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October 15th 2018

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December 31st 2018

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SmartContractChain (SCC)

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Smarter, faster crowdfunding—without the risk. The cryptocurrency world has changed the way we think about crowdfunding and early-stage investment. Just a few years ago, startup funding involved rigorous screening processes by venture capitalists; today, companies raise tens of millions of dollars with barely more than a whitepaper. It’s a great …


Smarter, faster crowdfunding—without the risk.

The cryptocurrency world has changed the way we think about crowdfunding and early-stage investment. Just a few years ago, startup funding involved rigorous screening processes by venture capitalists; today, companies raise tens of millions of dollars with barely more than a whitepaper.

It’s a great time to raise money, but for investors this comes with increased risk. The regulation-free environment of token sales means that in the event of a mismanagement of funds, early investors have few legal options to turn to in order to recover funds or influence a company’s business strategy.
That’s why SmartContractChain is building a platform that will harness the best of both worlds, providing entrepreneurs and creatives with access to funds, while guaranteeing the security of investors’ money.

SmartContractChain will leverage not only the power of cryptocurrency for rapid fund distribution, but also tap into the logical and provably transparent nature of smart contracts to ensure that dividends are assigned to investors in an auditable, immutable manner, all delivered across the stable and scalable Ethereum blockchain.

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SmartContractChain Review

SmartContractChain Overview

Symbol SCC
Platform Ethereum
Category Smart Contract
Price 1 SCC = $0.8
Total Supply 60,158,729
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SmartContractChain Additional Info

Advantages of Participating in the ICO
  • The project creator would launch a campaign and give out min 70% tokens to its backers. This will be added in the smartcontract between the backer and creator. In this smartcontract example, the backer purchase the pre-defined platform-specific token with BTC or ETH and will send these tokens as loan to a Wallet, which will be released by milestones to the creator after the full fund goal is raised. (workflow for ILP on SCC) If the project does not reach the intended goal, it will be closed by majorities vote, the smartcontract will be invalidated and the backers gets their remaining fund back less.
Countries of Origin


Restricted Countries

United States



Soft Cap


Hard Cap


% Available for Sale


Accepted Coins for Payment


Fund Allocation
Token Distribution

SmartContractChain Team



A self-confessed techie, Raja has been a core member of many companies in the engineering domain, with a penchant for implementing wildly successful Blockchain-based business models and e-commerce platforms. Being the serial entrepreneur that he is, Raja constantly stays abreast with the very latest developments in the IT world, often putting his vast experience and expertise in the field to good use in staying ahead of the curve, accurately predicting trends even before they set in. His vast repertoire of programming languages and software development skills par excellence are wonderfully complemented by his second to none communication and people skills. When not exploring the vast Swiss Alps or being buried in a journal, he is on the lookout for new avenues to venture into and working towards making the world a better place, one success story at a time.



born in 1986, attended schools in Bättwil and Reinach and studied Information Technology, majoring in iCompetence (software design and management), at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW. He developed and programmed iOS apps already during his studies, and later also while working for various information technology companies as a web developer, software developer, databank expert and project manager. He developed a smart contract solution on the open-source blockchain Multichain, based on Bitcoin and Bitcoincore for title registration. Gnana is an expert in several programming languages, frameworks and databanks, and emphasizes the user friendliness of his applications.



Csaba has nearly half a decade’s experience in competitive software development, with exemplary proficiency and outstanding skill in both back-end and front-end development. His in-depth understanding of the software development lifecycle pans from the planning and development stages to the maintenance and support stages. His alma matter is the University of Pannonia, where he successfully pursued his bachelor’s degree in business informatics engineering. Since graduating from college, he’s persistently pursued his inclination towards exploring the latest technologies, with a particular interest in Fintech. He has been a keen member of various collaborations for developing web applications in Fintech. Despite his ability to work efficiently by himself, he is the quintessential team player, always at hand to help out with any task for the team’s cause. Csaba’s superior learning skills, backed by exceptional communication abilities makes him an integral part of every team.



Máté Gyömrei is not just Hungary’s Ninja Warrior, he’s also quite the warrior when it comes to software development. His superior project management skills have seen him successfully spearhead some major projects in a career spanning close to 5 years. An exceptionally talented frontend developer, Gyömrei successfully pursued his bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics Engineering from the University of Pannonia, Veszprém. His vast array of computer skills are well complemented by high proficiency in JavaScript, AngularJS, Jquery, HTML5, SASS, Twitter Bootstrap, Bitbucket, and Jira, among a plethora of other computer languages.



Taras Savchuk worked his way through over a decade as an entrepreneur who pursued his dream, right after pursuing his degree from the prestigious Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). He specializes in developing robust and highly efficient IT infrastructures for businesses. Taras is highly proficient in working in mixed environments (Windows/Linux/FreeBSD and derivatives), virtualization on top of commercial and open source solutions, hybrid deployments i.e. cost and operationally effective usage of cloud and on-premises resources mix. He is adept at effectively deploying automation tools like Puppet/Ansible, has rich experience in implementing PCI DSS compatible environments and works on data protection on filesystem and logical level: different flavors of FS/DB synchronization, continuous replication with ability of point-in-time recovery, transboundary included. To add to his repertoire, he is well versed in backup, monitoring and responsive support.



Karan goes by various names--engineer, avid thinker, entrepreneur, but above all, problem solver extraordinaire. From Android to Backend, he’s got all the bases covered for you. After completing his Bachelors in Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, he dabbled with Android development, further honing his skills during his tenure with Urban Clap as a full stack engineer. In early 2018, he set off on his entrepreneurial journey into the Blockchain world, with Blockwala—a company that offers scalable Blockchain solutions for businesses



Mr. IOT, Arnav is constantly on the move, working towards making the next big thing. During his tenure as a product engineer to becoming an entrepreneur, he has been an integral part of the team, developing novel, yet simple solutions to everyday problems. Among the many feathers in his cap is a rather acclaimed public bike sharing ecosystem developed by him. His foray into the Blockchain world has been on the back of extremely successful ventures in the space of home automation, robotics and renewable energy.



An illustrious career spanning well over a decade has seen Jay Vasdewani emerge has a highly proficient and widely revered authority in the ICT domain. Following his successful pursuing of master’s degree from the renowned University of Minnesota, he took up the role of Research Fellow in Bioinformatics and Biostatics at the university. After a brief, yet impactful stint at his alma matter, he moved back to India to pursue his entrepreneurial dream, and set up a highly successful IT company focused on mobile app development. Given his proficiency in mobile application development, web application development, cloud development, testing methodologies and services, SDLC Methodologies (Agile/Scrum) & Implementation and AWS architecture design and development (Cloud Computing), to name a few, he closely interacts and works with the team to ensure timely and efficient delivery of projects. His constant quest for exploring new avenues of learning has seen him strengthen his skills in Blockchain technology and its myriad applications.



After successfully completing his bachelor’s degree in Computer IT Engineering, Dániel Szabó, showed an affinity towards and excelled in Java development. He has been a key part of various successful projects from the initial phases such as requirement gathering and designing all the way to the implementation of the project. In a little over two years, Gábor has established himself as an indispensable part of the team, having gained proficiency in Java 7 / 8 / EE, JavaFX, Spring / Spring Boot, Gradle / Maven, SQL (postgres, mssql), Git, Python / Bash, Jenkins CI, Linux / Docker / Sonarqube / Jira / Confluence / Gitlab, to name a few.

Martin Horváth


An ardent Blockchain enthusiast, Martin might be relatively new to the commercial software arena, but what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in sheer dedication and outstanding logical skills. He completed his bachelor’s in Business Information Technology from SzéchenyiIstván University Győr. Martin showed early signs of his skills, having secured the fourth spot at the highly contested OSZTV (National Professional Academic Competition) at the university. He has since honed his skills in Typescript, CSS Preprocessors, SCSS, Bootstrap, React, Angular, jQuery, Mobile development in React Native, Server side JavasScript: NodeJS, ExpressJS, SQL, and Git, to name a few.

Illés Máté


Problem solver par excellence, Illés Máté is your go to man to handle even the most complex of tasks through logic. He traces his alma mater to Széchenyi István University, Győr, where he completed his graduation in software engineering. Illés is equally proficient in react and angular frontend development technologies, which along with his never say never attitude and quintessential team player traits, make him an asset for any team. He puts his skill to good use in developing highly scalable and impactful software products for businesses. His superior communication and interpersonal skills help him connect with both internal and external team with equal ease.



Place his designs in an art gallery and it could easily pass for an exquisite piece of art, that is Harsh for you. His holistic approach to designing end to end service solutions is backed up by a solid framework of design thinking and strategy. His repertoire includes contextual research, idea visualization, shop experience, as well as concept prototyping. Given his keen inclination towards service designing at the prestigious Royal College of Art, he even dabbles with 3D modelling to experiment with new techniques and manufacturing methods. In his own words, “My objective is to research and develop technologies which would create a more efficient world and improve the human experience".


Marketing Expert

Shalin is a digital transformation leader and an ICO Marketing Expert with over 5 years of experience in Social media management and 2+ years in ICO marketing globally. He is currently experiencing and gaining knowledge in all sectors of the blockchain market. He has played various key roles in defining strategies on Blockchain technology and digital transformation projects globally. Shalin is actively working with global clients and defining strategies for transforming businesses by utilizing the next wave of technology in the domains of Blockchain, ICO marketing, Creating essential Advisory board, Social Media Management and all other aspects required to secure the ICO.

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