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Stash Token


BitStash is a peer to peer (P2P) crypto commerce marketplace which enables buyers and sellers to purchase or list products, goods or...

Jun 1 2018 5 years ago
Jul 31 2018 5 years ago

JCOIN is the first car manufacturer, car importers/exporters, e-commerce Blockchain solution that was specifically made for global payment...

Apr 15 2018 5 years ago
Jul 1 2018 5 years ago



Smart wallet/Currency for Delphi Intelligent cars.    This is a token used in Delphi intelligent/driverless cars for use by car

Apr 14 2018 5 years ago
Jul 11 2018 5 years ago

Is the first in the world Gas blockchain-option, acquiring which you will not only get profit from the token price increase, but also will...

Jul 1 2018 5 years ago
Jul 31 2018 5 years ago



StoneToken is an Asset-backed token, which is a digital double of the real (physical) asset.

Jun 26 2018 5 years ago
Aug 8 2018 5 years ago



We develop b2b-marketplaces with market > $2,000,000,000 per year (suppliers, cargo providers, commercial real estate, jobs) and...

Jun 1 2018 5 years ago
Feb 28 2019 4 years ago



A combination of patent-pending technology, AI-generated recipes and machine-learning robots have given birth to the next generation of...

Nov 25 2018 4 years ago
Dec 23 2018 4 years ago



Truxir is blockchain-based platform for turning waste and recyclables to real value Coins can be used as a discount in the bill for energy,...

Dec 15 2018 4 years ago
Jan 1 1970 Bad date

LOVE Air Coffee is an innovation in the coffee business. We combine crypto industry and commodity business. Coffee business is one of the...

Aug 1 2019 4 years ago
Aug 31 2019 4 years ago

Solid gold on the blockchain. Our history tells about an industrial educated family business with many years of experience in the field of...

May 7 2019 4 years ago
Sep 30 2019 3 years ago



KNL – is a platform that unites and considers the needs of farmers, traders, investors, exporters. We provide each participant with the...

Aug 15 2019 4 years ago
Sep 15 2019 4 years ago

Rare Earth Opportunity Fund - World's first cryptocurrency based fund focussed purely on the huge opportunity provided by rare earth...

Sep 1 2021 2 years ago
Oct 30 2021 1 year ago
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