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Philanthor is for like-minded people with shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes, who would like to improve life on earth. Together...

Jul 1 2018 5 years ago
Aug 31 2018 5 years ago

Levblockchain LVE will facilitate young, passionate people who are working on blockchain projects and products. Many of Greek Developers...

Aug 1 2019 4 years ago
Mar 26 2020 3 years ago

Code of Talent is the world’s first block-chain powered micro-learning platform designed to uplift people’s learning motivation. Our...

Nov 1 2018 5 years ago
Nov 30 2018 5 years ago



The EVO project creates a decentralized platform for assessing the skills and development of a person. We combine the best partners’ tools...

Aug 15 2018 5 years ago
Sep 15 2018 5 years ago

Õpet is an intelligent AI companion chatbot designed to help secondary students with their exam revision. Covering the entire GCSE “O”...

Oct 1 2018 5 years ago
Dec 31 2018 4 years ago



This edutainment project is designed to encourage children’s interests, curiosity and their natural quest for knowledge; leading to...

Jul 16 2018 5 years ago
Sep 2 2018 5 years ago

H Education World is a subsidiary of H Network International, which is a completely bootstrapped start-up, and is working towards creating...

Aug 16 2018 5 years ago
Dec 14 2018 4 years ago

Tedchain Network is a self-contained high-speed global network and decentralized platform dedicated to gaming from the very beginning. This...

Jul 17 2018 5 years ago
Oct 8 2018 5 years ago



Traid platform is revolutionizing crypto trading education by bringing the world’s top traders as your live mentors. Learn exactly how the...

Jul 22 2018 5 years ago
Aug 18 2018 5 years ago



AIAR is democratizing education for the 2.5 billion people in need worldwide. By using new technology to innovate totally new processes,...

Jul 10 2018 5 years ago
Dec 5 2018 4 years ago

Global Tech is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform, which not only allows users to trade cryptocurrency, but also...

Aug 15 2018 5 years ago
Dec 10 2018 4 years ago



SUAPP is an evolution blockchain platform that unite students across Africa with sole aim of sharing innovative ideas that will add value to...

Sep 27 2018 5 years ago
Nov 15 2018 5 years ago



LifeTask – the human potential source The decentralized competence matching platform based on blockchain and artificial intelligence. No...

Jan 15 2019 4 years ago
Nov 11 2019 4 years ago



The journey of Era Swap began with research from the Kmpards team—the core team behind the formation of the Era Swap token and its...

Sep 2 2018 5 years ago
Dec 31 2018 4 years ago



Stoby is the first tokenized student job platform. Stoby sells free time to busy people and gives students the opportunity to benefit from...

Dec 1 2018 5 years ago
Jan 31 2019 4 years ago



The Global Funeral Care Foundation has conducted research on the funeral industry. The research shows that the funeral industry has...

Dec 4 2018 4 years ago
Jun 30 2019 4 years ago



Respected representatives of Crypto Radar, We are reaching out to you to promote the STUDYUM project and discuss the terms of including STUD...

May 6 2021 2 years ago
Jun 22 2021 2 years ago



What is Aimedis?   Aimedis is a healthcare platform which seamlessly connects patients, doctors and the medical research industry....

Jun 1 2021 2 years ago
Oct 1 2021 2 years ago



EduBits is the first cryptocurrency created to empower a new era of education. EduCode Canada Inc., through the introduction of its EduBits...

Feb 1 2022 1 year ago
Feb 1 2022 1 year ago
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