Designer

    A highly talented and extremely professional designer with proven experience in web and graphic design, including branding, prototyping, desktop and mobile interfaces, corporate styles, logos, web banner ads, and more.

    Yulia Stratonova

    Sales Manager

    Yulia is a forward-thinking dedicated sales manager with special expertise in financial products, negotiations with governmental facilities, and public tendering. She has achieved outstanding results working as a sales manager at RusOkna, AOMZ Glavneftesnab, and OOO Vaineimenen.

    Andrey Shakula

    Front-end Developer

    Andrey Shakula has several years experience in front-end and software development, website coding, including the creation of mailing forms for promotional campaigns.

    Andrey Shvydkyy

    .NET Developer

    Andrey is experienced in .Net development and accomplished software developer with the knowledge of programming languages, including C#, .NET Framework, Windows Forms (WinForms), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), etc.

    Valerii Roman

    .NET Developer

    Valerii is an experienced .Net developer who has worked in the fields of information and networks security, automation, and program engineering.

    Vitalii Lozovitskii

    .NET Developer

    Vitalii is an experienced .Net developer with extra knowledge of networking and software support and the creation of UI systems in Xamarin applications.

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