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LOVR transforms the on- and offline adult entertainment industry. With the cryptocurrency LVR, we are enabling the market to use cashless...

Jul 1 2018 5 months ago
Sep 30 2018 2 months ago

Digital solutions for the equine industry: MustangChain aims to set a global standard to counter fraud in the equine industry by introducing...

Jun 11 2018 6 months ago
Jul 30 2018 4 months ago

BitStash is a peer to peer (P2P) crypto commerce marketplace which enables buyers and sellers to purchase or list products, goods or...

Jun 1 2018 6 months ago
Jul 31 2018 4 months ago



RADION is the first Record Label with Blockchain Technology. We will have our own Network Distribution that would be arbitrated by a peer to...

Jul 31 2018 4 months ago
Aug 7 2018 4 months ago

VogoV is an already-functioning adult entertainment studio based in Los Angeles that produces and distributes high-quality content...

Sep 26 2018 2 months ago
Nov 14 2018 4 weeks ago

BroFistCoin is the first decentralized meme network built on top of the Ethereum blockchain technology. Our vision is it to bring the...

Mar 11 2018 9 months ago
Apr 30 2018 7 months ago

Libidocoin is a peer to peer digital currency. Libidocoin eliminates the need to trust banks or credit card companies. You have the power to...

Feb 21 2018 10 months ago
Jun 30 2018 5 months ago

Dopameme is an innovative decentralized platform project that uses smart contracts running on the Ethereum Network aiming to monetize memes,...

Mar 17 2018 9 months ago
May 12 2018 7 months ago

Viberate is a crowdsourced live music ecosystem and a blockchain-based marketplace, where musicians are matched with booking agencies and...

Sep 5 2017 1 year ago
Oct 5 2017 1 year ago



PlayHall is a decentralized multi-cryptocurrency platform for skill gaming mobile games focused on highly intellectual players who strive...

Feb 27 2018 9 months ago
Mar 27 2018 8 months ago

BitChord is a Global Blockchain-based platform to give guitar players unprecedented control over how they engage with their audiences as...

May 19 2018 7 months ago
Aug 27 2018 3 months ago

The purpose of Bolies platform is to bring forth an industry until now that has never existed. That industry is Fantasy Gaming PVP platform...

Aug 1 2018 4 months ago
Oct 1 2018 2 months ago

Inmusik is a blockchain-powered music ecosystem for listeners and musicians to monetize from creating, discovering, upvoting content. The...

Nov 12 2018 4 weeks ago
Dec 12 2018 in 2 days

imusify is an award-winning music platform that is reinventing the global music industry in order to liberate music makers, music fans, and...

Sep 1 2018 3 months ago
Sep 30 2018 2 months ago

IceBreakerAR will bridge the virtual world with reality by providing a revolutionary tool that removes the core barriers which prevent...

Aug 1 2018 4 months ago
Sep 5 2018 3 months ago

EXC is the first token of it's kind intended to be used as form of payment at Exotic Dance Clubs World-wide. Equi token purpose, POS, as...

Sep 8 2018 3 months ago
Oct 28 2018 1 month ago

Tedchain Network is a self-contained high-speed global network and decentralized platform dedicated to gaming from the very beginning. This...

Jul 17 2018 5 months ago
Oct 8 2018 2 months ago

RETAIL SHOP ARROUND allows you to target ads to system users. For example, if the advertiser places an advertising "round" on the signboard...

Sep 15 2018 3 months ago
Nov 15 2018 4 weeks ago

VolAir is bringing private jet charters & luxury lifestyle to the people. VolAir is gearing up to provide easy access, through our...

Aug 28 2018 3 months ago
Oct 24 2018 2 months ago

Get Achieve - is a free decentralized MMORPG game with AR. We offer a new decentralized area for the players - develop yourself in the...

Sep 9 2018 3 months ago
Nov 25 2018 2 weeks ago



Hilo.io is a social platform for crypto traders. The current fragmented landscape makes it hard for people to get into crypto. Our platform...

Aug 30 2018 3 months ago
Sep 14 2018 3 months ago



SGame Pro is a mobile gaming Platform aggregator, owned by Sgame SA a Swiss-based company. Under development since 2016, Sgame Pro...

Sep 12 2018 3 months ago
Sep 12 2018 3 months ago

BitSong will generate profits for artists and the users who listen to their songs, while creating a money saving opportunity for...

Aug 10 2018 4 months ago
Nov 10 2018 4 weeks ago

ABOUT BBT Our Vision BigBang has the vision to change the online gaming industry by drastically altering the idea of loyalty programs. Our...

Jan 1 2019 in 3 weeks
Jan 1 1970 Bad date

Luxreum is a global hybrid luxury marketplace powered by blockchain technology, facilitating luxury/premium purchases with cryptocurrencies....

Aug 22 2018 4 months ago
Oct 23 2018 2 months ago

WHAT IS GAMEDEX? Gamedex is a platform for digital collectible cards and the games they can be used in. Unlike traditional collectibles (for...

Aug 28 2018 3 months ago
Jan 31 2019 in 2 months

Woonk; The first token that connects content creators with their audience. Woonkly is the first direct and decentralized connection token...

Sep 1 2018 3 months ago
Dec 31 2018 in 3 weeks



VIDION provides a transparent and secure model of real-time mutual settlements for news outlets, professional journalists, and eyewitnesses....

Nov 15 2018 4 weeks ago
Dec 15 2018 in 5 days

Swace is a community-driven initiative, envisioned as a solution to the unsatisfactory experiences users and brands have with social...

Jul 1 2018 5 months ago
Oct 1 2018 2 months ago
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