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TalentSnap is building zero-knowledge proof technology that will automate the hiring process. We are doing so by building Artificial...

Oct 1 2018 4 years ago
Nov 30 2018 4 years ago

ORS Token


The ORS Group is a software company of more than 100 IT developers and scientists. It boasts over 20 years of experience in delivering...

Apr 28 2018 5 years ago
May 26 2018 5 years ago



Kimera is combining powerful Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain to proactively make peer-to-peer connections across any industry....

Apr 17 2018 5 years ago
Jun 15 2018 5 years ago



DREAM (previously Moneo.io) is building upon a world leading marketplace for high-end blockchain talent established in 2016. It is revenue...

Aug 15 2018 5 years ago
Aug 29 2018 5 years ago



DataBlockChain.io is a revolutionary data platform that stands to disrupt the way that companies and individuals gather premium data. Our...

Jun 26 2018 5 years ago
Jul 14 2018 5 years ago



World over, brands and companies waste more than $1 Trillion due to lack of visibility of products through their supply chains. Without this...

Aug 1 2018 5 years ago
Sep 15 2018 5 years ago



Lovar Artificial Intelligence Investment Platform Goal Lovar aims to compete with and overtake banks as the preferred provider of investment...

Jun 14 2018 5 years ago
Aug 23 2018 5 years ago



WizeBit is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in software, hardware, and Artificial Intelligence development. We believe in...

Jul 17 2018 5 years ago
Aug 7 2018 5 years ago

“Enkronos Apps” realize a full trusted not manipulable publicly available blockchain based accountability system to guarantee its...

Jun 14 2018 5 years ago
Nov 20 2018 4 years ago



Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange, operating fully on the basis of neural networks with the use of blockchain and smart...

May 21 2018 5 years ago
Aug 13 2018 5 years ago



Willtoken is a utility token issued by Digitrust Corporation, which provides wealth assignment services to members of the crypto investment...

Jun 1 2018 5 years ago
Jul 15 2018 5 years ago

What is HyperQuant? HyperQuant is a professional platform for automated crypto trading, asset management and dApps creation that is based on...

May 1 2018 5 years ago
Jul 31 2018 5 years ago

Summary: The Vectorspace AI platform enables dynamically generated smart “token baskets” based on user-selected trends that exist in...

May 1 2018 5 years ago
Sep 1 2018 5 years ago



NeuroSeed is a platform that combines Big Data suppliers, ML algorithms developers, computing power suppliers, data storage suppliers,...

Jul 9 2018 5 years ago
Aug 9 2018 5 years ago



BOOSTO is both a protocol and a social token that returns power & freedom to creators & makers through the use of a decentralized...

Sep 1 2018 5 years ago
Sep 30 2018 4 years ago



KIRIK is the world's first open-source meta-protocol for converging existing blockchains. It empowers users to build transactional protocols...

Aug 15 2018 5 years ago
Oct 15 2018 4 years ago



AIAR is democratizing education for the 2.5 billion people in need worldwide. By using new technology to innovate totally new processes,...

Jul 10 2018 5 years ago
Dec 5 2018 4 years ago

TAI Token


What is TokenAI? TokenAI is an on-demand crypto market and portfolio analysis platform, driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our aim is...

Aug 30 2018 5 years ago
Oct 31 2018 4 years ago



Using AI and blockchain, Zwoop’s unique find engine helps shoppers find the products they want from any website, at the best available...

Aug 28 2018 5 years ago
Sep 16 2018 5 years ago



Qfora means the on-off line place (‘Fora') where the Qrations(‘Q') are being proposed. And the company Qfora so far has been making it a...

Jul 14 2018 5 years ago
Aug 31 2018 5 years ago

Fetch brings the world closer together and delivers power to the individual. We’ve built the world’s first truly smart ledger, allowing...

Sep 5 2018 5 years ago
Sep 5 2018 5 years ago

AI & blockchain powered E-Commerce bots for businesses of all sizes.   Melior AI are an Artificial Intelligence research,...

Oct 8 2018 4 years ago
Nov 8 2018 4 years ago

AntiBank is artificial intelligence in the world of finance.   AntiBank (AB) will replace the current banking system with the help of...

Oct 8 2018 4 years ago
Dec 22 2018 4 years ago



LifeTask – the human potential source The decentralized competence matching platform based on blockchain and artificial intelligence. No...

Jan 15 2019 4 years ago
Nov 11 2019 3 years ago

Lumio Coin is a new decentralized network with artificial intelligence to buy and sell cryptocurrency shares, which replaces traditional...

Nov 30 2018 4 years ago
Jun 22 2019 4 years ago



Wibx is the utility token that will revolutionize the exchange relationships between brands and consumers, transforming social networks...

Nov 1 2018 4 years ago
Mar 20 2019 4 years ago



The AMMUT Ecosystem is built, designed and equipped to solve tasks that require high computing power such as deep learning, mining,...

Mar 1 2019 4 years ago
Jun 1 2019 4 years ago



The decentralised media platform powered by Blockchain Technology to create an unbiased ecosystem.

Jul 25 2019 4 years ago
Sep 30 2019 3 years ago



WAIAM Technology is a future French company specialized in new technologies and precisely in the sector of smartphones, connected objects...

Jul 1 2019 4 years ago
Jul 31 2019 4 years ago



Respected representatives of Crypto Radar, We are reaching out to you to promote the STUDYUM project and discuss the terms of including STUD...

May 6 2021 2 years ago
Jun 22 2021 2 years ago

Introduction to XTR token Tron network offers varieties of quality assets; however, the majority are not viable on daily basis usage due to...

Sep 8 2021 2 years ago
Nov 25 2021 1 year ago
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