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XRT is the decentralized peer to peer ERC-20 compatible token created by XRT Foundation which especially works in food industry. It seeks to...

Jun 1 2018 1 year ago
Apr 6 2018 2 years ago

Lancer Network is a decentralized freelance site for advertising and promotion of crowdsale and blockchain projects. Here people interested...

Jul 26 2018 1 year ago
Sep 26 2018 1 year ago

Stash Token


BitStash is a peer to peer (P2P) crypto commerce marketplace which enables buyers and sellers to purchase or list products, goods or...

Jun 1 2018 1 year ago
Jul 31 2018 1 year ago

How do we make cryptocurrency spendable ? Firstly solve issues with tokenomics. Project has strong tokenomics which solves volatility , lack...

Nov 1 2018 1 year ago
May 1 2019 7 months ago

MUST token


Digital solutions for the equine industry: MustangChain aims to set a global standard to counter fraud in the equine industry by introducing...

Jun 11 2018 1 year ago
Jul 30 2018 1 year ago

Canyudo is a free to use promotional and organizational tool allowing app users to create then advertise jobs, tasks, events, or items for...

May 1 2019 7 months ago
Jul 31 2019 4 months ago



The SUBAJ Global Network forms a unique global blockchain ecosystem for online/offline payments, promotions and reward sharing programs...

Jun 18 2018 1 year ago
Aug 1 2018 1 year ago

LaborCrypto is a peer-to-peer freelancing platform backed by blockchain technology to create a more meritocratic ecosystem. The protocol...

Jun 15 2018 1 year ago
Aug 15 2018 1 year ago



TROY is the Ethereum-based cryptocurrency which is designed to allow both experienced and layman users to purchase gold products. The tokens...

Jul 6 2019 4 months ago
Jul 6 2019 4 months ago

Discover ConnectJob - The Uber of Services! ConnectJob is an application that provides most of the daily needs to its users, all done by...

Feb 12 2018 2 years ago
Apr 30 2018 2 years ago



The AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform is a decentralized fund market established upon the ETHEREUM network to serve as a professional asset...

Jan 17 2019 10 months ago
Jan 31 2019 9 months ago



Mix. Rent provides customers with a user-friendly platform to rent vehicles across the world. Since 2017, our service has been uniting...

Oct 17 2018 1 year ago
Nov 17 2018 12 months ago



Glyff is a decentralized platform combining the blockchain and advanced zero-knowledge cryptography with the goal of delivering...

Feb 20 2019 9 months ago
Mar 22 2019 8 months ago



Veritoken Global is one of the first companies to successfully utilize non-fungible tokens (NFT), taking the blockchain-based technology...

Apr 2 2019 7 months ago
Jul 4 2019 4 months ago



The Future Of Advertising HYGH will change advertising in the same way that Airbnb changed vacation accommodation.As a peer-to-peer...

Jun 7 2019 5 months ago
Dec 7 2019 in 3 weeks



Now, more than ever blockchain technology is revolutionizing the financial world, the most financial changes are happening in financial...

Jan 3 2019 10 months ago
Mar 31 2019 8 months ago



Unchained's platform connects people and companies with available computing resources and clients who need them. Real economy powering the...

Aug 27 2018 1 year ago
Nov 27 2018 12 months ago



HashRental marketplace connects sellers (miners) of hashing power with buyers of hashing power through smart contracts, decentralized...

May 18 2018 1 year ago
Jun 19 2018 1 year ago



Arbitrage trading master?-?the best platform for arbitrage trading Arbitrage Trading Master eliminates the huge market inefficiencies...

Jul 15 2019 4 months ago
Mar 20 2019 8 months ago



In short, we are a blockchain technology company that has started the authorisation process to be a utility bank in the UK. Our tokens will...

Mar 1 2019 9 months ago
Dec 31 2019 in 2 months

Qcity is a project that was directly planned by Qnapse, a company specializing in the development of block chain services made up of...

Dec 24 2018 11 months ago
Feb 28 2019 9 months ago



Suite Autonomy is a decentralized trading and escrow platform for Ether and Ethereum-based tokens.

Apr 3 2018 2 years ago
Jul 3 2018 1 year ago

Seal is the best way for anyone to check if a product is genuine or fake. Seal combines NFC chips, which are embedded into physical...

May 13 2018 2 years ago
May 27 2018 1 year ago



CitiCash is aiming to enable the general public to enter the world of modern digital money with ease.  People’s willingness to join the...

Sep 1 2018 1 year ago
Oct 31 2018 1 year ago

BOV Token


BlueOcean Ventures is a Swiss venture capital firm specialized in investing in ventures from the medical field. For the first time, the...

Oct 15 2018 1 year ago
Jan 1 1970 Bad date

Nuvus GETX


Nuvus Blockchain is formed to build a global ecosystem called “Global Exchange Platform” for data, supply chain verification &...

Feb 1 2018 2 years ago
May 27 2018 1 year ago



Time Money will be first decentralized platform for people to meet, provide different services, coaching, consultation or any other help,...

Sep 1 2018 1 year ago
Nov 30 2018 11 months ago



MEWcoin - an ecosystem for the $1 TRILLION USD Meetings, Events and Weddings (MEW) industry to transact with trust online. Commissions can...

Aug 3 2018 1 year ago
Dec 3 2018 11 months ago



Openartis will create a revolutionary ecosystem that enables the adaptation of cryptocurrencies to everyday life. Using blockchain...

Sep 10 2018 1 year ago
Feb 28 2019 9 months ago



Followine is an innovative Italian start-up founded in June 2017, with the aim of developing a system capable of effectively fight the...

Dec 1 2018 11 months ago
Mar 28 2019 8 months ago

Easy Feedback Token ``EFT`` your feedback moves the world Easy Feedback Token ``EFT`` was created to reward people who communicate useful...

Jul 31 2019 4 months ago
Jul 14 2020 in 8 months



Further Network is Blockchain based P2P network to help travel industry complete the Billing, Settlement, and Payment (BSP) process in...

Sep 9 2018 1 year ago
Oct 7 2018 1 year ago



By tokenizing the poll/survey market using the blockchain technology iRespo gives both organizers and participants an opportunity to earn on...

Aug 1 2018 1 year ago
Aug 22 2018 1 year ago

LOVE Air Coffee is an innovation in the coffee business. We combine crypto industry and commodity business. Coffee business is one of the...

Aug 1 2019 3 months ago
Aug 31 2019 2 months ago



At RENOVATO we are a group of cryptocurrency and Forex traders creating a unique and advanced multicrypto exchange platform with innovative...

Feb 25 2019 9 months ago
Apr 30 2019 7 months ago



he VISO project is the first cryptocurrency payments acceptance project that utilizes an entire payment environment. We have analyzed the...

Mar 5 2018 2 years ago
Apr 30 2018 2 years ago



Agrolot.com is an international trade and information platform on the B2B market for trading in products of agriculture and food stuffs. The...

Jun 15 2018 1 year ago
Jul 30 2018 1 year ago



LookRev will change the way creative products are made and sold forever, building modern creative marketplace. LookRev uses interactive...

Aug 6 2018 1 year ago
Aug 31 2018 1 year ago



Twogap is the first player in the Cryptobond market. Twogap focuses especially in Cryptobond market, where its market size now is over $100...

Sep 30 2018 1 year ago
Oct 8 2018 1 year ago

Stablecoins give financial freedom to every user, they are not controlled by any governments or central institutions, they are scalable,...

Jul 1 2019 5 months ago
Mar 1 2020 in 4 months

Feed token


Feedchain rely on a sophisticated stack of technology including mobile phones, high speed data, GPS, and APPs in combination with the...

Sep 1 2018 1 year ago
Sep 30 2018 1 year ago



AssetStream’s vision is to create a sustainable microfinance platform based on blockchain technology. Inspired by the “International...

Jun 1 2019 5 months ago
Jun 11 2019 5 months ago



Our рlаn is to build thе premier "next generation" hosting and domain ѕеrvісе оn the blockchain, while also providing normal...

Mar 14 2018 2 years ago
May 30 2018 1 year ago



Using the ERC-20 Fanfare Token (FAN Token), Fanfare is building a Social Commerce ecosystem where content creators, consumers and brands can...

Aug 17 2018 1 year ago
Oct 31 2018 1 year ago

Briastorm Blockchain Conglomerate integrates a blockchain technology into ready business-processes. Briastorm is the first CPS platform in...

Sep 1 2018 1 year ago
Jan 31 2019 9 months ago



eLYQD is a decentralized ethereum based ecosystem marketplace that will be the framework for the entire vaping industry. One of the main...

Jun 29 2018 1 year ago
Jun 29 2018 1 year ago



Service that allows to verify users and to prevent fraud. It is based on blockchain technology as a tool for protecting and validating...

Nov 29 2017 2 years ago
Apr 1 2018 2 years ago



WizeBit is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in software, hardware, and Artificial Intelligence development. We believe in...

Jul 17 2018 1 year ago
Aug 7 2018 1 year ago

Review.Network is a project that aims to create a unique trusted high-intelligence user-company feedback platform based on blockchain and AI...

Apr 1 2019 7 months ago
May 31 2019 6 months ago



Hilo.io is a social platform for crypto traders. The current fragmented landscape makes it hard for people to get into crypto. Our platform...

Aug 30 2018 1 year ago
Sep 14 2018 1 year ago
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