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Franck Muller Encrypto

The Franck Muller Encrypto is the only Bitcoin Watch that doubles as a deep cold storage wallet. Watches come with up to 31 jewels in and around the face and offers cold storage space for every Bitcoiners digital assets. This timepiece is the most exquisite on the market today. It's every crypto enthusiasts dream.

4.4 / 5

Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 P2P

Hublot's Big Bang collection pays homage to Bitcoin in luxurious fashion. The collection of timepieces allows owners to hold cryptocurrency through a cold storage wallet. Only 210 pieces were made available to the public as an acknowledgement to the 21 million bitcoin circulation limit. A wide price range makes for a plethora of spectacular options boasting unparalleled craftsmanship.

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Cryptomatic presents The Envoy Collection. It's the most affordable luxury Bitcoin watch on the market. Current models are sold out. Cryptomatic's reputation among enthusiasts is top-notch. Enjoy the all the glitz and glamour of spectacular timepiece commemorating cryptocurrency, without having to spend all of your Bitcoin.

3 / 5

ChronoSwiss Bitcoin: The Currency

ChronoSwiss delights crypto enthusiasts with Bitcoin: The Currency. The watch boasts a perfect technical dial set amongst a trademark Open Gear style that's sure to draw the gaze of onlookers. Show your affinity for digital assets with this piece of avant-garde design and breathtaking elegance.

HODLers and early adopters rejoice! It’s time to review watches specifically crafted for those that stuck to their guns and got in on the ground floor of the blockchain revolution. Reviewing time pieces is some of the most fun you’ll ever have. Just imagine wearing a luxury brand that represents the best in quality, customization and jewelry that the world has ever seen. We’re talking the crème de la crème of watches. No Timex rubber bands or watch faces promising to dive 100 metres deep only to break halfway into your shallow, backyard pool. No sir!

All of the watches featured in this review are the best of the best. The kind of wristwatches only athletes, celebrities and the mega rich have around their wrist. Just for considering this review, you belong in a class all your own. It’s time to highlight the best brands in the world and put a little bitcoin spin on them.

Of the top brands we reviewed here at CryptoRadar, none stands out more than Franck Muller’s Encrypto series. Both its price and craftsmanship leave no desire untapped. The finest in jewels and customized features combine to turn heads and top the charts in every aspect of our breakdown.

Coming in at a close second is Hublot’s Big Bang series. Priced similarly and offering a cold storage bitcoin wallet with a unique wallet address engraved on the outside of the watch face, Hublot really aims to please!

Rounding out our top three is the Chronoswiss offering, Bitcoin: The Currency. By comparison, the price is much more affordable than the top-rated watches in the category, yet the Swiss watchmaker doesn’t make any concessions when it comes to quality or luxury. The Currency is a great option for early adopters that got in slightly later than most, but still want the prestige of a fine timepiece.

Last but certainly not least, Cryptomatic offers the most affordable luxury bitcoin watch available on the market today. The Envoy pits Rose Gold against two different backdrops, one black and the other blue. The style is intended for men, and the design ranks among the best luxury brands, minus the over-the-top jewels.

It’s time to give you a dose of the most timeless watches available to crypto enthusiasts. Once you’re done reviewing the watches, you’ll have bitcoin dollar signs in your eyes.

Franck Muller Bitcoin Watch Review

franck-muller-logoFranck Muller is synonymous with beautiful finishing and unique designs. It has been since the 1980s. One of the hallmark features of The Vanguard Encrypto series as with many other lines of the Franck Muller brand is the Curvex watch design. The curvex combines the traditions of the round face with the stand out look of a rectangle all in one. This gives the unique features and craftsmanship of The Vanguard Encrypto plenty of room to put on display the very best in watchmaking.

Although The Vanguard Encrypto is a best-in-class offering, buyers don’t necessarily have to pay top dollar to have a Franck Muller on their wrist. $10,000 is the starting price. That may sound like a lot but considering the watch comes with as many as 31 jewels around the face, a five figure starting price is totally warranted.

What really sets The Vanguard Encrypto apart from other watches in this review is the fact that the power reserve lasts for as long as 10 full days. That’s almost unheard of in the luxury watch business. Only one other watch in this bitcoin watch review comes even close on that feature.

As far as honouring bitcoin goes, The Vanguard Encrypto offers a cold storage wallet right on the face. Buyers get a unique wallet address embedded in a QR code and a private hardware wallet key that comes with the watch case. People might question the utility of bitcoin, but they won’t question the utility of this watch. As a nod to the blockchain’s inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, the alphanumeric string of characters symbolizing the Genesis block are etched into the watch face. The amount of customization and thoughtfulness that goes into The Encrypto is unparalleled.

Franck Muller watches carry with them the branding power of routinely being mentioned in songs and appearing on the wrists of some of the most well-known athletes and celebrities in the world. Rest assured that crypto’s most influential individuals will be seen wearing The Vanguard Encrypto. Even still, it might be hard to spot one, because Franck Muller’s bitcoin offering is limited to just 500 pieces. It’s truly a rare gem.

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Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 P2P

Aside from Franck Muller, Hublot is probably the most recognizable luxury watch brand name in the world. That name is now associated with bitcoin. One thing that separates the Big Bang Meca-10 P2P from Franck Muller is how the Big Bang pays tribute to bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto. The buyer’s watch comes with a unique serial number asked on the outside of the face that proves it’s a genuine collectible. That’s a good thing considering only 210 of these watches are ever going to exist. The number 210 pays homage to the 21 million Bitcoins that Satoshi Nakamoto decided would be the maximum that the blockchain allows for.

Like bitcoin, Hublot’s limited supply is what gives the watch its value. Add that to the brand power of the name and those that have a taste for exquisite timepieces surely want to get their hands on the Big Bang. So much so that the watch is already sold out.

It matches the Franck Muller in many ways, but the price range is not one of them. Hublot’s entry-level price is actually $25,000, but the most expensive Hublot in the collection is the 42 mm Unico King Gold, which runs well over US$75,000. Though prices for luxury watches are always listed in fiat currency, another difference between Hublot’s offering and Franck Muller is that the Hublot could only be purchased with bitcoin. This means collectors really committed to owning a luxury timepiece that honors digital assets have to put their digital money where their mouth is. In a way it’s kind of funny because it means not being a HODLer and actually parting ways with some precious crypto.

Like all of the luxury watches reviewed here at CryptoRadar, the Hublot hides all of its unique mechanisms underneath unbreakable sapphire glass. Unlike other watches however, Hublot offers either a black rubber or blue calf strap. Both are a bit different from the traditional leather straps found on most high-end watches. Nevertheless, the Big Bang is a sight to behold, and that’s why nobody will be able to get their hands on one anytime soon.

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ChronoSwiss’ Bitcoin: The Currency

ChronoSwiss offers its trademark Open Gear style to bitcoin enthusiasts looking for a luxury brand watch at a more affordable price. The avant-garde design offers a breathtaking elegance that sure to draw the eyes of anyone who pays attention to finer details.

The Currency collection starts at a price of $8,500 and up. That entry-level price makes this watch the second most affordable of all the luxury watches we reviewed. Unlike the Hublot and Cryptomatic offerings, the ChronoSwiss bitcoin watch is still available for sale despite the fact it has a production limit of just 101 watches.

The ChronoSwiss brand has a rich family history in Switzerland, but it’s not the most popular brand in the world and thus competes well on price. One of the cool features of The Currency is not only that it can be purchased using bitcoin, but that the certificate of authenticity that comes with the watch is registered on a blockchain.

There are also some areas where The Currency lacks. When reviewing luxury watches, surely where there is a big price gap there also must be a gap in quality and that’s true with the ChronoSwiss variety of timepieces. For one, it doesn’t offer the personalized touch or customizable features that the Franck Muller or Hublot offer. The jewels featured in the watch are also smaller than that of competitors. To add to that, there is actually no lady’s version of the watch. While the majority of bitcoin investors are male, there are just as many women out there who like luxury as there are men, if not more. The fact there is no lady’s watch is certainly one of the downsides of the ChronoSwiss bitcoin watch.

It’s for the above reasons that Chronoswiss’ The Currency ranks third on our list.

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Cryptomatic: The Envoy

In terms of features and luxury appeal, Cryptomatic’s The Envoy doesn’t compare it all to the other watches reviewed here at CryptoRadar. To be fair to Cryptomatic however, the watch is priced for adoption, not for exclusivity. In that way, perhaps The Envoy represents bitcoin more adequately than any other luxury timepiece. It’s something that provides a little bit of luxury to everybody. It’s price that just $850. That’s still a collector’s level price if you will, but considering all the other watches in this review have high-end prices that range in the five figures, forking over a measly $850 for a watch definitely wins the pricing war.

What’s impressive about the Cryptomatic is that it still offers a 52-hour power reserve while being priced at significantly less than $1,000. That’s hard to find. It comes with adjustable straps and a lifetime warranty, and the brand only exists to serve the bitcoin community. It’s not like other high-end watchmakers simply looking for an opportunity to profit off of the newly rich target audience. Cryptomatic’s name holds weight among the computer geeks that were interested in bitcoin before it was mainstream. That’s perhaps the whole appeal of choosing The Envoy over other brands aside from the more affordable price of course.

Of course there are plenty of things left to be desired when comparing the Cryptomatic to the pricier watches. It doesn’t offer any customization options outside of the fact that a complementary leather strap accompanies the stainless steel version. The Envoy also lacks the built-in bitcoin wallet the other watches possess and has far fewer jewels in it than any other competitor.

Still, anybody not willing to take a mortgage out or write a five figure cheque for a watch could do much worse than owning a Cryptomatic. The brand sells out its limited edition collection every year for a reason.

So Which Bitcoin Watch Rules?

This is an easy question to answer. Franck Muller’s Vanguard Encrypto reigns above all. Anybody who got rich off of the early price gains of bitcoin will get seduced by the watch’s style and posh appearance. It’s the elite of elite, the king of the hill.

Other watches can only compete on price. There’s no question about which timepiece delivers premium luxury of the highest order. It’s the Franck Muller Vanguard Encrypto bitcoin watch.

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