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Blompayas Foundation About To Launch A Blockchain Startup Incubator Designed To Accelerate African Blockchain Startups.

(Startups broadcast there project, receives seed funds to build at lest the beta version of their product and get promoted for ICO).


— blompayas, a startup incubator, building a blockchain startup incubation/accelerator system “Merit-Chain” on Ethereum blockchain targeting African blockchain startups, today announced their token Pre-sale which is starting on 2nd-15th July, 2018, this will enable them start “Merit-Chain” development.

Blompayas is a blockchain startup incubation program, designed to educate, seed, promote and accelerate early-stage technological innovative entrepreneurs building next-generation products in machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, asset tokenization and other innovative technologies using blockchain technology.

“The absence of blockchain incubator/accelerator is what is keeping Africans behind the scene in blockchain ecosystem, and for this problem Blompayas is born to bring Africans to the fore front in blockchain ecosystem,” said Rita Chukwuma, Co-founder/Executive director, Blompayas Incubator. This organization assist blockchain startups in Africa to achieve their project goals, during incubation; startups will be subjected to free blockchain education, Leadership and business management trainings which will be centered on how to leverage blockchain technology to create solutions that will be useful mainstream. This incubator will also seed startups with a funding budget ranging from $1000 – $10,000 in PAYA token to a maximum of 500 (this is subject to change, based on our resources) portfolio projects annually, this will enable them to produce at least a beta version of their product, test-run it, while Blompayas finally promotes the startup ICO (Token sales).

The PAYA Tokens, apart from its usage to seed blockchain startups, will also be used as a method of payment for Blompayas services, along with fiat currency and other accepted cryptocurrencies. Blompayas will offer 16,000,000 PAYA tokens will be offered to the public as follows: 1,000,000 PAYA for Airdrop/bounty and 15 000,000 PAYA for sale in two tiers to raise $5 000,000 hard caps: Pre-ICO and ICO. On Pre-ICO tokens will be sold with 40% discount. The total number of announced tokens will be 80,000 000.

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