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Crypto Radar had the privilege of interviewing Victoria Brodsky, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of BlockchainBTM, a Bitcoin ATM start-up.

BlockchainBTM Inc. owns a digital network of Blockchain Teller Machines (BTMs) with physical locations. They will complement this framework by offering a virtual BTM to support their legacy platform. They currently offer the purchase of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. BlockchainBTM locations will ultimately provide all suitable consumers and businesses the opportunity to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrency, utility tokens, and other digital assets securely and conveniently, anytime, anywhere and on any device. These additional products and services will be available to retail and wholesale markets as the regulatory environment permits, as liquidity and adoption rates improve, and as the marketplace expands. BlockchainATM stands ready with and continues to build their platform to handle the growth of this community.

How would you describe BlockchainBTM?

BlockchainBTM is a Bitcoin ATM (or rather, Crypto ATM Operator). We put out our first machine in February 2017, and now operate a network of 25 BTM’s in California, Texas, and Nevada.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and what drew you to blockchain/cryptocurrency?

I am a project manager for start-ups. A couple of years ago, blockchain and crypto were so new and I knew nothing about it. I was drawn to it by its potential to disrupt not only financial systems but all economic systems globally.

Why did BlockchainBTM come about? What birthed the idea for the company?

In 2016, my advisor (BlockchainBTM’s President, Javad Afshar) had introduced me to all of his projects. One of them was working with (our now CMO), Tim Curry, who’d put out the first BTM in Orange County.  Tim was already familiar with the BTM business, so we came together to create BlockchainBTM, which was a way for us to learn more about the space while providing a valuable service to those who wanted to obtain cryptocurrencies without all the barriers of online exchanges.

Who are the rest of the team members?

You can find our fabulous team and their bios here!

What are the 3 most important things you would want to convey to the general public about blockchain/cryptocurrency?

  1. This is still a new technology – approach it with patience and an open mind.
  2. You cannot be educated enough – keep reading, researching, and delving into the space; this is not just about speculation.
  3. You don’t have to be an expert to get involved and leverage the potential of this new technology, but always strive to learn more.

What improvements do you think are necessary with blockchain technology?

I am by no means proficient in my understanding of blockchain technology. But I know that with any new technology, there are very large learning curves like scalability, availability, and application into real-world systems. There are seemingly endless opportunities where blockchain tech can revolutionize industries, but of course, we’re still at the beginning, and the industry is poised for its fair share of adjustments and improvements across the board.

Where do you see blockchain technology in 5 years? 10 years?

In five years, I feel like the excitement and frenzy of crypto speculation will be more calm, leaving room to focus on real applications and adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech.

In ten years, I hope that the application of blockchain tech will have a meaningful impact on industries like healthcare, energy, and agriculture  – working actively as a tool to improve inefficiencies and provide better outcomes.

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