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BCB ATM, now the UK’s largest provider of Bitcoin ATMs, is bringing digital currencies to the local high street, making Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies accessible to people of all backgrounds. BCB ATM plans to take advantage of the phenomenal growth of digital currency by installing and operating over 3,000 machines …


BCB ATM, now the UK’s largest provider of Bitcoin ATMs, is bringing digital currencies to the local high street, making Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies accessible to people of all backgrounds.

BCB ATM plans to take advantage of the phenomenal growth of digital currency by installing and operating over 3,000 machines across the UK and Europe, as well as develop the most secure multi-currency, multi-crypto mobile app, using its own proprietary blockchain technology, so that by 2023 all financial activities can be done even more securely, instantly and on the move.

BCB ATM plans to take advantage of the phenomenal growth of digital currency by installing and operating over 3,000 machines across the UK and Europe, as well as develop the most secure multi-currency, multi-crypto mobile app, using its own proprietary blockchain technology, so that by 2023 all financial activities can be done even more securely, instantly and on the move.


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BCB Overview

Symbol BCB
Platform Ethereum
Category Finance
Price 1 BCB = 0.30 USD
Total Supply 120000000
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BCB Additional Info

Elevator Pitch

With our ATMs people will be able to undertake transactions, across borders within seconds.

Advantages of Participating in the ICO
  • 1. Very hyped Bitcoin ATM (New ATM Design) 2. Arbitrage app 3. BCB wallet 4.Ascend blockchain 5.E-money license
Pre-Sale Bonus

0.30 USD for Presale

Affiliate Program


Affiliate Commission


Countries of Origin

United Kingdom



Soft Cap

5000000 USD

Hard Cap

30000000 USD

% Available for Sale


Accepted Coins for Payment


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BCB Team

Landry Ntahe

Founder & CEO

Landry began his journey in business at the early age of 13 selling confectionery and beverages in secondary school. As he grew so did his passion for business, he graduated to selling Scooters and motors cycles on eBay by the age of 16. Landry and Ryan Andallo – now COO at BCB, joined forces and embarked in an ambitious yet successful co-venture involving importing textiles and electronics from around the world and retailing them to UK consumers via online platforms Realising his passion was in the finance industry Landry began an Accounting and Booking course at Kaplan Financial the award-winning accountancy, tax and financial training provider. He gained key skills which would encouragement expansion for his business including; collating, preparing and interpreting reports, budgets, accounts, and financial statements. And at the age 17 and still studying towards his accountancy qualification Landry grew his business and began to sell cars as well as motorcycles. In 2008 Landry began his expedition to becoming a qualified accountant at London Metropolitan University enrolling on an Accounting and Finance - BA (Hons) course. The core modules of the course satisfy many of the requirements of the (ICAEW), the (CIPFA), the (AIA) as well as (IFA) and (CIMA). Utilising the time and resources he gained practical lifelong skills in business and accounting. He voyaged in to a path seeking further accreditation where he accrued merits in business management, people management and psychology demonstrating visionary leadership with the ability to clearly define a strong value proposition to any thing he sets his mind to. In 2015 Landry founded BCB ATM now the UK’s largest Bitcoin ATM network. As Chief executive officer the position of the most senior corporate officer and his proven track record of leading organisations of comparable complexity Landry is accountable for the company’s overall operations and performance and is held solely responsible for BCB’s success or failure. Landry provides leadership to a team of professionals responsible for building and maintaining effective working relationships amongst its nationwide network, community partners but also is also building consensus between diverse partners and developing strategic relationships for BCB’s

Ryan Andallo

Chief Operating Officer

A graduate in BSc (Hons) Computer Science and a professional member of The British Computer Society (BCS); a learned society that represents those working in Information Technology. His technical intelligence, gathering operations, use of well-established, cutting edge and bespoke technologies to meet complex challenges in a digital age. Ryan has played an integral role in collecting and analysing intelligence from a wide range of digital sources. Ryan’s insight has allowed him to oversee and manage regulatory compliance issues within the organisation and has a key role as we operate within the financial and digital services industry. Since onboarding has Ryan has vigorously explored ground-breaking approaches to ensure BCB ATM is conducting its business in full compliance with all national laws and regulations that pertain to the crypto industry, as well as professional standards, accepted business practices, and internal standards. By undertaking certified training in data protection, anti-money laundering and financial crime, Ryan has applied strict guidelines under the data protection principles and has lead enterprise compliance efforts by designing and implementing internal controls, policies and procedures to assure compliance with applicable local, regulations and third-party guidelines; managing audits and investigations into regulatory and compliance issues; and responding to requests for information from regulatory bodies. Though anti-money- laundering laws cover a relatively limited number of transactions and criminal behaviours, their implications are far-reaching. Trained in Anti money laundering and financial crimes Ryan has assisted the Organised Crime Specialist Crime & Operations Unit, National Cyber Crime Unit and The Flying Squad to prevent the practice of generating income through illegal

Shinelle Ferdinand

Office Manager

Shinelle joined The BCB Team in 2017. She has over 16 years of experience in mid to large-size corporations providing strategic support to leadership in major corporations. Her experience includes talent acquisition and talent management, training, career development and employee relations. She has experience in various industries including professional services, healthcare, telecom, IFA, biotech and manufacturing. Shinelle started her career in corpocracy in 2002 with an Apprenticeship in Administration and she has not looked back since. Prior to joining BCB, Shinelle supported fast growth companies with her wealth of experience working at Corporate Partner level. Shinelle’s most recent positions at Associated British Foods plc involved giving support to the 4 heads of functions, Head of Tax, Treasury, Insurance and external affairs, writing reports for senior management and deliver presentations as well as attending conferences and training. Shinelle utilises her great use a range of office software, including email, spreadsheets and databases, to ensure the efficient running of the office, manage online and paper filing systems. She has developed and implemented new administrative systems, such as record management, record office expenditure and manage the budget. She has improved the work space by maintaining the condition of the office and arrange for necessary repairs, organised and chaired meetings with staff. She is accountable, along with HR of overseeing the recruitment of new staff, sometimes including training and induction to ensure adequate staff levels to cover for absences and peaks in workload, often by using temping agencies. She has worked closely with HR to carry out staff appraisals, manage performance and discipline staff, delegate work to staff and manage their workload and output. Ultimately, as Office manager she has ensured the smooth running of the office and helped to improve company procedures and day-to- day operation.

Sergeev Dmitry


Dmitry, programmer and CEO, DevLab LLC. Dmitry graduated from Radiotechnical Institute with the qualification “engineer-programmer” and now has 9 years of experience. Participated in projects of various difficulty: from developing small corporate websites to planning and implementation of high-load services and usage if microservice architecture. Programming experience Go, Lua, JavaScript, Ruby. Favorite programming language — C++. Dmitry started his professional career in the 2nd year of study. After getting familiar with backend and frontend technologies he moved to Saint-Petersburg to get a job as a backend developer which was a valuable experience with a strong team of developers. Dmitry in his daily practice has learned about such things like in-memory database, websockets and high-load project structure, iBeacon & Eddystone. He also participated in writing algorithm prototype for Happn dating app. Later on Dmitry worked in outsource company ProArise as a CTO. Dmitry took part in such projects as: stylecaster, gymgo, Errand, Myplanner, PayForSPB. Around the end of 2015 Dmitry found out about Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Using the knowledge of cryptography and elliptical curves, which he had gained in the Institute, Dmitry creates litecoin fan clone — FlyCoin in C++. With time he gets the idea to gather up his supporters and found his own company DevLab which would focus on decentralized apps, cryptography and blockchain. Dmitry and his team work on creating blockchains, which are based on proof-of-stake consensus, developing smart contacts based on Ethereum, conducting safety audit of high-load projects. In his free time Dmitry is occupied by writing a small book — “Cryptography for lamers”, which will be useful to beginner developers, who are tired of making same type of online shops and useless service aggregators.

Joelle Daley-Peart

HR Manager

She has over 7 years of human resources experience. Joelle has extensive generalist experience working at both large and small firms and is also proficient in creating and implementing productivity-inducing practices through the application of humanresource information systems. Her employment history includes positions such as Store Trainer within HR department at J Sainsburys, the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. In this role she was responsible for supporting the HR Manager with the planning and delivery of workshops. Organising reviews & targets, delivering precise administration of training using Oracle for local and central workshops and maintaining paper-based training records. Human Resources Assistant at Levenes Solicitors, during here time she lead in Employee Relations for 150 colleagues within 3 offices in the UK and confidently applying Employment Law when necessary. She also spent some time at The Imperial College Hospital Trust as Senior Employee Relations Advisor. Joelle’s role at BCB will be to evaluate and implement a company-wide webbased performance review system, develop and deliver training to managers and staff. She will also be tasked with managing a number of programs, including salary administration, health, life, and retirement and stock benefit plans.

Minakov Yurii

Backend Developer

Yuri, backend developer, his favorite language is Rust. Yuri graduate from Institute at the age of 21. 6 years of programming with PHP, Python, ES (Javascript). Participated in projects of all difficulty levels from startups for 3 people/half a year, to business apps for 50 people/2 years. He is into programming since school. In the 9th grade he wrote his first game on Quick Basic. In 10-th grade created a portal-forum on the game Heroe 3. Partaken in school Olympics in mathematics and programming. Since his 3rd year in Institute he already began to work in startup — service for automatic time calculation of food delivery in Moscow and Moscow region. First programming language Yuri started with was Python. Worked at Mobile First company, developed his own logging system which is still being used by his colleagues. After discovering Erlang Yuri saw all the advantages of this language and began to use it as much as possible including his own projects. Yuri’s characteric is total disbelief in centralized services, this is exactly why he uses only his own smtp-server and mailparser. Thanks to these negative feelings towards centralization of the most resources and services made Yuri look closer at Blockchain technology. After a deep research Yuri saw that Blockchain is more than cryptocurrency and started to look for a team of developers who would share his opinion for cooperative research and development of projects that have real meaning. In his free time Yuri does audit of Web apps absolutely for free. As he says: “To be the best in any technology means to know all (almost all) its vulnerabilities”.

Glushenko Artem

Blockchain Developer

Artyom, programmer with 8 years of experience. Never worked on Windows — “Linux only”. His “best friends” are GoLang and Tatantool. Artyom has graduated from The Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He is a true Agile adept. Thanks to his father, mastered Borland C++ by the end of 11-th grade of school. Wrote his own download manager on his 2-nd year of Institute. After the Institute he worked in NII of communication by his specialty. In his spare time he taught people and helped his friends to learn the basics of programming, and specifically C++. Perhaps due to this experience Artyom can easily lead a team of developers, at the same time writing an enormous amount of code lines. Artyom is a real leader! As he joined his first company, he instantly introduced the concept of “meetings”, when every Thursday all the co-workers talk about new technologies and share the knowledge about trick features in related areas. Artyom was one of the first people who learned about Docker and Bitcoin. Constant discussions with colleagues (in a good way) about new “digital gold” inspired new thoughts and ideas. In 2015 along with 2 colleagues, he was developing a vote system on blockchain, but the problem of personal identification gradually destroyed the dream. But Artyom didn’t get upset, because during that time he got thev unique experience of development with distributed databases. In his spare time he reflects on scaling and a “perfect” blockchain on which an infrastructure of a whole country could be built.

Tkachev Avdei

Frontend Developer

Avdey, frontend developer. Avdey is an ardent supporter of the React + Redux coupling, although now he’s excited about VueJS. 6 years of experience of commercial projects development with an emphasis in B2B. Avdey is watching NodeJS closely, especially during the latest events (coming out of NodeJS + NPMv6 version). He can endlessly speak about N-API, OpenSSL and ReadStream. Since school Avdey dreamt about becoming an economist and even studied it for a year at University. But as he was getting to know HTML and CSS better he began to realize his first choice was not the right rit. After that he changed his specialty to programmer and has never looked back since. He has a talent for mathematical analysis and higher mathematics which is very helpful not only to him but to his colleagues as well. To explain quickly and clearly the meaning of Algebraically closed field or Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture — that is not something anyone can do. For 2 years Avdey participated in development of CRM system of registration of events in Saint-Petersburg (analogy of timepad). He used a self-written library on canvas for rendering cause he wanted to figure everything out by himself from the scratch. “There is no way to just write npm install without knowing what code is inside” — he always says. During his 6 years of experience Avdey has worked with AngularJs, EmberJS, Vue Backbone, React, Polymer. But after all React is still his one of the most preferable frameworks.

Rumyancev Artem

C/C++ Developer

Artyom — C++ programmer. His speciality are low level and high level protocols. Artyom knows assembler extremely well which is very helpful to his colleagues. Sometimes in order to achieve high productivity of a program he must write his own low level plug-ins and modules. Artyom is efficient and very capable with these tasks. Back in school Artyom was into chess which allowed him to become a class B player. His passion for chess has gradually grown into mastering programming languages. His first language was Delphi. After he had written his first calculator, Artyom didn’t stop and decided to write a chess program which he would not be able to beat. As he was doing a great job with other developers, Artyom was allowed to join chessstrategyonline there he was able to open up his potential and get experience in programming. Subsequently he was doing a researches on Internet anonymity, operating systems, computer safety and English language. Artyom is permanently bettering his cryptography knowledge. Almost every week one can hear from him something about knew algorithms which most people never heard of before (for instance ant colony optimization, Dijkstra’s algorithm and Floyd-Warshall algorithm). He’s very skeptical about Web interfaces and thinks that “command line is the best invention of humanity”. In his spare time Artyom learns cryptography and visits thematic conferences.

Rojkov Bogdan

C/C++ Developer

He graduated from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics with the qualification “applied mathematics”. He started as a common developer in a company which automates retail services. He has been the author of a series of articles “My love = C++” in these articles Bogdan describes all the nuances and areas of C++ usage in modern development (not only in Web) Bogdan participated in such prominent Russian projects as SPSR-Express and DPD. Specifically he was working on logistic systems and recognition of geopositioning in real time. Next Bogdan’s job was outside of Russia, specifically in German startup ezpay. The idea of that project was to create a better version of PayPal, but for B2B sector. Unfortunately the project was not finished due to lack of funding, but experience that Bogdan extracted from it was priceless. During his work on ezpay Bogdan discovered all the subtleties of administering such databases as PostgreSQL and mariaDB. In financial sector any procrastination equals death, because not only user’s photos and videos are threatened but the users funds. Therefore work experience in financial sector helped Bogdan to acquire more scrupulous and detailed approach to high-speed parts of a project, whether it be a data output in JSON format by API or selection of millions of rows from databases. Bogdan’s areas of interest are Big Data, machine learning, artificial intelligence. In his spare time Bogdan works on drones firmware, specifically on a program which would help to avoid collisions with obstacles automatically — without manual control.

Grishanov Sergei

Backend Developer

4 years of work experience. Speciality: Backend, DevOps and bash. Sergey graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. His first interaction with a computer was, just as almost everyone else, due to pc games. This is why the first Sergey’s project was an aggregator of cheap purchases via Steam. He worked on such projects as: zaka-zaka, playo and demonSteam. Sergey has also worked in a team on a project of data aggregation with Google Analytics API. This is there he got familiar with cassandra dB and become a big fan of hers. Sergey learned about cryptocurrencies 2 years ago then he and his colleagues were developing self-written library for private usage within a project which accepts payment in bitcoins. Since then Sergey plunged into research of Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Made a paid bot for Telegram platform which informs user about significant price fluctuations (the range is to be set up by user). Sergey is passionate about traveling and quantum computer as he reckons that’s the future and blockchain technology must be ready to “switch” to technologies of the future and use their strengths.

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