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February 24th 2019

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June 1st 2019

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Quinto SA Sponsorship (QSA)

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Quinto S.A. (“Quinto”) is a provably fair gaming system, built upon the explosive growth in online gaming, particularly on mobile devices, and has created a streamlined system for the lottery, dice, and bingo games. Quinto’s Lottery and Bingo games are also 100% pari-mutuel and this allows Quinto to offer enticing …


Quinto S.A. (“Quinto”) is a provably fair gaming system, built upon the explosive growth in online gaming, particularly on mobile devices, and has created a streamlined system for the lottery, dice, and bingo games. Quinto’s Lottery and Bingo games are also 100% pari-mutuel and this allows Quinto to offer enticing jackpots within these games.

Our token is neither a security or utility token but designed as a sponsorship (event-driven backer) token. The majority (80.00%) of funds raised are kept in a cold wallet (“Escrow”) to ensure the ability to pay jackpot winners. However, Quinto will be purchasing event-driven insurance against the first QuintoBTC Lottery (based on fiat amount). Because of the volatility of Bitcoin, Quinto is unable to secure event-driven insurance based on Bitcoin.

Sponsor liability is reduced upon each wager within any game, and a fee percentage is charged to the jackpot pool based on the probability of a game for reimbursement to the sponsors. Sponsors will continue to receive percentages of each jackpot as an incentive until all jackpots become self-funding for two consecutive games.

100% of QSA token distribution is for sponsors, as there are no tokens reserved for staff or administrators. Use of funds is simplified – 80% is held in escrow for guaranteed jackpot payout and 20% is administrative use to secure additional jackpot insurance and finalize the development of our gaming software.

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Quinto SA Sponsorship Review

Quinto SA Sponsorship Overview

Symbol QSA
Platform Bitcoin
Category Gambling
Price 1 BTC = 800 QSA
Total Supply 1,000,000
Website View
Whitepaper View

Quinto SA Sponsorship Additional Info

Elevator Pitch

Quinto Games is an online gambling site designed with provably fair lottery, dice, bingo, scratchers

Advantages of Participating in the ICO
  • 25% Bonus for pre-orders (20 Token Minimum) option prior to token sale launch
  • Generous bonus structure based on number of tokens purchased
  • Token holder collect up to 15% of jackpot wagering, posted weekly
  • Token holder funds are kept in Escrow
  • All games are 100% provably fair.
Pre-Sale Bonus

Bonus depend on which stage and quantity of token(s) purchased with a maximum of 25%.

Countries of Origin

Costa Rica

Soft Cap


Hard Cap


% Available for Sale


Accepted Coins for Payment


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Quinto SA Sponsorship Team

Steven Swanson

Founder and CEO/Programmer

Steven, founding and managing partner of Quinto S.A. (“Quinto”), is an expert on games of chance and brings over 30 years of experience, knowledge, and momentum to the Quinto team. His extensive background in mathematics and previous work as an IT engineer and software developer have proven to maximize the efficiency of Quinto’s gaming operation. Steven began his 13-year career at Boeing while still in high school. Boeing, recognizing his potential, subsidized his continuing education in programming, information technology, and advanced mathematics. He was subsequently promoted because of his programming and mathematical skills from quality control to IT manager. Steven formed Pari-Mutuel Gold, Inc. an online gaming company in 1996 leading as President and CEO, which allowed him the opportunity to gain valuable experience that he would use in designing Quinto’s revolutionary gaming technology. Steven was successful in developing the #1 bingo site during 2004-2006, which generated over $50 million in wagers. Steven’s interest in Bitcoin was sparked in 2012. He has since has learned more about integrating blockchain and provably fair gaming. In recent years, Steven had to take several year hiatus from the Quinto project to focus on his ailing parents but now is able to direct his focus fully on success Quinto gaming operation.

David Best

Back-End Programmer

Mr. Best has been in the tech field for over 30 years in a variety of capacities including IT management, product development, contract programming, and consulting. His career began in technical computing, utilizing Fortran, Codasyl database programming in Cobol, line-of-business applications in Pick-OS, systems programming in PL/1 and C, client programs in Dbase, FoxPro, etc., and Windows programming in C and C++. Mr. Best also has an extensive background in database systems. He has taken part the implementation of database engines to their use in applications, and has done functional analysis, database design, and stored procedure development using such databases as Sybase, Microsoft SQLServer, Oracle, and Postgres. He has also done embedded development with Raima Database Manager, and in-memory database applications with VoltDB. He has done front and back-end development in Delphi, and has developed numerous back-end and middleware servers for high throughput/low-latency applications variously using C, C++, Delphi, Java, and Erlang. Mr. Best has been a part of the Quinto S.A. team for many years and has been instrumental in the co-development of the gaming and API communication software layer.

Stéphane Deuvaert

Lead Web Developer

WIth 13+ years app and full stack web development including front-end UX & OO PHP 7, Stephane’s high tech web development background is an asset to the Quinto S.A. team. He additionally contributes a love and optimism for people and humanity, which shines through incremental or transformative changes in even small aspects of people’s lives, thereby enhancing productivity and boosting the effects and ultimately the product of work. He has built a well-functioning team that learns from itself and strives with honesty and passion, delivering ongoing 12 years teaching and training combined with conflict resolution & community development throughout the team, effecting a cohesive outcome.

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