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The current supply chain industry is a $64 trillion market that employs millions around the world. Planport is building a decentralised business-to-business platform for the supply chain industry and our initial product focuses on procurement and its components. Procurement is one of the core sectors of the supply chain industry. …


The current supply chain industry is a $64 trillion market that employs millions around the world. Planport is building a decentralised business-to-business platform for the supply chain industry and our initial product focuses on procurement and its components.

Procurement is one of the core sectors of the supply chain industry. It involves buying of goods and services that enable organisations to carry out their day-to-day operations. Someone involved in procurement may be responsible for sourcing raw materials from suppliers globally and bringing them into an organisation by working with C-level executives, finance and engineering as well as external suppliers.

While procurement is a vital aspect of operations, the process has critical problems that are costly for all businesses from small companies to big corporations. The obstacles include legacy systems with inefficient and closed networks that are expensive, risky and time-consuming, cash flow problems that take weeks or months, contractual nightmares, poor supplier management and closed and centralised access to goods and services. A company spends 30 to 70% of its revenue on outsourced goods and services, yet many still underinvest.

The Planport Platform powered by the PORT token aims to solve these problems by unifying the entire procurement process end-to-end and empowering enterprises and suppliers using a decentralised business-to-business network in the supply chain industry. Buyers and sellers can use the platform for procurement, auctions, payments, and contract management. At the end of the supplier and buyer interaction, our invoice marketplace enables suppliers to push invoices to a network of global investors where they can access a diverse range of funders. This marketplace is built on the Blockchain distributed technology allowing participants to have a secure and efficient way to settle trade finance assets in the $3 trillion factoring industry.

Planport, as part of Planport Platform, has built and is building the following products:

  • Planport RFX – a procurement product for buyers and sellers.
  • Planport Supplier Manager – a product for enterprises to communicate with and assess suppliers.
  • Planport Auctions – a product for performing reverse auctions with multiple suppliers.
  • Planport Payment Systems – a payment system empowered by the PORT token for business-to-business payments.
  • Planport Contracts – a full contract management product for creation, storage, and discovery of contracts.
  • Planport Experts Networks – an on-demand network of supply chain experts for enterprises.
  • Plnaport Invoice Marketplace – a trade finance network for suppliers.

Planport will revolutionise the supply chain industry by building a platform that streamlines the processes and is built on trust, mutual benefit and user-centric as part of the Web 3.0 by using the Blockchain technology.

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Symbol PORT
Platform Ethereum
Category Finance
Price 1 PORT = 0.20 USD
Total Supply 500000000
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Sophonias Isaac h


Started His first business at the age of 16 ,BA information and interface design, MITx Supply chain management, Passionate about Philosophy, decentralisation and supply chain industry, He has been working as UX designer, knowledge on python frameworks and libraries like matplotlib , panda and django

Piao Rihe

Full-stack software engineer

Piao Rihe is a self-driven full stack developer, has been building scalable applications from blueprint to launch, focusing on security and performance.He is expert on the following programming :* ** *Node js, express , HAPL, loopback* *mongoDB, MYSQL ,PostgresSQL, MySQL* ** *React/redux , Angular/redux, Angular 2/5 , angular 1 zx*

Dmytro Chornenkyi


Dmytro Chornenky is Expert on* *Ruby on Rails developer with 4 years of experience and Master's degree in Systems Engineering. Areas of expertise: - Ruby / Ruby on Rails - PostgreSQL / MySQL / MongoDB * *- Sidekiq / Redis / Rspec / Sentry / Capybara / Rubocop - JavaScript / CoffeeScript / Jquery - HTML / Haml / Slim - CSS / SCSS / SASS - Bootstrap - Git * */ OOP / MVC - API development and integration - Heroku Worked on a number of projects, for example: - Website security - CRM system for conducting electronic documentation. - CRM systems for internal accounting management

Leonardo Gedler

Full-stack software engineer

Leonardo is a Full Stack developer with extensive experience in Frontend / Backend / Blockchain projects. He has used the following technologies in his past projects: JavaScript (ES5 / ES6 / ES7), React, Angular, TypeScript, Android (Java), Node, Express, Mongo, Android, NativeScript (Android and iOS), Ethereum (Solidity / Web3 / MetaMask / Solc / Remix).

Dmitry Krivonosov

Content editor

Experienced professional Content editor and motion graphics designer for more than 9 years. Raised my skills at University of Culture and Arts and working in studios and TV channels. Doing best for highest quality results!

Saheen Mautbur

Marketing and Finance

She is a veteran of Finance and crypto, previously serving as Senior Auditor at Deloitte and as CFO of Constantia, Mauritius. She is a CFA by education and has helped multiple crypto start- ups in different capacities. Her speciality has always been forming an infallible Tokenomics. She is the CEO and co-founder of CoinPromoter which has helped different ICOs to raise over $60 million. She will be guiding the Planport team in Marketing and Finance departments.

Thomas Mclaughlin

Blockchain consultant

Thomas is a seasoned professional with years of experience working as a system administrator and in the past few years specifically, architecting blockchain solutions. He is one of the leading advocates of the global blockchain community. He has worked as a Blockchain architect and consultant for a number of projects. Thomas is a well-traveled individual whose extensive knowledge and experience has proven to have benefited and added value to the projects he has worked on around the world.

Lucas Cervigni

Senior Advisor

is an Author, TV Host, International Business Development Advisor in FinTech and Blockchain Partner @ Vesicas Fintech Consulting Co-Founder in + 15 Companies Author @ BlockChain in Practice / The BitCoin Paradigm / BrickCoin - A solution for today’s global financial fragility. Advisor, Investor and International Panelist to the Crypto World. Named as one of the 50 most influential people in Blockchain in 2016

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