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February 1st 2019

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April 30th 2019

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“MOBU is the Security Token Issuance Protocol and Licensed Operational Security Token Exchange. MOBU offers a marketplace of vetted Security Token Offering (STO) service providers to facilitate the release of compliant security tokens in the blockchain space. MOBU is an ecosystem that implements a unique MOB20 standard protocol to ensure …


“MOBU is the Security Token Issuance Protocol and Licensed Operational Security Token Exchange.

MOBU offers a marketplace of vetted Security Token Offering (STO) service providers to facilitate the release of compliant security tokens in the blockchain space. MOBU is an ecosystem that implements a unique MOB20 standard protocol to ensure the protection of both investors and STO issuers. By this offering MOBU creates a more competitive STO services pricing environment which complies with SEC and all regulations including KYC and AML. By introducing a new innovative and unique method of escrow services to STO`s, investors are able to exit the STO after the crowdsale on a pro-rata basis if the STO issuers do not adhere to their roadmap or goals. A “lockup” utility to MOBU tokens for service providers will be introduced to access services, rather than spend the tokens. This creates scarcity of supply in the market and increases the demand and intrinsic value of the MOBU token. Lockups can be used by investors to determine the intrinsic value of the MOBU token, which is a security token itself.

Apart from offering a security token issuance protocol, MOBU will also own an equity stake in a licensed operational stock exchange to ensure the liquidity of investors’ funds. MOBU will be the sole broker for all security tokens. The attainment of an equity stake in a stock exchange is a great break-through and achievement for MOBU and is perceived as a significant value-added benefit to the investor. The stock exchange listing fees are half of the fees of the Johannes Stock Exchange (JSE) with very low listing requirements. Local as well as global listings are granted. MOBU successfully accumulated a large network of partners in the finance and crypto space who will play a key role in bootstrapping the exchange, ensuring liquidity in the market.

The MOBU token powers both the issuance platform and the exchange. STO issuers using the MOB20 protocol will receive discount on listing fees on the exchange and investors paying in MOBU tokens will receive discount on trading fees.

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Symbol MOBU
Platform Ethereum
Category Smart Contract
Price US $0.15
Total Supply 120000000
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Elevator Pitch

REVENUE AND SUSTAINABILITY: One of most lucrative revenue models in the blockchain space: • MOBU wi

Advantages of Participating in the ICO
  • PROBLEM STATEMENT Regulatory, legal and technical nightmare launching a compliant STO • Legal process can be expensive and slow – niche market and few lawyers know how to execute STO successfully • SEC will imprison and fine if STO is executed wrongfully • NO competitive pricing and quality standard environment for STO service providers • NO legal secondary trading environment • Majority of ICO`s unable to pass the Howey test but claim to be utility tokens MOBU SOLUTION The MOB20 protocol will define a set of commands that a compliant security token should implement • MOBU will support Reg S, Reg D, and Reg A+ compliant security token offerings, and with the incorporated ability to select experienced legal counsel across multiple jurisdictions within the platform, token issuers can be sure of creating compliant tokens within their local jurisdictions • The MOB20 protocol will create a set of rules that govern the issuance of security tokens, and program them into smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain so they are transparent and immutable • MOBU is an ecosystem with a vetted tender process for • Legal providers, smart contract developers, escrow providers, KYC providers, etc. • Strict criteria for service providers in terms of track record, pricing, capital requirements, etc. • New standard – KNOW YOUR SUPPLIER (KYS). Complete Due Diligence (DD) • Rating system for providers • MOBU will own equity stake in operational licensed stock exchange THE MOBU SOLUTION This will create a competitive pricing free marketplace.
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Juan Engelbrecht


Juan obtained a B.Comm. Chartered Accounting degree at the North West University, South Africa and an Honours B.Comm.Cost and Management Accounting degree obtained at the University of South Africa (Unisa). The last-mentioned qualification is on par with the Chartered Institution of Management Accountants (CIMA) managerial level. Juan completed his RPE’s and wrote the Stockbroker SAIS examinations enabling him to trade directly on the JSE and providing financial advice on the stock market. During his audit articles at BDO, the 5th largest audit firm in the world, he gained valuable experience in financial and investment management of several leading SouthAfrican companies. As equity trader at Goldings, Torr & De Decker Stockbrokers in Sandton, South Africa, Juan traded with multi-millions directly on the JSE for two years and learned from the best as a young graduate. He bought his first shares at the age of 15 and have been involved in business ever since. Juan gained invaluable knowledge and experience on senior management level when he was appointed as Group Financial Manager at Shopfitting Studio in Pretoria, South Africa. Prominent franchises such as Reggies, Famousbrands, Contempo, Chamberlains, Coricraft and Rhapsody’s were some of their respected clients. Thereafter, Juan was appointed as Portfolio Manager at SA Asset Management in Pretoria, South Africa where he broadened his expertise in finance, investments and the stock market. Juan established Evolve Fund Managers in 2013 and acts as director (in co-operation with the directors of Goldings, Torr & De Decker Stock Broking firm in Sandton, South Africa) managing investors’ funds in pension funds, discretionary mandates and several other types of investments. Juan also acts as director of RFS Asset Management and Khalifa Capital that also specialise in asset management. Juan expanded his horizons when he realised the huge potential of blockchain technology and how it will revolutionize business and redefine companies and economies in the world. Juan established Zaber Import Export (Pty) Ltd and subsequently acts as CEO of the company. Juan (in partnership with Paul Pelser – a MOBU management team member) proved to operate one of the largest cryptocurrency miners in the southern hemisphere as early adopters of the blockchain technology. They manage four large cryptomining farms that showed a turnover of ZAR 100 mil for 2017 alone. As CEO of Zaber Import Export, Juan recognised the huge potential of the huge arbitration opportunity in commodities in Zimbabwe and exports chrome and lithium to Dubai as well. As CEO of Zabercoin ICO Juan gained invaluable knowledge, experience and lessons on how to successfully raise funds on the blockchain. In his endeavours, he was afforded the opportunity to establish strong business relationships with strong leaders in the blockchain space and cryptocurrency community. Juan has learned a valuable lesson namely that there is more to an ICO than just the “hype”. For example, although he personally invested 1 million USD into Zabercoin he believes this to be a learning curve appointed for a greater purpose and long-term goal. “The best way of learning anything is by doing it and not to be embarrassed if things do not always go according to plan but to learn from them and start again.” – Richard Branson. When Juan takes an idea, he flies with it. He takes bold actions when everyone else is afraid to venture into uncharted waters. Juan’s individuality, ability to recognise opportunities, strategic decision-making skills, passion and persistence make Juan a very successful entrepreneur. Juan will play a vital role in leading MOBU to big heights and great success.

Paul Pelser


After obtaining a B. Compt degree at the University of South Africa in 2000, Paul was appointed as Internal Auditor at Sasol. Sasol was established in 1950 in South Africa and since then developed into an international integrated chemicals and energy company that leverages technologies and the expertise of their work force of more than 30,000 in 33 countries. Paul produces a range of high-value product stream, including liquid fuels, chemicals, and low-carbon electricity. In 2006, Paul obtained a B. Compt (Honnours) degree at the University of South Africa (Unisa). In 2011, he passed the CA (SA) Board examinations to qualify as Chartered Accountant and Registered Auditor. Paul gained valuable experience in the fields of accounting, tax and auditing when he established Pelser Accountants in 2002 and PSP Audit Services in 2011. Both these firms are still active and successful. In addition, Paul demonstrates his expertise and skills by his appointment as Chief Audit Executive (board level) at Thistle Mining. Thistle Mining is a gold mining Canadian company that operates both in South Africa and the Philippines. Currently Paul also plays a significant role as Director and shareholder of both Pregal Mining (Pty) Ltd (an earthmoving operations mining company) and Sahalee Enterprises (Pty) Ltd (a crypto mining operations company). More importantly, and very relevant to MOBU, Paul has been one of the early adopters of blockchain technology and is currently actively involved in some of the largest cryptocurrency mining farms in the southern hemisphere. With his hands-on knowledge, understanding and experience of blockchain and crypto, Paul will play a significant role in MOBU especially in terms of finances and compliance.

Frikkie van Biljon


Frikkie started coding at the early age of 11 where he discovered QBasic on his home computer. Ever since he was driven to 'beat' the computer with programming exercises. After school he graduated from the North-West University in 2009 and a BSc. degree in Information Technology (IT). In 2004 he started his web development career. Since then he has been working actively as a web developer for the last years and quickly worked his way up as System Architect and Senior Lead Developer. Over this time, he managed to acquire quite a few prizes for his web development capabilities. Frikkie worked at one of the largest vocational services in Africa where he was hired to research and improve their system's performance. Challenges included overcoming the shortcomings of internet reliability in Nigeria. At Mukon he was head of development for a web-based LIMS developed in JavaScript (AngularJS) and NodeJS. He further implemented a single signon platform for all projects shipped by Mukon. All web projects are developed on the framework he implemented. Implementation of the backend consistent of various tech: C#, WebServices, NodeJS, RESTful services and reporting with SSRS. He regularly had to tutor his colleagues to bring them up to speed on new tech and coding methodologies. Frikkie is currently a lead JavaScript developer for one of the largest software firms in South Africa. He fulfils the role of Lead JavaScript developer at Momentum\'s head office. He is tasked to manage and overview the coding standards of all JavaScript projects for his department. Part of his position is to research and present on new technologies and how it can be incorporated within the business.

Ettiene Pretorius

Business Development

Etienne obtained a bachelor’s degree at the North West University and recently completed his master’s degree in Real Estate Development. He received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Amalgamated Bank of South Africa (ABSA) in 2003 for a property development he successfully managed during his studies at the North West University. As Founder and Director of South African Capital Partnering, Etienne is focused on setting a trend by influencing the future of South African real estate entrepreneurs. He invites others to join the experience by taking part in their investment opportunities, signature developments, dynamic construction, and sales team when they network to act as game-changers for optimal synergy. South African Capital Partnering combine their unlimited drive and resources to bring opportunity and products within developments, investments, construction, and real estate sales. South African Capital Partnering strives to introduce the unfamiliar concept of ‘Going Green’ in South Africa by targeting the medium LSM, showing the country that it can be done affordably, ultimately changing our carbon footprint and reaching for a better future. Etienne has a very strong business and property development track record and continues to give investors above-market-related returns. Etienne will play a significant role in MOBU especially in terms of ensuring the protection and development of investors’ interests.

June Engelbrecht

Business Analyst

June obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. She also completed a Master’s degree in Business (MBA) which included subjects like business research, strategic management, financial management, investment management and international marketing. Some other relevant courses completed by her included data analysis, business research, financial advice, entrepreneurship and advanced MS Word and Excel. June has vast experience in the fields of business and education management. As business director and manager, she was responsible for functions such as general management marketing, finance, administration, sales, leadership, HR and PR. As education manager in the office of the national education of South Africa, June gained valuable knowledge, experience and expertise in various fields such as conducting interviews, data collection, qualitative and quantitative research, data analysis, presentations, editing reports of colleagues and writing reports to the national minister of education. June had been the internal moderator and chief examiner of accounting, business management and commercial mathematics of the final examinations for Grade 12 learners. June was the author of ten business and management books, approved and distributed throughout the nine provinces of South Africa. All these skills, traits and extremely useful experience of June makes her a very suitable addition to the MOBU’s management team especially in terms of her proven track record of data collection and analysis, qualitative and quantitative research work, writing skills and favourable interpersonal relations. June makes it very important to bring strategic decisions to execution.

Braam Kruger

PR & Marketing

Braam is regarded as one the pioneers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space in South Africa. Braam is a businessman with many years of experience. He owned and managed many large corporations and companies over a period of 25 years. During these years of business ownership and management he gained invaluable experience in both local and international business ventures. The business ventures that he pursued were mainly in industries like wholesale, retail, logistics, and property management. His actual passion lies with sales and marketing. Emanating from this, he managed to develop a successful business network both locally and internationally. All these attributes, qualities and experience of Braam make him a very suitable addition to MOBU’s management team especially in terms of his excellent skills and expertise in marketing and public relations.

Petri van Zyl

Legal Advisor

Petri obtained a Bachelor of Accounting and Law (Bacc) degree at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. He is an experienced legal professional with several years of experience which includes being an admitted attorney in South Africa and solicitor in England and Wales. Apart from his experience as attorney and solicitor Petri also has a strong knowledge of corporate and business law. Petri is skilled in negotiating and drafting various business agreements and managing company investments across various jurisdictions. A key attribute of Petri is the ability to manage people in the workplace, adhere to timelines and executing deals. Since 2015 he has been appointed as Head of Legal, Compliance and Cross-border Transactions at Agrivision Africa where he gained invaluable experience and knowledge in:  negotiating, drafting and reviewing a wide range of business agreements  ensuring compliance with local and applicable international legislation within jurisdictions including Mauritius, Zambia, South Africa and the UK  drafting and reviewing group policies  negotiating acquisitions of new assets  being an executive committee member of Agrivision Zambia (a subsidiary of Agrivision Africa) and making presentations to the board of directors  liaising with shareholders and financial institutions Prior workplace appointments and experience include appointments as Legal Advisor at True Group Investment Holdings in East London, South Africa as well as being a candidate attorney at Adams & Adams Attorneys in Pretoria, South Africa. Petri is an excellent addition to the MOBU’s management team especially in terms of his proven track record as legal expert apart from the fact that he is a persuasive team-builder, motivator and communicator always striving for exceptional business performance.

Izak Viljoen

Legal Advisor

Izak obtained the B.Comm. Law and L.L.B. Law degrees at the North West University in South Africa. At a young age he already demonstrated leadership qualities when he was elected as primaries of Hombre, one of the student hostels of the university. Izak also obtained a Certificate of Competence, Prospecting and Mining for better placement for his career path in law. In 2010 his law career commenced when he was appointed as clerk at Pretorius Le Roux Attorneys in Pretoria, South Africa. He mainly specialised in the fields of Liquidations and Sequestrations, Sectional titles and Family Law. As Professional Assistant at Hardam & Associates Inc. he also gained invaluable experience in General Litigation, Insurance claims, Fraudulent claims and Commercial Litigation. In 2012 Izak was appointed as Legal Professional at AfriSam where he further gained first-hand experience in Mining Law, Litigation, Property Compliance and Drafting of Contracts. At Barnard Incorporated (Inc.) Attorneys, one of MOBU’s confirmed partners, Izak started off as Senior Associate after which he was promoted as Director, the position he also currently occupies. Izak is an excellent addition to the MOBU’s management team especially in terms of his proven track record as legal expert and his vast experience in aspects around compliance, contracts and commercial litigation.

Brian Golding


Brian is the CEO, Managing Partner & Controlling Stockbroker of Golding, Torr & De Decker (Pty) Ltd. He is a Financial Markets professional, with over 30-years’ experience over a broad range of the South African investment markets. Brian is also a member of the S.A. Institute of Stockbrokers with an in-depth knowledge of the financial markets. In addition to the fact that Brian trades in his personal capacity in his own portfolio, he also fulfils the critical role as manager of a JSE member firm where securities are traded in markets like equity securities, derivatives and fixed-income securities. Brian will play a significant role in MOBU mostly due to his good knowledge and expertise about regulatory compliance and specifications which is very relevant to MOBU and what MOBU stands for.

Paresh Masani

Blockchain & Security Engineer

Paresh is a Gold Medalist and obtained a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from one of the most prestigious universities in India, National Institute of Technology, Trichy. Previously he was an Executive Director of top investment banks like Goldman Sachs and Barclays Bank. Paresh is an expert in running ICO end-to-end contributing in blockchain architecture, vision & strategy, and overall platform infrastructure, content writing, marketing, and developing the community through Airdrop and bounty campaigns. He demonstrates the solid understanding of FinTech business and technology, and has a proven track record of running successful businesses. He specialises in technology and has more than 10 years’ experience as technical lead and full-stack developer for some of the critical banking and finance projects. Paresh is also an expert in security, cryptography, blockchain technology, and end-to-end system development. Paresh will play a significant role in MOBU mostly due to his excellent knowledge and experience in development of the community, security and blockchain technology.

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THE RELEVANCE OF MOBU IN THE SECURITIES MARKET The securities market is a multi-trillion-dollar arena which remains virtually untouched in the blockchain space. Imagine unlocking that vast potential through a consolidated, enabling and self-regulating platform? MOBU targets a strong growth area in the market and in the same way will the MOBU platform grow, evolve and develop. MOBU offers a decentralised organised ICO platform to facilitate the release of compliant security tokens in the blockchain space. MOBU is the end-to-end solution for companies to in a user-friendly manner comply with the global security token market. A regulatory friendly token (linking ETH addresses to users by KYC/AML etc) is the only way to allow institutional money to the blockchain and a user-friendly platform is the only way to allow non-tech businesses to the blockchain. Globally the issue around ICO government regulation is currently in a confused state of uncertainty with sometimes contrasting points of view. However, the general trend is towards recognition: recognition that security token ICOs have a place in the market and that progress will, therefore, need collaboration between government and industry. All signs point to 2018 being the year of government regulation, where the needs of investor protection and broader security token ICO participation are addressed. MOBU offers a decentralized organised ICO platform to facilitate the release of compliant security tokens on the blockchain. Real businesses wishing to raise capital by issuing security tokens will build their ICOs on the MOBU platform. MOBU creates an abstract smart contract from which all security token ICOs will be extended. The MOBU abstract smart contract will contain the code that is required by the security token ICOs to conform to the MOBU ERC20 platform and the MOB20 standard to adapt to the ideas and requirements of MOBU. A regulatory friendly token is the only way to allow institutional money to enter the blockchain and a user-friendly platform for trusted ICO`s is the only way to allow nontech businessmen to participate in the blockchain. MOBU introduces a new innovative method of escrow services to ICO`s. Investors are able to exit the ICO after the crowdsale on a pro-rata basis if the ICO issuers do not adhere to their roadmap or goals. A “lockup” utility to MOBU tokens for service providers will be introduced to access services, rather than spend the tokens. This creates scarcity of supply in the market and increases the demand and intrinsic value of the MOBU token. These unique features ensure higher overall ROI for investors and creates a network of confidence and trust that will boost economic efficiency and incentivize community growth.
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