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October 8th 2018

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November 8th 2018

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Melior AI (MEL Tokens) (MEL)

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AI & blockchain powered E-Commerce bots for businesses of all sizes.   Melior AI are an Artificial Intelligence research, development and solutions provider with our own proprietary Machine Learning and Deep Learning models that we have used to created competitive e-commerce products to affordably deliver the benefits of AI to …


AI & blockchain powered E-Commerce bots for businesses of all sizes.


Melior AI are an Artificial Intelligence research, development and solutions provider with our own proprietary Machine Learning and Deep Learning models that we have used to created competitive e-commerce products to affordably deliver the benefits of AI to businesses of all sizes across the world.


We have an experienced technical team of software developers and academics with decades of experience in the AI sector. Our management and advisory team include lawyers, UN advisors, entrepreneurs and Goldman Sachs alumni.


Melior have developed two working e-commere products which outperform our competitors on all major Natural Language Understanding (NLU) metrics. MILA – an advanced enterprise chatbot, that can complete sales and act as a website replacement. MAX – an advanced FAQ bot to deal with general queries.


Both MAX and MILA are fully tested, available for commercial purchase and feature:


Speedy Onboarding – Instant subscription and swift deployment

Universality – Because of our unique learning methods, our chatbots can be deployed across any industry,

Revolutionary Technology – Our bots have been trained on vast existing databases and understand the complexities of human expression.

Cost Efficiency – Significantly cheaper than other AI products and human call centre operatives.

Token Powered – Use of the AI systems is powered by our MEL tokens.


The e-commerce market globally is worth $1.4 trillion dollars annually in the ten largest markets alone and we believe that every e-commerce provider with a need for customer services or contact centre employees is a potential Melior customer. Beyond this, we imagine that every business with a website is also a potential customer through our product MINNIE and its Pay-As-You-Go System.

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Melior AI (MEL Tokens) Review

Melior AI (MEL Tokens) Overview

Symbol MEL
Platform Ethereum
Category Artificial Intelligence
Price $0.12 (USD)
Total Supply 400,000,000
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Melior AI (MEL Tokens) Additional Info

Elevator Pitch

Cutting Edge AI & blockchain powered E-Commerce bots for businesses of all sizes.

Advantages of Participating in the ICO
  • Melior have two working products that are ready for retail.
  • Melior are in advance discussions with several global conglomorates to purchase our products.
  • Melior can also target the SME market with Pay As You Go versions of our enterprise products.
  • Melior have our own proprietory Deep Learning and Neural Networks.
  • Melior intellectual property can easily be moved out into other business sectors.
  • Melior have an expereinced AI & Business development team.
  • Melior have an exciting set of additional products in the R&D pipeline.
  • Melior are one of the most advanced and exciting software startups in Europe.
  • Melior are working at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence - the global tool of the future.
  • The blockchain and MEL tokens are fully integrated into the Melior ecosystem.
  • MEL tokens are crucial to the success of the company.
  • MEL tokens will be required by every customer that Melior acquire.
  • Melior products interface with all languages so can be sold globally.
Pre-Sale Bonus

Up to 25%

Social Media Pages
Fund Allocation
Token Distribution

Melior AI (MEL Tokens) Team

Martin Szyllo

CEO & Co-Founder

Melior’s CEO is a software architect and entrepreneur with over twenty years’ experience in building technology startups. After graduating from the American University of Paris, Martin built a tech resourcing company supplying his fellow Computer Science students to US and French companies. At the same time he started his engineering career with Data General, advising clients about fault tolerant/failover UNIX systems. In later years Martin built and sold a knowledge management company providing bespoke solutions to investment banks. He also co-ran a successful London based digital agency for over ten years. Martin is a gifted strategist who specialises in planning, compiling and executing complex digital solutions with a large amount of moving parts. He was a Software Architect and Development Manager at Digital Genius, a renowned Artificial Intelligence start-up, and, prior to founding Melior was CTO at Plutus. IT, a cryptocurrency FinTech start-up. There he built a team from scratch and architected and oversaw the design and delivery of a complex microservicebased, robust architecture implementing a payment platform, a mobile app and a cryptocurrency exchange. Martin is an experienced Entrepreneur, CTO, and Director with a demonstrated history of growing Fintech, Blockchain and AI startups. He has a track record of successful businesses and is highly skilled in building and running distributed/ remote agile teams and an accomplished architect of scalable, Dockerized microservice-oriented systems. Key Skills: Assembly and running of tech teams. Executing complex software projects within tight timelines and on budget. In-depth understanding of software architecture. Experience in running and scaling tech companies. Good grip of selling to corporate clients in key territories.

Jose Rodriguez

CTO & Co-Founder

During his degree in Computer Science at Barcelona’s Facultad d’Informatica, Jose worked in the Machine Learning and Computer Vision research lab at SerimagMedia, providing AI, Computer Vision and NLP tech solutions for document automation (information extraction, documentation classification, verification). Jose simultaneously completed a MSc in Computational Theory and another in Artificial Intelligence, which was sponsored by SerimagMedia. His academic research focused on delivering automatic document understanding and analysis focused on solutions for big banks and insurance companies. At a time when artificial neural networks were not yet mainstream, Jose led the transition from traditional computer vision systems towards more automatic and resilient AI technologies, combining novel Genetic and Evolutionary algorithms with what today is widely known as Neural Networks and multi-agent systems. Most recently Jose was the first Deep Learning engineer at Digital Genius (DG), a London based AI start-up. There he led the company’s transition from a rulebased product for customer service into a fully AI driven solution. Key Skills: Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Fuzzy Logic Systems, Fuzzy Inductive Reasoning, Multi-Agents Systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Statistical Analysis, Computational Geometry, Reinforcement Learning; Python, Java, MATLAB, ProLog; Mathematical risk analysis for software development projects. Papers & Patents: An Attention Mechanism for Neural Answer Selection Using a Combined Global and Local View Patents: ƒƒ Template generation for a conversational agent ƒƒ Message Text Labelling

Monique Duarte

COO & Co-Founder

While Monique has pursued degrees in both Journalism (in Brazil) and Law (in the UK), her passion lies with using technology to solve real problems. Monique has over ten years of experience in product development, managing crossfunctional teams both in-house and remotely. She has also successfully secured two rounds of professional investment for her previous start-up. As a Head of Product, Monique has overseen product development from concept to delivery and identified the market opportunity through user and market research and validated knowledge. Monique has vast experience in defining product vision, product requirements and KPIs. She adept in managing diverse groups of stakeholders with competing interests, and is able to manage expectations and make decisions for the product in relation to business goals. Prior to co-founding Melior, Monique was responsible for the digital archives collections for the Taylor & Francis Group. She has worked in the legal department at Nominet; founded an E-publishing platform; and worked at the tech think-tank Morango Media. Key Skills: Business Process Mapping; Requirement Analysis & Definition; Goal Oriented Product Roadmap; Product Backlog Management; Stakeholder Management; Conflict resolution; Cross-functional Team Management; Project Management; User Research; UX/UI; User Testing; Responsive Design

Chris Disspain


Chris was a corporate lawyer in the U.K. and Australia for over a decade, and has experience in all aspects of Corporate & Commercial Law. Following this he spent 16 years as the CEO of .AU Domain Name Administration Ltd – the independent governing body of the Australian Internet Domain Name Space (DNS). Chris is currently a board member at ICANN where he is Vice-Chair of the Board, Chair of the Accountability Mechanisms Committee and sits on the Executive, Finance and, Compensation committees. He has also been a member of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Internet Governance Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group.

Pablo Montenegro

Chatbot and e-commerce integrations

Pablo is a full stack developer with in-depth knowledge of enterprise chatbot solutions and e-commerce platforms such as Magento and Shopify.

Keerthi Thomas

Blockchain Specialist

Keerthi comes with a PhD in Software Engineering and specialises in modelling problems and requirements. He is responsible for design of on-chain and offchain services for cryptocurrencies. He teaches Blockchain Strategy at Oxford Business School.

Rafa Chica Oosterbaan

AI engineer / python dev

A full-stack developer with 6+ years experience in complex backend systems involving Machine Learning and Computer vision sub-systems. Rafa is production manager of Artificial Intelligent multi-agent systems for high throughput document analysis pipelines.

Flavius Stefan Nicu

AI engineer / python dev

Flavius is an Engineer with special focus on building production ready real-time computer vision AI systems. Lead software architect and developer of a realtime and cross-platform SDK for mobile devices to detect, classify documents and extract visual information, applying Computer Vision and Machine Learning solutions in embedded devices. He has worked in computer vision and pattern recognition server systems in collaboration with the CVC lab.

Alex Barashkov

Tech lead, architect, product manager

Alex is an experienced full-stack web developer, IT product and project manager, with eight years of experience leading all aspects of diverse projects from inception to release. With both strong frontend and backend skills along with previous expertise as a hands-on UX architect, he believes that every problem can be solved with hard work, discipline, and solid planning.

Dima Semenovskiy

Full-stack developer

A full stack developer with 8 years of experience in building complex applications, Dima previously worked at IBM and another startup which specialised in cryptocurrency. Dima comes with excellent skills and expertise in developing both frontend and backend systems, being fluent in modern web frameworks and has a passion to build pixel perfect and user-friendly web apps.

Alexandr Promakh

Full-stack developer

Vladimir Shkodin


Vladimir is a Systems Development (Infrastructure) Analyst who endeavours to bring the experience that he had as clusters infrastructure administrator for cloud computing services to Devops world. He has acquired a wealth of experience from participating in various interesting projects built on the top of technologies like virtualisation and container which are the base of private and public clouds. He also has a wide knowledge about Linux OS, Networks and Firewalls.

Kemal Smaylov

Full-stack developer

Kemal is a skilled frontend developer with a high level of proficiency in the web technologies. Kemal has ability to create flexible architect solutions and has experience in large and high-load projects. He is an expert in understanding and vision of client-oriented UI. He also created microservices for the top exchanges of cryptocurrency for private channels.

Roman Suleymanov

QA Engineer

Roman is an experienced Quality Assurance Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology industry. Skilled in Bug Tracking, Test Automation, Product Requirements, and TestPlanning.

Vlad Kamelsky


An experienced UI/UX expert, Vlad is enthusiastic about boosting revenue for companies that have excellent products and services. He has used proven design strategies to build over 15 products for top tier digital businesses.

Chika Okereke

Business Advisor

Prior to founding Tenbrook, a firm focused on Emerging Market Investments, Chika was co-head of Fortress Investment’s Emerging Markets business. He also worked at Bank of America and in the Mergers and Acquisitions department at Goldman Sachs. He has served on creditor steering committees for various issuers as well as on the Advisory Board of an Emerging Markets focused Carbon Credit Opportunities Fund, and has also been an Advisory Member of the City Tech, City University of New York‘s Business Faculty since 2010. Chika graduated from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine with an Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering and received an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Shafiq Rayhan Joty

Technical & AI Advisor

Shafiq has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia and is an expert in Natural Language Processing (discourse processing, question answering, machine translation and sentiment analysis). He also specialises in Machine Learning techniques (probabilistic graphical models, deep learning, reinforcement learning and representation learning).

Mike Silber

Business Advisor

Mike is Group Regulatory Head of a pan-African telecommunications provider and General Counsel of their South African subsidiary and a director of their Congolese subsidiary. He has extensive experience working across sub-Saharan Africa. Mike is a South African qualified lawyer with extensive experience of working with information and communication technologies. Prior to taking an in-house position, Mike was recognised as a leading South African Internet and e-commerce lawyer and as one of the leading Technology, Media and Telecommunications lawyers in South Africa. Mike serves on the boards of a number of not-for-profit corporations, including the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and a number of local and regional Internet and connectivity-related industry associations, including the South African Communications Forum, the FTTX Council Africa, and the ISP Association.

Chioma Okereke

Communications Advisor

Chioma is a Communications Specialist with more than fifteen years of experience writing marketing materials for a wide range of customers including start-ups and global organisations. Chioma completed a Law with French Law degree at UCL before moving into the media sector. She has worked for many renowned brands including British Airways, Framestore, the BBC, The Walt Disney Company, Comic Relief, and Twentieth Century Fox.

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