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Agrolifecoin (AGLC)

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About Agrolifecoin The AgrolifeCoin system grows thanks to the efforts of multiple stakeholders in our cryptocurrency and in our project. So far it has been funded by a group of cofounders and the AgrolifeCoin team. It aims to be the alternative to financial institutions in developing countries to improve credit …


About Agrolifecoin
The AgrolifeCoin system grows thanks to the efforts of multiple stakeholders in our cryptocurrency and in our project. So far it has been funded by a group of cofounders and the AgrolifeCoin team. It aims to be the alternative to financial institutions in developing countries to improve credit capacities in the agricultural sector.

It should not ignore the fact that the primary sector environment is generated an important parallel economic activity, which has to do with other sectors such as transport, technical, economic and legal advice, biotechnology or creation of means of production. If the agricultural sector is of great importance in developed countries, in those that are still developing, this importance is even greater. In these environments, agriculture is the true axis that supports the subsistence of the population (in 2005 it occupied between 18 and 22% of the active population and today almost 40%), reduces poverty, creates jobs and resources energetics to self-supply the activity.

The majority of farmers in these countries also lack consolidated financial systems and that can able to support large agricultural extension projects. The most important source of funding comes from corporate initiatives and is often limited and ineffective. All this makes them perfect scenarios to apply the project and its AgrolifeCoin currency. Currently, intense work sessions are being held with groups in countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America to promote the project.

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Agrolifecoin Overview

Symbol AGLC
Platform Waves
Category Media
Price 1 AGLC = 0.11 USD
Total Supply 250000000
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Agrolifecoin Additional Info

Advantages of Participating in the ICO
  • AgrolifeCoin will allow to pay products, goods and services through electronic commerce or make donations to solidarity projects instantly and privately
  • AgrolifeCoin will be an essential element in new projects that will be born with the support of the currency and the team that supports it. These projects in themselves may have more scope than the currency itself.
  • AgrolifeCoin is a cryptocurrency, which can be sent anywhere in the world anonymously and safely and can be exchanged for any other currency.
  • AgrolifeCoin protects against the loss of value of FIAT money and the monetary policies that tend to devalue these currencies to improve, for example, the export capacity.
Pre-Sale Bonus

Date: 29.05.2019 - 6.06.2019 - 15% Date: 7.06.2019 - 22.06.2019 - 10% Date 23.06.2019 - 7.07.2019 - 5% Date 08.07.2019 - 22.07.2019 - 3%

Countries of Origin


Restricted Countries

Cayman Islands, Japan, New Zealand, North Korea, South Africa, United States



Soft Cap

2000000 USD

Hard Cap

20000000 USD

% Available for Sale


Accepted Coins for Payment


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Fund Allocation
Token Distribution

Agrolifecoin Team





Financial Manager


Public Relations


Agricultural Engineer


IT Director


Marketing Manager






Lead Blockchain Developer

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The objective of our project is to develop the sustainable growth of the agricultural sector through the use of blockchain technologies. We are looking to promote human potential by expanding market offerings for basic agricultural products. The IEO is an important step in the development of our product and we encourage all those interested in sustainable development to join and open the way to a free and more civilized agricultural market.
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Very good cryptocurrency for primary sector.
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Undoubtedly the cryptomoeda Agrolifecoin and its social network are an excellent initiative of Traian Borgovan. I believe that it can be of great help to small and medium farmers to get together and exchange ideas around the world, to discuss problems and solutions and to be able to market their productions more easily. In Brazil, where I am living, small producers are responsible for much of the food that is on the table of Brazilians, probably in the rest of the world is the same way. Even with the importance of small farmers, they are not the focus of incentives and facilities for the purchase of equipment and technologies and even distribute their productions. This rural configuration is under these conditions due to the lack of incentive on the part of the governments, that does not offer credit lines with facilities to pay, technical support and subsidy. It seems that Agrolifecoin can facilitate these faults. That is why I invested in this promising currency.
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\"Agriculture and all that it encompasses are not only fundamental for our food supply, but also continue to be the main source of livelihoods throughout the planet, and although it is a sector in constant risk, agriculture is also The basis on which we build more prosperous societies and better prepared to meet future needs We must be clear that for a cryptocurrency to be successful, many people have to believe in it and to believe in something you need to have information on how can Agrolifecoin help Agriculture Having a currency of its own is key to transforming the agro ecosystem, since government policies, in most cases are ineffective and can be an obstacle to obtaining financial aid and sustainability of the sector. Po that every day millions of farmers see how their effort is becoming less profitable and they think about abandoning it, consequently the g future endeavors will not have it as an option when considering their economic and work future. AgrolifeCoin is a cryptocurrency with a great mission: to turn agriculture into a more profitable sector for the most vulnerable farmers in the countryside.
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