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November 14th 2018

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November 14th 2018

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 Nowadays, despite impressive yield, it is becoming more and more challenging to trade cryptocurrencies in financial markets. The only way to be successful in this area is to take hold of a powerful information tool that will enable you to trade several orders of magnitude more efficiently. Our team has …

 Nowadays, despite impressive yield, it is becoming more and more challenging to trade cryptocurrencies in financial markets. The only way to be successful in this area is to take hold of a powerful information tool that will enable you to trade several orders of magnitude more efficiently.
Our team has created and is ready to bring to market revolutionary software SMART TRADE COIN SOFTWARE, the profitability of arbitrage transactions made using it was confirmed by independent live-testing.
We will channel the entire potential of the SMART TRADE COIN WORLD to building up of the largest decentralized crypto training community capable of directly influencing the major exchanges.
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Symbol TRADE
Platform Ethereum
Category Investment
Price 1 TRADE = 0.045 USD
Total Supply
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SMART TRADE COIN Additional Info

Countries of Origin




Soft Cap

3000000 USD

Hard Cap

99000000 USD

Accepted Coins for Payment


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Until a few years ago Dany sailed the oceans as a captain of luxury yachts. One day he decided to settle in one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and extraordinary cooperation with Dennis Nowak. In recent years, he has entered the crypto market, explored various ICOs to advise Dennis on the right investments, and has himself become CEO of one of these companies. With his Dutch roots, he honors the prejudice of working in a structured and uncomplicated way. This characteristic qualifies him especially for his leading position in the forthcoming development of the company STC. In his private life, Dany of course still loves sailing - a passion that will probably never end with people with his fate.

Dennis Nowak

President and Chairman

Dennis has built up his fortune in the crypto market in recent years. He has financed the development of the software over the past 12 months and laid the foundation for STC. Dennis manages STC's finances as the shareholder with the most shares, leads the company as chairman and is invested in further projects in the crypto market as a passive shareholder. Dennis is characterized by his unstoppable drive to work purposefully. He is a visionary who always finds a new challenge. In his spare time, he likes to take a ride through the Swiss mountains in his 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz because he has a fable for old American cars and true values.

Gregor Weiss


Gregor's great strength is communication. He knows exactly how to define and express things, whether in conversation or in corporate communication. In recent years, he has put this into practice and, in addition to a consulting function for companies, established his own marketing and video agency. Gregor is responsible for STC's cross-departmental corporate communications and the company's public image. Privately he lives out his passion for electronic music as a hobby producer.



Jörg's great strength lies in the diplomatic assertiveness of his interests. All his successes are based on the ability to make the right decision at the right moment. In recent years, he has held management positions for companies in Switzerland, Germany, Australia, England, Russia and other countries. His knowledge of human nature and the right intuition enable him to bring the right people together and to fill the company with life. In his free time, Jörg enjoys spending time with his cross motorcycle in the open country.

Chris Martens


Since his studies and various further training courses, Chris has constantly deepened his knowledge of IT in his environment. In the meantime, he has also gained deep insights into the crypto world and now combines both. He has been leading the production of the software with the corresponding developers for 12 months and therefore knows every aspect of the STC software architecture. Chris, like all board members, does not only speak one language - he is the only one who speaks the language of the "nerd". In this context there is only a little time left in his free time for his dog instead of many hobbies, because his work is his passion.

Waldemar Reime


Waldemar is a doer, someone who doesn't hesitate for long. Once he's made a decision, he goes inexorably in one direction. This characteristic has helped him to an enormous success in leading sales positions in the last 15 years. He has spent almost ten years in banking and insurance and for the last five years digital products have been his core business. He has a global network and is a valued business partner who stands for reliability. Waldemar has already worked for two ICO companies in sales and therefore knows the crypto market very well from a professional point of view. In his private life, he likes to spend time with his wife and two small children, whom he also likes to ride around on his jet ski.

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