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May 25th 2019

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January 31st 2021

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SnowdenCoin (SNOW)

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The Snowden Coin offers an annual return on investment and is a security asset token, issued by german stock-listed p2p developer TCU AG. It participates the token owner in 24% of all revenues of (Up/Download+integrated payment). ICO means are used to move the client databases into the blockchain and …


The Snowden Coin offers an annual return on investment and is a security asset token, issued by german stock-listed p2p developer TCU AG. It participates the token owner in 24% of all revenues of (Up/Download+integrated payment). ICO means are used to move the client databases into the blockchain and make the new censorship free file sharing infrastructure even government resistant. According to german security law, the sale is limited to 5 Mio. €/year. Only 24 Mio. coins are generated.


The core idea: hybrid file-sharing network of peer-to-peer + client server with integrated payment.
= & nbsp; High-speed servers act as a super-fast cache shell for a slow but resilient peer-to-peer cloud storage network that is transparent and unchanging. The main difference to is the payment of the traffic and not the storage space.

The highlights:
1.Coin has an integrated exchange
2nd coin receives revenue share (24% of all revenue)
3. Additional booster in interest rate means that only 24 million coins are generated and in the year 1-2 only 6 million are in circulation and receive dividends.
4. Made in Germany
5. listed company, regulated market FSE
6. Paying dividends means constantly buying back coins and stabilizing the coin value

Characteristics of the coin:

German Issuer, according to listed company (usual FSE)

24% revenue share on the website (= 80% of TC’s website revenue share)

annual dividend distribution

Monthly repurchase for annual amortization (stabilization of the coin value)

additional interest rate increase causes only a small number of coins in the first few years (dividend distribution)

only 24 million coins produced (in circulation 2018: max 5 million)

Technical information – the new dimension of file sharing & ndash; innovative advantages for ..

Downloader: Completely anonymous! Only the IP address is visible to a host, but a host can not reveal the contents of a chunk. Parallel download & gt; 10 chunks = ultrafast. No websites = no malware, direct streaming (!)

Uploader: Lifelong indemnity guarantee via a unique hash pattern (who comes first, gets registered first), superfast and anonymous Upload locally encrypted chunks.

Hoster: stores encrypted parts of a file without knowledge of their contents, never a complete file. Paid for every download, Individual fee for & euro; / Gigabytes (auction system, the lower the price, the higher the traffic). Installation in minutes. , Integrated P2P Backup (P2P Core) = & gt; RAID systems are not required = & gt; Double / triple memory space (!), No DMCA acceptance. No website required,

Own databases, customer administration, support or payment administration are not required.

Publisher: No website required, full anonymous, no censorship, no database required. GFR (Global File Register) with content description associated with hash. Different prices for other websites.

Reseller: Anyone can use any link (even for UU links), add up his price and resume selling (onion links).

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SnowdenCoin Review

SnowdenCoin Overview

Symbol SNOW
Platform Ethereum
Category Business Services
Price 1 SNOW = 1.02 EUR
Total Supply
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SnowdenCoin Additional Info

Pre-Sale Bonus

15% capital reward with REF-Link-System Pre ICO 50%,30%,15%,10% Pre ICOS with decreasing minimum investment. 50%=2000 EUR, 30% = 1000 EUR etc. Details see website

Countries of Origin


Restricted Countries

China, United States



Soft Cap


Hard Cap


Accepted Coins for Payment


Social Media Pages

SnowdenCoin Team

Petra Bauersachs

Chairwoman of the managing board/CEO

Petra Bauersachs Chairwoman of the managing board/CEO Trained and employed in the public service of her hometown Koblenz for 6 years, from 1995 until today: CEO of TC Unterhaltungselektronik AG and more than 25% owner after IPO in the year 2000 current project: ICO for Peer to Peer technology leader:- First live-tv transmission via peer to peer network Cybersky (reviewed in

Guido Ciburski


Guido Ciburski, Born 1964, CEO Studied Business engineering (operations research, optimisation) at Karlsruher Institut für Technologie. The first computer procurement agency before the invention of the Internet (BTX), 1995 until today: Director and chief technology evangelist of TC Unterhaltungselektronik AG and 25% owner after IPO in the year 2000.

Thomas Nachtigahl

Chairman of the supervisory board

Dirk Peters

Member of the board

Heinz Suhr

Member of the board

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