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LivePod (LVPD)

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What is LivePod? LivePod is a Blockchain-based end-to-end encrypted creative content live chat and video broadcasting platform. LivePod is built on a decentralized (P2P) lean video transmission technology, running without expensive infrastructure. What is the problem LivePod will solve? While the number of video content providers is exponentially growing, monetization opportunities for them are …


What is LivePod?
LivePod is a Blockchain-based end-to-end encrypted creative content live chat and video broadcasting platform. LivePod is built on a decentralized (P2P) lean video transmission technology, running without expensive infrastructure.

What is the problem LivePod will solve?
While the number of video content providers is exponentially growing, monetization opportunities for them are emerging only very slowly. Typically, incumbent infrastructure providers will charge content providers up to a hefty 50% or more of their income. This naturally undermines motivation. Creative content providers are all looking for alternative ways to make money from their talents and businesses. The privacy scandals swirling around big media companies like Facebook remind us about the vitally important matters of security and privacy.

An innovative, flexible, inexpensive and secure technology is needed to better serve content providers to enable them to monetize their talent safely. This is LivePod.

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LivePod Overview

Symbol LVPD
Platform Ethereum
Category Media
Price 1 ETH = 250 LVPD
Total Supply 300,000,000 LVPD
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LivePod Additional Info

Elevator Pitch

LivePod is a video distribution platform that provides services to you at a much lower cost.

Advantages of Participating in the ICO
  • LivePod is a fully encrypted creative content monetization platform with Pay-Per- View. An embeddable one-stop shop service at a fraction of the price users currently pay. Privacy focused without profiling its users. LivePod is an “infrastructure” to run creative content services without collecting data on users.
  • Mass live stream video content at lower costs. Complete security and privacy. Embeddable platform. Unique features to users. Easy-to-use interface and a fair deal (pay-per-view) for everyone. 25% of our revenues goes to Capacity Donors for a fast network. Proof of Stake for LVPD ICO Token holders. Blockchain for transparency and trust. Extremely low overhead for business viability
Pre-Sale Bonus

We will hold a private sale round, after that we will offer the same significant discounts for the ICO community in the early stages of the crowdsale. And as the token sale comes nearer to the hard cap, we will decrease the discount rate. See the chart below for details. Please check Whitepaper:

Countries of Origin


Restricted Countries

China, North Korea, Singapore, United States, Vietnam



Soft Cap


Hard Cap


% Available for Sale


Accepted Coins for Payment


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LivePod Team


CEO, Founder

Has 15+ years of management experience in IT. With an additional 10 years devoted to other areas, such as marketing, public administration, and social affairs, where he has always realized projects within a team. He brings his systemic way of thinking, along with his complex problem-solving abilities, and synthesizing mind thinking into the startup.


CFO, Founder and Angel

He has 30+ years of experience in leadership. He has been involved in several companies as a business angel over the last decade, and has numerous successful exits in his career in a several industries. He has broad experience in various industrial segments; from early adoption of technical innovations to research and development projects.

Péter BAJCSI, Dr

COO, Co-Founder

He holds degrees in business administration and law. He has been an active international lawyer for the past 15 years. As a lawyer, he specializes in multinational transactions and complex IP-related development projects. Until an investor buy-out in 2017, he was the Chief Operating Officer of ZerLux, a startup that developed high-powered laser tools and services for the oil industry. Dr Bajcsi successfully navigated the inventors and the SPV to multi-million dollar R&D grants, and also to the point of a multi-million dollar investment by an industrial investor. As COO he was responsible for compliance, business development and intellectual property.


Malta Director

Born in Malta and raised in Australia, singer/songwriter Lino, known as ‘Ozzy Lino’, has had a vibrant career. Beside his artistic activities, he manages a technology company. Since 2013, he has been the CEO of Laser Engineering & Development Ltd. Currently sings with various big bands such as the Versatile Brass, DCapitals Band and the Brass House Unit. He is one of the few Exclusive Artists with Tunin Entertainment Malta.


Chief Research Officer and Co-Founder

A programmer and system organizer with more than 30 years of experience, focusing on the introduction and development of new technologies. Initially, he focused on applied graphics (eg DTP, CAD), then digital printing, lately on intranet solutions. He started his career at Videoton’s development department, and at Novotrade PLC. For the last 6 years he has advised several startups. He is a member of the Hungarian Association of Mensa International.


Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder

A productivity and business process reengineering specialist. Ferenc’s company (M&MO Ltd.) have saved more than 20 billion HUF (~70M USD) over the last decade for its clients.


Chief Technical Officer:

On the spectrum of computer scientist to mechanical and software engineer, Peter is everywhere. Professional experience of 10+ years in delivering software products has left him with an extensive toolkit and an in-depth knowledge, based on strong math foundations. Peter is also an avid fan of the Japanese game ‘Go’ and has expertise in Machine Learning. In 2013 he introduced neural networks into Seattle-based Whitepages‘ flagship product ‘Identity Score’, and he manages an AI learning hub in Budapest. He is persistent to the end, and is an advocate of teamwork.


Full stack developer and WebRTC specialist

He started his career in 2007 at local TV channels and news portals, where he gained experience in live broadcasting. While he studied Computer Science at the University of Szeged, he started to work at Binga Agency where he became the Lead Developer in 2013. He later joined LogMeIn to build the company’s brand new media platform, which was designed to work on every mobile and desktop platform natively, and also in web browsers. He has in depth experience in the WebRTC world.

Peter BOCZ

Co-founder, web developer, IT-administrator

He has 20+ years of experience in developing and running web services, both on the server and the front-end sides. He is enthusiastic about open source products and solutions. He has been exposed to team-leadership requirements and to freelance business models, too, in multinational environments. His personal interest covers Internet security, privacy and individual freedom.

Balazs KACSO

Co-Founder and System Specialist

He has been working in software system design and development for 10 years, mainly in the financial sector. His strengths are structured thinking and scenerio analysis.

Lina G. NAGY

Co-Founder, Senior Marketing Advisor

A social media manager and content creator specialist. Lina is a co- founder of segITech, an online social media planning company founded in 2011. She gained vast experience in public relations during her work for the President of the Republic of Hungary.


Senior Marketing Advisor:

A senior marketing communication and PR consultant with decades of experience. Zsuzsa has gained exposure in a host of markets – such as pharmaceuticals, taxation, architecture, textiles, public administration and environmental protection She has used the classic and the newest communication tools in campaigns, such as printed and online media, television, radio, film, animation, online AV-based, SEO, marketing, and social media.


Head of Office

Has 20+ years experience as an accountant. She takes care of LivePod’s mundane duties and keeps everything in order.

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