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Sportcash One (SCOne) (SCOne)

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Sportcash One is a new Ecosystem for the sport industry that includes 3 main platforms (Vendor Shop, Social Network and Sport Crypto Magazine), 2 main services  (Token as a Service and Gateway Payment Service), 4 programs (Loyalty, Payment, Charity and Athletes program) and they also made the option for a …


Sportcash One is a new Ecosystem for the sport industry that includes 3 main platforms (Vendor Shop, Social Network and Sport Crypto Magazine), 2 main services  (Token as a Service and Gateway Payment Service), 4 programs (Loyalty, Payment, Charity and Athletes program) and they also made the option for a custom wallet and deliver multiple plugins to accept their currency as payment option.

Multi – vendor shop

Sportcash one offers an online shop that is multi-vendor designed, giving each vendor the option of selling its own goods / services.

When applying, Sportcash One will help the vendor with setting up the shop.


Some benefits when you do have a shop on their platform:

  • Professional assistance in creating your online shop
  • Transactions occur in real time or within 1 minute
  • Reduction in transaction costs of money transfers through cryptocurrency rather than financial intermediaries. Saving the vendor up to 90% in transaction fees.


Social Network

Sportcash One offers a Sports Social Network which will allow for the increased media coverage of all athletes. It will allow the athletes to post their own video’s, promote their own events and even offer up tickets to some of their most popular events.

Fans and brands from around the world will be able to use Sportcash One Coins to sponsor relatively unknown athletes thereby allowing them to enhance their name recognition. The sponsorship funds go directly to the Athlete, with no middle man to reduce the efficacy of the payments. By using our blockchain technology all transactions will be transparent and secure eliminating almost all instances of potential fraud. Athletes will be able to get rewards with Sportcash One Coins and to share the media on our Network.

Next to that they also provide a crowdfunding section where brands and fans have the ability to sponsor athletes and sport associations to help create sustainable projects and launch athletic careers.

Sport Crypto Magazine

Sportcash One will release a Sport/Crypto Magazine where you can find the latest information of Sport and Crypto. On this magazine you can find the latest development in sport, crypto but also regarding the athletes, brands, Clubs, Vendors and Fans.


TAAS (Token as a Service)

Sportcash One will provide clubs a new financing model. They give you the opportunity to create your own token! (for example a token for your team or club). This service includes token-design, issuing services, a Decentralized Exchange and a custom wallet.

It is possible to combine this with your own shop so all fans & athletes need to pay the items with your own token.


Gateway Payment Services

Sportcash One will offer the option to change your currency or your own token with other currencies. They made this available so you won’t have any limitations on the platform when you want to buy other products. It is also possible to exchange to hard currencies like Euro, USD or cash but this will be charged with 10% fee.


Loyalty program

Sportcash One has a Customer Loyalty program to reward the loyal customers. The program is combined with Blockchain technology that will provide inexpensive and fast transfers between the clients and the vendors on the network. Companies can use their Loyalty program to reward their customers and sell more products. The customers earn Coins as they make purchases and can use those coins for purchasing rewards, discounts or special offers.


Payment Program

Sportcash One offers the option to accept their tokens as a payment option for items and services. You can install their plugin on your own website/shop to accept SCOne or other tokens as a payment solution.

Charity program

Sportcash One makes it possible to donate funds to support charitable projects of your own choice. So this means that you can add your project on the Social network and after that people can fund your project with the needs that you want to achieve.

Athletes program

Sportcash One will give Brands and Fans the option to support their favorite athletes in their Social network platform.  This can be done for example through media attention or arranging funding.



To be able to offer all the above services and networks, Sportcash One has made the following technical solutions. These components are needed and will be used over all the networks/programs and Services.

Custom wallet

Sportcash One made their own custom wallet on the WavesPlatform blockchain. This will be used for all the payments that are need to be done on all platforms. Sportcash One also offers the option to get an own custom wallet when you choose for the Token as a Service.

Shop plugin

Sportcash One will ensure that you can link the shop to your own shop/website anywhere, anytime. They will do this through different plugins that can be shared.

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Sportcash One (SCOne) Review

Sportcash One (SCOne) Overview

Price0.90 Euro = 1 SportcashOne token ($SCONE)
Total Supply10.000.000

Sportcash One (SCOne) Additional Info

Elevator Pitch

Sportcash One is a new Ecosystem for the sport industry supported by a Social network!

Advantages of Participating in the ICO
  • Loyalty Program
  • Multi-Vendor Shop
  • Social Network with crowfunding,
  • Brands, Shops, Athletes, Clubs and Fans participate together in our Programs.
Pre-Sale Bonus

25 - 5%

Countries of Origin


% Available for Sale


Social Media Pages
    Fund Allocation

    Sportcash One (SCOne) Team

    Roberto Moretto

    CEO & Founder

    Blockchain lover and code technology passionate, Roberto, is a sport entrepeneur with more than 20 years of solid experience in building companies in the Sports and Tourism industry. He represents the ISA (International Association for Surfing and SUP) in Brazil, is a professional coach, judge and course presenter. Coach and athlete with the Italian SUP team at the World ISA…

    Jarno Hogeweg

    CTO & Founder

    Jarno is an ICT entrepreneur and project engineer with over 15 years of experience. He is active in crypto since 2014 as a blockchain consultant, investor and active contributor in the Dutch blockchain community. He is also the co-founder of Wavesnode.NET, a node on the Waves Platform.

    Gregory F. Ryan

    Management Consultant / Operational Finance

    15+ years of Management Experience, started multiple companies and a board adviser to many more in the gaming, telecom, renewable energy and education space. Well versed in Operations, Finance, Bus Dev and Technology.

    Wouter Schol

    Main developer

    Wouter is an enthousiast problem solver. He is a (embedded) Software Engineer/Developer, Scripting & Sys Admin. Has has experience as well as rich knowledge about different coding languages and operating systems. He is also the proud owner of the Bearwaves node on the Waves Platform.

    Sander de Mooij

    Marketing / Communications

    Sander is an enthusiastic technical engineer who is specialized in the security area. He is active in crypto since 2017 as a blockchain lover, Waves ambassador, supports new projects and make people more familiar with blockchain technology. Next to that he is also a proud owner of the WavesAssist node on the Wavesplatform.

    Julian Abal

    main Designer

    Julian is a visual and digital designer with almost 15 years of experience. He created for global brands in different industries, such as Nike, ATP, O2, Heineken, Sony, Honda and more. His experience ranges from creativity to UX and back, through ID and data visualization. He plays basketball, likes sports in general, but football is his top enjoyment.

    Roberto Rizzi

    Marketing Manager

    Roberto is a creative person with 10+ years of experience in Marketing & Communication in a multinational company. His activity ranges from online/offline marketing campaigns, events organization, social media, and lead generation. He loves tennis and practices enduro with e-MTB.

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