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Tallinn, Estonia – CODEX exchange collaborated with Attic Lab, one of the top EOS Block Producers, started #EOSCPUAid campaign to help traders trade EOS and use dApps simultaneously.

There are more than 200 EOS dApps that attract around 21000 of active daily users and growing. EOS blockchain took the lead in the real adoption of blockchain-based applications while increasing dApps usage causes a growing demand for CPU resources simultaneously. A decent part of CODEX customers is dApp users. Realizing that some of them might be torn between trading and CPU staking, the exchange allocates a portion of its EOS holdings to help customers to combine both trading and dApps usage simultaneously.

During the following month, until the 22nd of January, any user registered with CODEX will be able to request a delegation of 50 EOS for CPU for three days completely free of charge. The number of requests is unlimited, one account can get one delegation at a time and until the allocated amount of 15000 EOS lasts. As mentioned in CODEX blog post, there is a possibility to increase the said amount.

Being a Block Producer, Attic Lab recognizes the CPU issue and as a software development company, wants to create sustainable solutions regardless of market conjuncture. For that reason, Attic Lab contributed to the campaign by developing the backend. CODEX currently works towards making #EOSCPUAid a permanent feature at the exchange’s website.

CODEX is a licensed trading platform for cryptocurrencies & digital assets registered in Tallinn, Estonia. CODEX obtained all necessary licenses to provide exchange services. CODEX is built on vanguard security infrastructure (ECC API), offers revolutionary reward system (trade mining, loyalty program with own CDX token, affiliate program) and customizable interface. CODEX exchange provides 0% fee for deposit and 0.05% taker/maker trading fee.

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