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Date: September 9th, 2018

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VEIAG Press Release

This Fall, the Virtual Economic Investment Academia Guild (VEIAG) launches its premier token opportunity. With a private sale starting on September 30th to be followed by a full Initial Token Opportunity (ITO) in October, they are offering a remarkably stable cryptocurrency opportunity that will entice even the most cautious investor.

The key to VEIAG’s token’s promised stability? A 25% backing of all funds with gold bullion, the most historically stable asset available. This holding will provide their token with a realized floor value to protect investors from the high risk that characterizes the cryptomarket. The token will also be price-stable, with its tangible value shielding VEIAG from the high volatility that other faith-based cryptocurrencies face. For centuries, gold has been used as a standard of wealth. It is a staple reserve for banks and portfolios worldwide. VEIAG isn’t revolutionizing financial mores, but it is bringing a new level of stability and legitimacy to the cryptomarket.

Upon the conclusion of their ITO, VEIAG will commence its cyclical conversion plan. 25% of all initial funds raised will be converted to a physical holding of gold bullion. The other 75% will be invested in sustainable development goal projects. At every quarter, 25% of all profits from these projects will be additionally invested in gold bullion. Thus as the value of VEAIG’s token increases, its realized floor will grow as well.

Another advantage of VEIAG’s token includes its Bullion Release Process (BRP), the first actualized bullion withdrawal system in existence. Should a token holder desire to withdraw their according share, VEIAG will initiate the BRP and use a proprietary blockchain function to efficiently release the gold bullion directly to them. With the BRP, investors can feel confident in their physical ownership of a tangible product.

From their revolutionary use of blockchain technology to their innovative approach to stabilizing their token, VEIAG is ready to make a major change in the cryptomarket. To learn more about VEIAG and their business plan, please visit their website or find them on twitter for breaking announcements.

For further information on partnership with United Nations Global Compact please visit: VEIAG and UN Global Compact

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