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Wonder which cryptocurrencies performed best on Saturday July 13th 2019? Look no further. The tables below have all the information you need. We are the only website that provides you with rankings based on data-driven information, not subjective opinions. You can click on each currency in the table to learn more about it.

The 25 Best Performing Cryptos:

CoinPriceVolume (24h)Change (24h)
Nexus (NXS)$1.03$99,990268.41%
ICON (ICX)$0.460623$10,748,30149.06%
V Systems (VSYS)$0.226417$17,095,77615.46%
Dai (DAI)$0.985908$22,069,6336.13%
NEXT (NET)$1.39$9,805,4554.72%
Waves (WAVES)$1.69$13,169,5024.64%
Ren (REN)$0.098610$5,281,3323.07%
Crypto.com (MCO)$5.74$2,933,7582.06%
Bytecoin (BCN)$0.000850$43,8001.58%
Huobi Token (HT)$4.04$82,874,0541.1%
DigiByte (DGB)$0.012784$1,673,6641.07%
Lambda (LAMB)$0.239102$23,055,5600.95%
Santiment Network Token (SAN)$1.01$11,1810.85%
Enjin Coin (ENJ)$0.104131$1,888,2780.58%
Maker (MKR)$664.16$1,379,5150.57%
Verge (XVG)$0.006752$1,453,6390.41%
TrueUSD (TUSD)$1.00$206,703,3760.1%
USD Coin (USDC)$1.00$96,722,4350.07%
Paxos Standard Token (PAX)$1.00$136,236,4200.05%
Aurora (AOA)$0.025728$8,360,328-0.18%
Tether (USDT)$1.00$20,743,216,497-0.25%
EOS (EOS)$4.71$1,953,955,105-0.51%
Basic Attention Token (BAT)$0.284993$21,941,737-0.78%
Chainlink (LINK)$3.15$127,799,268-0.79%
Dent (DENT)$0.001007$2,232,980-1.01%

The 25 Worst Performing Cryptos:

CoinPriceVolume (24h)Change (24h)
Crypto.com Chain (CRO)$0.074335$8,877,929-17.2%
Komodo (KMD)$1.39$7,527,208-11.28%
XMax (XMX)$0.004491$2,628,951-8.76%
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)$28.17$12,014,676-8.63%
Ravencoin (RVN)$0.047358$28,037,907-8.59%
NEO (NEO)$13.85$495,977,453-7.83%
Bitcoin SV (BSV)$150.61$276,418,355-7.45%
Waltonchain (WTC)$2.27$10,625,216-7.35%
Nash Exchange (NEX)$2.46$1,729,949-6.74%
GXChain (GXC)$1.63$1,966,650-6.35%
aelf (ELF)$0.159727$9,753,228-6.28%
OmiseGO (OMG)$1.83$65,565,940-6.22%
MonaCoin (MONA)$2.00$3,308,310-5.87%
Holo (HOT)$0.001428$11,438,543-5.59%
Ardor (ARDR)$0.080208$803,486-5.37%
Maximine Coin (MXM)$0.039579$2,564,336-5.33%
Nano (NANO)$1.15$3,771,759-5.18%
Tezos (XTZ)$1.01$6,042,826-5.1%
NEM (XEM)$0.072347$27,638,810-5.09%
SOLVE (SOLVE)$0.245683$2,317,466-5.02%
Energi (NRG)$6.96$818,629-5.01%
Qtum (QTUM)$3.55$275,958,301-4.77%
UNUS SED LEO (LEO)$1.42$8,965,612-4.59%
VestChain (VEST)$0.011882$365,643-4.42%
HyperCash (HC)$3.90$4,940,373-4.36%

We generate cryptocurrency performance reports daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Please go to our our Winners & Losers page to find all our reports. We extract crypto data and trading volumes from various trusted APIs in order to display it here for you to digest. These include CoinMarketCap and BitScreener. If you notice any bug, error or if you think any number might be wrong, please let us know

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