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Stash Token


BitStash is a peer to peer (P2P) crypto commerce marketplace which enables buyers and sellers to purchase or list products, goods or...

Jun 1 2018 3 years ago
Jul 31 2018 3 years ago

How do we make cryptocurrency spendable ? Firstly solve issues with tokenomics. Project has strong tokenomics which solves volatility , lack...

Nov 1 2018 3 years ago
May 1 2019 2 years ago



Akaiito - использовать криптовалютность в повседневной жизни

Mar 13 2018 3 years ago
Apr 18 2018 3 years ago



HashRental marketplace connects sellers (miners) of hashing power with buyers of hashing power through smart contracts, decentralized...

May 18 2018 3 years ago
Jun 19 2018 3 years ago



Digital advertising has been creating problems for advertisers, publishers, and customers for various reasons: Advertisers don’t trust the...

Sep 28 2018 3 years ago
Oct 31 2018 3 years ago



MEWcoin - an ecosystem for the $1 TRILLION USD Meetings, Events and Weddings (MEW) industry to transact with trust online. Commissions can...

Aug 3 2018 3 years ago
Dec 3 2018 3 years ago



Openartis will create a revolutionary ecosystem that enables the adaptation of cryptocurrencies to everyday life. Using blockchain...

Sep 10 2018 3 years ago
Feb 28 2019 2 years ago



SNTX token is being introduced by Sentexchange, a crypto trading platform that has received a highly positive response from crypto users....

Sep 20 2019 2 years ago
Dec 18 2019 2 years ago



Willtoken is a utility token issued by Digitrust Corporation, which provides wealth assignment services to members of the crypto investment...

Jun 1 2018 3 years ago
Jul 15 2018 3 years ago



XCrypt is a hybrid type semi-distributed exchange that, in conjunction with block chain based settlement, provides reliable, real-time,...

Jan 29 2019 2 years ago
Jan 29 2019 2 years ago



Woonk; The first token that connects content creators with their audience. Woonkly is the first direct and decentralized connection token...

Sep 1 2018 3 years ago
Dec 31 2018 3 years ago



Centive is a blockchain-based incentive network for 2-way value exchanges between businesses and consumers. Businesses can offer special...

Aug 31 2018 3 years ago
Nov 1 2018 3 years ago



B2AND is a result-oriented cloud-based online platform providing easy-to-use and scalable service utilising viral marketing within marketing...

Apr 23 2018 3 years ago
May 22 2018 3 years ago

Briastorm Blockchain Conglomerate integrates a blockchain technology into ready business-processes. Briastorm is the first CPS platform in...

Sep 1 2018 3 years ago
Jan 31 2019 2 years ago



Hilo.io is a social platform for crypto traders. The current fragmented landscape makes it hard for people to get into crypto. Our platform...

Aug 30 2018 3 years ago
Sep 14 2018 3 years ago

8gig allows anybody to easily develop software, faster and better through an extensible, low-code platform and developer ecosystem that is...

Aug 15 2018 3 years ago
Feb 15 2019 2 years ago

Our core value and business model at Trust Funding Association (TFA) focus on the protection of the assets of our investors. We pledge to...

Apr 15 2018 3 years ago
Jul 31 2018 3 years ago

Lionstarters latest development is Goodyscan a blockchain based ecosystem designed to revolutionize the future of retail and advertising...

Sep 1 2018 3 years ago
Dec 1 2018 3 years ago



NOVA is built as an EIP-20 (former ERC-20) token on the Ethereum block chain. Visit here for more info  :  http://www.browser.news

Mar 15 2018 3 years ago
Jun 14 2018 3 years ago



Leonardian is a blockchain-based all-in-one marketplace for digital assets including software products and copyright items, as well as...

Jun 11 2018 3 years ago
Aug 6 2018 3 years ago



HPYD is a revolutionary ambassador marketing platform - think bounties for non-crypto companies - that allows brands to give their fans...

Sep 18 2018 3 years ago
Sep 18 2018 3 years ago

“Enkronos Apps” realize a full trusted not manipulable publicly available blockchain based accountability system to guarantee its...

Jun 14 2018 3 years ago
Nov 20 2018 3 years ago



Feb 25 2019 2 years ago
Apr 9 2019 2 years ago



We are the Bavarian start-up that created the first and only beer-based cryptocurrency. To mine a Beercoin you will have to download our...

May 18 2018 3 years ago
Jun 30 2018 3 years ago



Namek is a Bounty/Airdrop platform, to list, manage and find opportunities. NMK Token's utility is to reward holders by sharing with them...

Oct 21 2018 3 years ago
Jan 27 2019 2 years ago



We develop b2b-marketplaces with market > $2,000,000,000 per year (suppliers, cargo providers, commercial real estate, jobs) and...

Jun 1 2018 3 years ago
Feb 28 2019 2 years ago



XCHNG is the Digital Advertising Blockchain. XCHNG is an open and unified blockchain-based framework for the digital advertising ecosystem....

May 25 2018 3 years ago
Jun 25 2018 3 years ago



BOOSTO is both a protocol and a social token that returns power & freedom to creators & makers through the use of a decentralized...

Sep 1 2018 3 years ago
Sep 30 2018 3 years ago



Brands get unprecedented access to the “holy-grail.” Anonymous blockchain-verified consumer financial data can be used to target their...

Jan 6 2019 3 years ago
Jan 28 2019 2 years ago



Creator.ai is the world’s first decentralized content creation protocol built on the blockchain, developed by the the team that built...

Mar 12 2018 3 years ago
May 31 2018 3 years ago



What is Plentix? Plentix is a decentralized blockchain-based online referral platform that will connect and reward all participants via new...

Jul 25 2018 3 years ago
Aug 8 2018 3 years ago
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