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Concierge is a Travel Booking Marketplace with 0% commission fees using the NEO Blockchain. Vendors and consumers can connect directly. We will accept fiat and crypto as payment for bookings. CGE is the utility token for the platform.


Concierge is a Travel Booking Marketplace with 0% commission fees using the NEO Blockchain. Vendors and consumers can connect directly. We will accept fiat and crypto as payment for bookings. CGE is the utility token for the platform.

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Symbol CGE
Platform Other
Category Tourism
Price 1 CGE = USD$0.35
Total Supply 100 Million
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CGE Team

Adam Christopher Chaplin


Adam is a serial entrepreneur and leader with a passion for innovative travel technology and social causes. Educated and tested in the hardest real-time environment on this planet, 10 years as a Royal Marine Commando with X company 45 Commando; his drive and indefatigable, never give up, attitude makes him a born leader. Since leaving his home country Wales, 25 years ago, he has spent most of his time in Bali, Indonesia as well as Thailand. Since 12 years, Adam lives full time in Vietnam, with his Vietnamese wife and children, where he operates his tour and travel companies. Next to that he donates much of his time and expertise to local companies, which resulted in endorsements up to the highest ranks in the Vietnamese society. Being an expert, Adams cryptocurrency lectures can pull up to 3,000 people, showing Vietnams enthusiastic dedication to this technology. Simultaneously, over the last three decennia, Adam built up a travel services network stretching from Vietnam North to South, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Singapore to Australia where he found strategic partnerships with major hospitality giants, he is convinced that the future for the travel industry lies here in Asia: “The tiger is not merely waking up it is roaring” The logical next step was to take the best of both worlds, combine them and create and is destined to succeed because besides serving a worthy purpose and philosophy as well it is simply a flaming hot business idea. for sure is a master move and a result of handpicking and positioning the right people with the right attitude and drive, combining travel with ’state of the art’ tech, these are Adam’s accomplishments, having probably 80 percent of the very highest rated Vietnamese developers to come on board and next to that a wealth of well-skilled and enthusiastic university leavers eager to contribute. In Vietnam people like to freely exchange knowledge and ideas like no other place on earth. Adam got them all together and giving their time ++, energy++ and expertise++, they join in Adam’s: ”united we stand, divided we fall”, a mantra that he lives by. Always joking with a rock steady enjoy life attitude that brings companies to the top with a bottle of champagne to share! has been built up from the start with a smile and a mission; to bring power back to the people. Understanding the true meaning of those words more than most, he is a people person and very much is the glue for the team.

Steven Hipwell


Steve is a serial entrepreneur and a marketing professional, he quickly understood that getting educated in business happens in the field and left his home country Wales at the age of 17. Steve has spent more than half of his life travelling abroad living in Spain for 4 years, Indonesia for 3 years, Thailand for 10 years and Vietnam for 4 years. He has founded and directed multiple holidays property sales businesses from the ground up generating many millions of dollars in sales. Steve has been involved in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since the early days with an impressive portfolio. This led him to become involved in numerous marketing and development roles with the start-up coins. His experience and understanding of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency space is hard to match. On an earlier return to the UK Steve set-up a successful online lead generation business. After meeting his Vietnamese wife which meant a return to South East Asia was just a matter of time. Once again being head hunted and becoming a key Sales and Marketing Director and Advisor for a now multi-million dollar travel and cruise operator namely Viland Travel and Oasis Bay Cruises in Vietnam. Proven skills in marketing, digital marketing, web development and extensive experience in the travel sector led him to and the decentralized travel application for which Steve has already lined up angel investors, over 1000 soon to be participating hotels, resorts and other travel providers and a huge clientele ready to use the decentralised platform. He is Chief Marketing Officer on the project.

Paul Spallini


Paul has over 30 years experience working with new, emerging and existing technologies. He has a passion for technology and a natural ability to innovate, developing new and existing systems to enhance and support the expansion of startups and fast-growing businesses. He is an experienced and versatile CTO with sales skills and a proven record of success within highly competitive, leading edge, financial, B2B/B2C & commercial market sectors. He is results orientated and profit-focused with a wealth of experience in designing, developing and implementing systems & networks. Strong leadership, strategic marketing, and technical development experience are just some of the assets he brings to the Concierge team.

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