Brave Browser Review: Can it Topple Chrome and Safari?

Brave Browser Review: Can it Topple Chrome and Safari? Wikipedia is announcing a partnership with blockchain-base browser Brave, which means there’s no better time to bring cryptocurrency users a Brave browser review. The review will cover everything users want to know about a new browser. Why? Well… many reasons. Number …


Wikipedia Joins Brave as a Verified Publisher

Wikipedia is joining 240,000 other verified publishers and creators on the Brave web browser, according to a news release on the Brave project’s website. The move is a smart one by the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit arm that owns the website. Becoming a verified publisher essentially means that Brave’s seven …


French Police Make Monero Bot Self-Destruct

France’s C3N digital crime fighting center is credited with destroying a virus responsible for infecting over 850,000 computers and stealing millions of dollars in Monero tokens. Thanks to an anonymous tip, police were able to locate a central server in Paris responsible for distributing the virus across the network of …

Bitcoin Price

Former Bearish CNBC Host Makes $55,000 Bitcoin Price Prediction

Photo by André François McKenzie CNBC Squawk Box host Joe Kernan is predicting a Bitcoin worth in excess of $55,000 after the currency goes through his having event in 2020. Kernan’s sentiment is quite a departure from his original bearish position on the project. He like many others laughed at the …

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