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Akilos has Created an Application Network for Betting Services . It also has a Platform, Utilizing Artificial intelligence, that has created...

Dec 31 2018 10 months ago
Jan 31 2019 9 months ago



LetsBet is a completely decentralized betting platform, allowing players to bet on the price of the hottest cryptocurrencies. Everyday there...

Jun 30 2018 1 year ago
Aug 31 2018 1 year ago



PlayBets — is a first decentralized game platform with a catalog of mass gambling games, is a first decentralized game platform with a...

Apr 1 2018 2 years ago
Apr 30 2018 1 year ago



Analytical Blockchain Platform for P2P Smart Betting

Sep 1 2018 1 year ago
Sep 30 2018 1 year ago

Bitwin Token is a decentralized, blockchain-based payment method that will be introduced to an already existing Bitwin online casino...

Jan 15 2019 9 months ago
Apr 24 2019 6 months ago



Loteo is a digital automated lottery platform that uses blockchain and smart contracts to create a fully transparent lottery, where your...

Mar 1 2019 8 months ago
May 1 2019 6 months ago

MEVU uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to immutably and transparently store players funds and information, providing players...

Sep 10 2018 1 year ago
Oct 22 2018 1 year ago



Betrium is the worldwide bookmaker and betting exchange, which makes possible to bet on sports using cryptocurrencies professionally,...

Apr 5 2018 2 years ago
May 14 2018 1 year ago

Innovative Gambling Platform on the Ethereum Blockchain We offer a powerful gaming platform that will be easily integrated by game content...

Jul 30 2018 1 year ago
Aug 30 2018 1 year ago



BotGaming is a project combining a marketplace (gaming bots ecosystem) within already working products on connection using a Blockchain...

May 14 2018 1 year ago
Aug 6 2018 1 year ago

Sporting Chance

Sporting Chance

The ICO for www.sportingchance.com has been launched on the Waves decentralised exchange. Sportingchance.com is a disruptive gambling sector...

Apr 13 2018 2 years ago
Jun 13 2018 1 year ago

CyberLottery is a Real Fortune! Our Lottery Games are open and decentralized. All winnings data will be stored on the Blockchain and cannot...

Dec 4 2018 11 months ago
Dec 11 2018 10 months ago

Bouncy Coin


Numerous studies indicate that State Sponsored Lotteries impede the financial health of the poor which is bad for the overall health of...

Sep 1 2018 1 year ago
Mar 1 2019 8 months ago

TokenRoll solves the main issues of the both centralized online casino and decentralized online casino industry by building a decentralized...

Apr 15 2019 6 months ago
Apr 30 2019 6 months ago



About PBET The PBET project is a unique innovation that addresses the convergence between physical and online gaming through a Unified...

Apr 22 2019 6 months ago
Dec 15 2019 in 2 months



BSB Coin is a digital token built on the Ethereum blockchain platform with ERC20 standard, designed to provide access to our ecosystem which...

Apr 22 2018 2 years ago
May 22 2018 1 year ago

Quinto S.A. (“Quinto”) is a provably fair gaming system, built upon the explosive growth in online gaming, particularly on mobile...

Feb 24 2019 8 months ago
Jun 1 2019 5 months ago



Betcoin casino is a new blockchain-based online betting platform allowing people from all around the world to BET on sports and casino games...

Nov 1 2019 in 1 week
Jan 31 2020 in 3 months
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