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Blockchain.io (BCIO) is a project of Paymium.com, one of the oldest bitcoin exchanges in the world, founded in 2011 and hack-free since the beginning of operations in 2013. Ultra-secure and profitable, Paymium is registered with the French regulation authority ACPR and accounting is certified by external auditors. Based on its …


Blockchain.io (BCIO) is a project of Paymium.com, one of the oldest bitcoin exchanges in the world, founded in 2011 and hack-free since the beginning of operations in 2013. Ultra-secure and profitable, Paymium is registered with the French regulation authority ACPR and accounting is certified by external auditors.

Based on its record and experienced team, Paymium is launching a new crypto-exchange: Blockchain.io. This platform will be fully dedicated to crypto-trading while Paymium will remain the privileged hub for fiat currencies. Paymium customers (currently at 170,000 + accounts) will automatically have a blockchain.io account and will obtain incentives for their loyalty.

Our new platform will offer:

  • For users: centralized orderbooks (maximum liquidity) and decentralized settlement (even more security), advanced trading orders with Maker & Taker fees at 0.1% with additional discounts, market-making and peer-to-peer lending
  • For entrepreneurs & institutions: ICO planning & execution services (thanks to an extensive network of bankers, lawyers, marketers, technologists, etc) up to the Blockchain.io exchange listing and guaranteed liquidity for BCIO tokens.

What sets us apart is a concentrated effort in Europe, where the crypto market is largely still in its infancy and which as of today lacks a transparent and regulated crypto-exchange with a proprietary token enabling institutions to launch their ICOs. Our proprietary token will allow us to offer incentives to bootstrap the liquidity of the trading platform.

Xavier Niel’s fund Kima Ventures is advising the project and is a long-time investor with Paymium. Jean-Pascal Beaufret, Goldman Sachs advisor and former GM of the French tax administration, is also on board.

Open to US Accredited Investors (the project is registered with the SEC). Submitted to AMF (French SEC equivalent) to ensure regulatory compliance.

For more information about our token sale, visit our website : https://blockchain.io!

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BCIO Review

BCIO Overview

Symbol BCIO
Platform Ethereum
Category Trading & Investing
Price 1 BCIO = 0,7€
Total Supply 100000000 BCIO
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BCIO Additional Info

Elevator Pitch

Blockchain.io is a comprehensive ecosystem for secure and efficient access to the Internet of Value

Advantages of Participating in the ICO
  • Combine a centralized exchange with decentralized settlement
  • Offer liquidity services to assist ICO campaigns and ICO listings
  • Offer incentives to bootstrap the liquidity of the trading platform
  • Offer a safe and efficient exchange : ultra secure and non custodial, fully compliant and transparent, reliable infrastructure
Pre-Sale Bonus

Public bonus will be 25% on the first day of the sale.

Affiliate Program


Affiliate Commission

It will be released later

Social Media Pages
Fund Allocation
Token Distribution


Pierre Noizat

Founder & CEO

Pierre is the CEO of Paymium, one of the first bitcoin exchanges worldwide. Pierre started working on cryptography applied to digital television services long before bitcoin appeared. He is now a recognized expert in the cryptocurrency industry. He has authored numerous books and articles about Bitcoin such as Bitcoin, Mode d’Emploi, and the Blockchain and is a much sought-after speaker at major conferences on the subject, such as the Bitcoin Conference and PayForum. Pierre holds an MSc from Ecole Polytechnique, France’s leading Engineering School, and a MBA Degree from Columbia University in New York.

Dominique Rodrigues


A highly skilled research engineer with more than 15 years of experience as a part of the French Atomic Energy commission, Dominique is a system- oriented entrepreneur who has co- founded two startups. He is an expert in cloud computing and holds two patents in distributed cloud computing and in security. Dominique is a graduate of Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan and holds a PhD in numerical simulation & high performance parallel computing from the École Centrale of Paris.

Pierre Tavernier


Pierre is a strategic planner with both consulting and entrepreneurial experience in the financial sector. Over the past 10 years, Pierre has worked in seven countries on the four continents of Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. Pierre holds a Master in Management in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets from EDHEC Business School.

Laetitia Zito


Laetitia is a cool-headed, no-nonsense CFO with more than 10 years of experience in finance management and control. She has worked in Canada, US, and France; and is an expert in international business management. Laetitia holds a Master in Financial Management & Controlling from ESSEC Business School.

Pierre Michard

Lead Developer

Pierre holds engineering degrees in both industrial computer science, electronics and telecommunication. He has worked for Schneider Electric, Parrot, and has international background in Italy and France. He recently developed an open source trading robot.

Anthony Grouselle

Full-stack developer

Anthony is a Web & mobile developer with 10 years of experience in the US, the UK and France. His skills include algorithm development in fields such as trading and semantic analysis.

Samuel Bezerra

Mobile developer and Product owner

Samuel recently won the Microsoft Prize for best mobile application in the education field at FuturEdu hackathon in Paris. He has studied and worked in France, Ireland, and Brazil.

Guillaume Berche

Marketing & Business developer

Guillaume is a growth hacker and early- days bitcoin enthusiast. He holds a master’s degree in information systems management from IESEG.

Julien Lee Kien On

Marketing & Business developer

Julien is a digital business developer with 9 years of experience in strategic marketing and digital strategy. He has worked in various industries including telecom, media, luxury, consumer electronics, and digital technology.

Emmanuel Vaillant

Dev Ops

Anne Bezet

Communication Manager

Victor Labrusse

Marketing Manager

Romain Villa

Client Support Manager

Audric Delcourt

Account Manager

Gary Benezat

Product Owner

BCIO Ratings & Reviews

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5 5 1
As it is created by Paymium with a strong team /advisors and technology, this project is a must see. We are able to buy BTC on Paymium and to trade them with blockchain.io directly (with free transfers). This decentralized exchange has a lots of potential with low fees and ICO audit.
5 5 1
I am excited about BCIO Exchange, since it is the new generation of cryptocurrency exchange that combines centralized order book to obtain user-friendly exchange with decentralized settlement services using new advanced cryptographic technology. I recommend you to contribute in this project through ICO of BCIO token as utility to benefit users for discounted trading fee and voting participation.
5 5 1
Wow! This is a very unique project. I believe Blockchain.io will be best crypto exchange soon after launch. A decentralized exchanged with low fees and ICO audit? I\'m in! I like the fact that we will be able to buy BTC on paymium and trade with on blockchain. And with a solid team like this, this project will be successful.
5 5 1
The synergy of the fortified paymium and the team behind blockchain.io makes this upcoming exchange a must use for all and sundry. Moreso, the blend of decentralized settlements and the adoption of centalized style of subsisting exchanges makes blockchain.io exceptionally different. Think #BCIO!
5 5 1
I really love and believe in Blockchain.io The team and advisory group that make up block chain.io are leaders in their field and their products stands out.
5 5 1
Currently one of the best ICOs to invest to. With Paymium\'s extensive & excellent experience in the crypto exchange industry, Blockchain.io will surely be one of best in terms of services, security and reliability.
5 5 1
This is a great and promising project to be part of. Looking at the dev team, they\'re made up of well experienced & trusted guys especially in the blockchain industry, they\'re real with a good strategy to make every Investors make good profit either in the long/short term. This is one of its kind I can say, it\'s a project that is well backed up by a reputable and profitable organizations so I can say it\'s reliable with a well stated plan and goals set to make all investors smile.
5 5 1
I believe this a promising project as the the Blockchain.io is exchange platform that offers the holders of BCIO token with discounts on exchange fees. On the term of security there is no need to worry because the experts of blockchain.io have experienced from Paymium which first bitcoin exchanges in the world .Paymium will act as a fiat gateway with very less transaction fees. Blockchain.io is actually safer and reliable as it provides high security to the users and the options to trade and also users can borrow funds from other platforms. The paltform looks forward to become number one cryptocurrency exchange in Europe by gaining the trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.
5 5 1
BCIO tokens will be used to incentivize Blockchain.io platform use and reward external developers as well as existing Paymium.com users and early blockchain.io adopters and supporters. The time to opt-in is upon us, and the sooner users adopt tokens and engage the exchange the better. BCIO is looking forward to building the Internet of Value together with all of us! It strives to overcome the shortcomings of rival crypto exchanges that have repeatedly caused severe losses for issuers and token holders. To achieve this, the BCIO team relies on its advanced knowledge of cryptographic technology, its operational in-depth understanding of the crypto world, and a strong company culture committed to security and compliance. With all of these factors, it will be very exciting to see how blockchain.io will progress with its \"centralised exchange with decentralised settlements\" and \"Europe\'s leading cryptocurrency exchange by 2020\" notion. All the best BCIO team.
5 5 1
Blockchain.io is creating a scale-able cryptocurrency exchange that is developed to take crypto mainstream. It bring together the finest features from a centralized and a decentralized exchanges. I am very positive on the project because of the proven security and technological record of the team on Paymium\'s Project.
5 5 1
For skeptics, you may be wondering why Blockchain.io is better than the rest. It’s a no-brainer. You get a future-forward solution of connecting Fiat-Crypto through leveraging Paymium\'s exchange! If you are well versed with the happenings in the cryptocurrency world, you’d know this collaboration is the bomb. Considering the reduced fees, fiat-options, liquid and trusted crypto pairs, decentralization option, lending order books, margin trading, and ICO-incubation/liquidity services. I could go on and on. Blockchain.io is fully compliant with AMF laws and is SEC regulated. You just have to hop on this train. Don’t be left out!
5 5 1
Blockchain.io is a great project in partnership with Paymium which is known for its security and technological record with experienced team backing it up. Blockchain.io will be worth the hype and become one of the best crypto exchange in our time due to lots of features it entails.
5 5 1
Huge project, i think this one will be the best European exchange.
5 5 1
The project looks promising. They are solving the major issues of cryptocurrency exchange which are the security issue, compliant for mass adoption & reliability. With the experience team from Paymium as the first bitcoin exchange in Europe, I believe they can deliver what they promises. Looking forward for the platform launch!
5 5 1
blockchain.iothey have mission to grow a value of internet, with some gateway named blockchain.ioAnd they have decentralized exchanger which link invidual trader and investor with fully secured technology.Token and ico Listing very interisting program, a big value in future
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