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Coin for Travel Abeona is a cryptocurrency; the settlement unit of the Adiona blockchain platform. The revolutionary platform Adiona will...

May 15 2018 5 years ago
Sep 30 2018 4 years ago

About Us GastroAdvisor is building the first global recommendation platform for restaurants and dining venues based on blockchain...

Dec 16 2018 4 years ago
Jan 30 2019 4 years ago



Concierge is a Travel Booking Marketplace with 0% commission fees using the NEO Blockchain. Vendors and consumers can connect directly. We...

Mar 31 2018 5 years ago
Apr 30 2018 5 years ago

WTR token


Gastery is a food-tech startup designed to automate interaction of restaurants and their visitors. Platform is based on the geolocation,...

May 1 2018 5 years ago
Aug 1 2018 5 years ago

Our vision is to inspire and empower millions of people to travel the world. This is why we have brought together a team of avid travelers,...

Jul 1 2018 5 years ago
Aug 1 2018 5 years ago



WONO is a P2P platform for rentals and freelancing. Thanks to Ethereum blockchain and the Interplanetary FIle System (IPFS), the platform...

Sep 3 2018 5 years ago
Oct 1 2018 4 years ago



VolAir is bringing private jet charters & luxury lifestyle to the people. VolAir is gearing up to provide easy access, through our...

Aug 28 2018 5 years ago
Oct 24 2018 4 years ago



ClearCost project is about receiving accommodation services at cost (almost): without costs of advertising and super-profits of large...

Jul 1 2018 5 years ago
Oct 31 2018 4 years ago



Further Network is Blockchain based P2P network to help travel industry complete the Billing, Settlement, and Payment (BSP) process in...

Sep 9 2018 5 years ago
Oct 7 2018 4 years ago



Luxreum is a global hybrid luxury marketplace powered by blockchain technology, facilitating luxury/premium purchases with cryptocurrencies....

Aug 22 2018 5 years ago
Oct 23 2018 4 years ago



Travelvee - oriented directly to the market for unoccupied rooms - which will be sold on exclusive terms, which are discussed between the...

Oct 15 2018 4 years ago
Feb 15 2019 4 years ago



Swace is a community-driven initiative, envisioned as a solution to the unsatisfactory experiences users and brands have with social...

Jul 1 2018 5 years ago
Oct 1 2018 4 years ago

Recently A Technical team (STSO DEV team) from the US has introduced an amazing idea by working on the blockchain currencies. The team...

Jan 1 2019 4 years ago
Feb 28 2019 4 years ago



XCrypt is a hybrid type semi-distributed exchange that, in conjunction with block chain based settlement, provides reliable, real-time,...

Jan 29 2019 4 years ago
Jan 29 2019 4 years ago



LaariTravel - сингапурская компания FinTech, ориентированная на децентрализованный...

Apr 1 2019 4 years ago
May 31 2019 4 years ago



bmy.guide is the 1st socially powered search engine for the travel and tourism industry, created with the sole intention of connecting...

Jun 15 2019 4 years ago
Sep 15 2019 4 years ago

The first hardware Crypto Wallet Watch Первый в мире Convenient app for working with your wallet. Transfer only with...

Jul 11 2019 4 years ago
Jul 11 2019 4 years ago

Ezystayz is an existing hotel and property rental platform which offers the best consumer & host prices and the lowest fees on the...

Dec 1 2019 3 years ago
Mar 29 2020 3 years ago



EverEarn ($EARN) is a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency token, on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), that PAYS investor holders* a MASSIVE...

Jan 22 2022 1 year ago
Jan 22 2022 1 year ago
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