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Levblockchain LVE will facilitate young, passionate people who are working on blockchain projects and products. Many of Greek Developers...

Aug 1 2019 in 2 months
Mar 26 2020 in 10 months

FreelancerCoin is an Ethereum-based freelancing platform. Clients can pay freelancers using our tokens, while setting up a ‘smart...

Dec 28 2017 1 year ago
Feb 28 2018 1 year ago

RareToken is a crypto currency token that is very rare in supply – just like gold is. The RareToken’s volume is limited to only 20,000...

Mar 20 2018 1 year ago
Apr 16 2018 1 year ago

The All-in-one Exchange to Secure, Manage & Trade Cryptocurrencies.  MetaMorph.pro is an easy exchangeable platform that can switch...

Apr 27 2018 1 year ago
Jul 14 2018 10 months ago



Blockchain.io (BCIO) is a project of Paymium.com, one of the oldest bitcoin exchanges in the world, founded in 2011 and hack-free since the...

Sep 27 2018 8 months ago
Oct 25 2018 7 months ago



re:factor is a multinational corporation and a global ecosystem under creation, the uniqueness of which lies in the competencies of team...

Jun 3 2018 12 months ago
Jun 3 2018 12 months ago



Hoard - the cryptocurrency app you can bank on. We’re not building a bank, we’re reinventing banking. Mission: Empower anyone, anywhere...

Sep 15 2018 8 months ago
Oct 15 2018 7 months ago

VogoV is an already-functioning adult entertainment studio based in Los Angeles that produces and distributes high-quality content...

Sep 26 2018 8 months ago
Nov 14 2018 6 months ago

BitClassic (B2C) is a digital currency that can be sent between people over the internet. BitClassic (B2C) stays true to the original vision...

Feb 16 2018 1 year ago
Mar 15 2018 1 year ago

Introducing EXOcoin. innovation and revolution of digital currency with blockchain technology. Exocoin comes as an answer to all the desires...

Mar 18 2018 1 year ago
Mar 29 2018 1 year ago

Super Ethereum The New Generation of Decentralized Digital Trading Platforms  SuperEthereum.io exchange platform is the first of its kind...

Apr 1 2018 1 year ago
May 22 2018 12 months ago

Open Source Fork of Bitcoin

Jun 15 2018 11 months ago
Jul 15 2018 10 months ago

108 Token provides a diversified, low-cost and simplified exposure to the burgeoning asset class of cryptocurrencies. 108 Token gives...

Jun 1 2018 12 months ago
Aug 31 2018 9 months ago

TCD Corporation (formerly Holding BR) — is an IT company engaged in the development of modern solutions for the economic and public...

May 1 2018 1 year ago
Nov 30 2018 6 months ago

Openartis will create a revolutionary ecosystem that enables the adaptation of cryptocurrencies to everyday life. Using blockchain...

Sep 10 2018 8 months ago
Feb 28 2019 3 months ago



The aim of BQT is to build a community and culture of Crypto Traders utilizing the Platform, helping the community and benefiting from the...

Sep 18 2018 8 months ago
Oct 18 2018 7 months ago



Extauri is Europe's legally compliant trading platform for utility and security tokens as well as traditional banking products based on...

Nov 15 2018 6 months ago
Mar 1 2019 3 months ago

Our vision is to create a crypto exchange that is created with the traditional trader in mind. This is why we have merged the best in...

Nov 1 2018 7 months ago
Dec 15 2018 5 months ago

What is Chintai? Chintai is a high performance digital resource exchange built on EOS by a reputable team of industry experts. The concept...

Apr 4 2019 2 months ago
Dec 4 2019 in 6 months

A Hybrid trading platform for cryptocurrency coins, options, futures and other derivatives. The Exchange Aggregator will find the best price...

Jan 24 2018 1 year ago
Feb 24 2018 1 year ago

Mirocana is a complex predicting system based on deep-learning neural nets that collect, store and analyse huge volumes of financial data....

Nov 19 2017 2 years ago
Dec 19 2017 1 year ago

TRADE & EXCHANGE ANY COIN TO ANY COIN IDOM Features list ● Any coin to any coin exchange ● Spot trading ● Margin trading ●...

Mar 3 2018 1 year ago
May 31 2018 12 months ago

We are Gold Bits Coin. The cryptocurrency that is gold backed, it actually works on the concept of bitcoin but the problem with trust in...

Feb 1 2018 1 year ago
Mar 31 2018 1 year ago

Crypto Open Search is all set to begin its journey with plethora of benefits and is fully equipped with avant-garde technology to take the...

Jun 11 2018 11 months ago
Aug 3 2018 10 months ago

Modern trading indicators and predictions based on machine intelligence. Cryptomon provides a set of predictions and modern indicators for...

Feb 20 2018 1 year ago
Mar 22 2018 1 year ago

Savedroid is a unique AI-fueled ecosystem of crypto saving and investing for the masses.

Feb 9 2018 1 year ago
Mar 9 2018 1 year ago

Revolutionizing Gold Markets, Globally! "Consumers globally are selling their gold for far too little and buying it, if they can, at far too...

Feb 18 2018 1 year ago
Apr 30 2018 1 year ago

Lendingblock is a platform that facilitates peer-to-peer borrowing and lending of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The first...

Apr 15 2018 1 year ago
Apr 22 2018 1 year ago

CoinMetro, a one-of-a-kind, licensed, and regulated financial platform that will fuel the future of blockchain innovation. Through a...

Feb 21 2018 1 year ago
Mar 31 2018 1 year ago

Invest platform is a social trustless copy-trading platform enabling everyone to trade cryptocurrencies just like the best and most...

May 26 2018 12 months ago
Sep 30 2018 8 months ago

The APO platform allows participants to trade derivative instruments (options) without collateral and without risk of non-payment, unlike a...

Apr 25 2018 1 year ago
May 23 2018 12 months ago



The decentralized exchange protocol that is going to remodel cryptocurrency trading - imagine an exchange architecture that is built for the...

May 1 2018 1 year ago
Jul 31 2018 10 months ago

DICE has properties of both the presently existing cryptocurrencies and traditional money, and also creates a brand new funding route for...

May 11 2018 1 year ago
Jun 22 2018 11 months ago

CryptalDash is a robust crypto exchange and trading platform equipped with institutional grade matching engine and third-party crypto...

Apr 19 2018 1 year ago
Jun 19 2018 11 months ago

An Over-the-Counter derivative platform allowing crypto traders to trade up to 1000X leverage and profit during up or down price movement of...

Sep 2 2018 9 months ago
Sep 30 2018 8 months ago

Midas Protocol recognized these many pressing issues with cryptocurrency investment today, and is offering a complete solution. We are...

Jul 1 2018 11 months ago
Jul 15 2018 10 months ago

Feedchain rely on a sophisticated stack of technology including mobile phones, high speed data, GPS, and APPs in combination with the...

Sep 1 2018 9 months ago
Sep 30 2018 8 months ago

Kachingcoins is the one cryptocurrency for multiple investment platforms. Including a cryptocurrency exchange, a forex broker, a social...

Jun 1 2018 12 months ago
Jun 30 2018 11 months ago

Cyber Capital Invest is an online investment fund platform, aimed at people who would like to trade on the cryptocurrency market but due to...

Sep 3 2018 9 months ago
Sep 17 2018 8 months ago

What is HyperQuant? HyperQuant is a professional platform for automated crypto trading, asset management and dApps creation that is based on...

May 1 2018 1 year ago
Jul 31 2018 10 months ago



Enjoy the best digital asset exchange which focuses on the needs of novice traders, professional traders and digital currency experts. We...

Jul 9 2018 10 months ago
Sep 9 2018 8 months ago

Summary: The Vectorspace AI platform enables dynamically generated smart “token baskets” based on user-selected trends that exist in...

May 1 2018 1 year ago
Sep 1 2018 9 months ago



LendX is the really first Lending platform based on multiple bots, social and free! The Crypto Market is extremely volatile, a single bot...

Jul 27 2018 10 months ago
Aug 27 2018 9 months ago

Reger Diamond issues the Reger Diamond Coin (RDC) to offer a safe and profitable investment opportunity. We offer potential participants and...

Jun 20 2018 11 months ago
Nov 1 2018 7 months ago

THEFORTUNEFUND will launch its ICO on 12th August 2018 in accordance with its operational provisions. The token allotment is done on the...

Aug 14 2018 9 months ago
Nov 11 2018 6 months ago

Monetahawk  aims to  provide  multiple  solutions that will pave way to the  most authentic, transparent and seamless transactions....

Aug 25 2018 9 months ago
Sep 30 2018 8 months ago

Crystal Token embraces the rise of crypto currencies and of services aiming to provide customers with a stable passive income. The birth of...

Mar 6 2018 1 year ago
May 30 2018 12 months ago

EZ Exchange has brought together the best talent across a number of disciplines to create an exchange like no other. EZ Exchange’s unique...

Sep 5 2018 9 months ago
Dec 5 2018 6 months ago

Global Tech is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform, which not only allows users to trade cryptocurrency, but also...

Aug 15 2018 9 months ago
Dec 10 2018 5 months ago

BlueOcean Ventures is a Swiss venture capital firm specialized in investing in ventures from the medical field. For the first time, the...

Oct 15 2018 7 months ago
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