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Franck Muller Encrypto


Only 500 editions will be sold


The Franck Muller Encrypto is the only Bitcoin Watch that doubles as a deep cold storage wallet. Watches come with up to 31 jewels in and around the face and offers cold storage space for every Bitcoiners digital assets. This timepiece is the most exquisite on the market today. It's every crypto enthusiasts dream.

Brand recognition
  • Price Starting at $10,000
  • Type of Movement ETA
  • Type of Dial Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Gold, Diamond
  • Dial Customization Feature Yes
  • Type of Strap Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Gold, Diamond
  • Power Reserve 10 days
  • Water Resistance Yes
  • Production Limit 500 pieces
  • Cold storage wallet feature makes the Encrypto more than just a pretty watch, it's a robust cold storage wallet designed by Regal Assets DMCC, a government-licensed crypto vault provider.
  • High quality materials being used (Gold, Diamond, Titanium, etc.)
  • Great looking dial design with the Satoshi genesis block
  • Renowned Brand name worn by top celebrities worldwide
  • QR code on dial is a great way to check your balance on the go
  • Steep price
  • 30 days waiting list

Encrypto is the world’s first ever fully functional Bitcoin watch. That’s right! Owners of this prestigious timepiece can set up a Bitcoin wallet using the QR code in the face. High-grade laser technology embeds the code right at 12 o’clock, linking the owner to a public wallet address that actually registers deposits on Bitcoin’s blockchain. That same QR code also stores the most up-to-date balance on the account. No need to download a mobile application or desktop wallet. It’s all inside this exquisite limited edition collection.

In addition to storing a public address inside the face of the watch itself, the Encrypto’s box comes with a hardware wallet. It’s not just any hardware wallet. Each Encrypto offers a two-piece “deep cold storage” set. All of the sensitive information contained in the wallet addresses and private keys come from non-deterministic True Random Numbers Generated completely offline, which means this piece of luxury absolutely cannot be hacked. That includes the watch itself, and the encrypted USB stick that comes with it. It’s completely to add bitcoins and check balances directly through the dial.

The Vangaurd Encrypto is designed to be both breathtaking and secure thanks to a partnership with Regal Assets, the crypto investment firm with offices across North America, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

Aesthetically this Franck Muller absolutely takes the breath away. The Bitcoin logo in the center of the watch is nestled on top of a detailed copy of the cryptocurrency’s genesis block. Both the men’s and women’s versions of the watch come in Stainless Steel, Rose, Gold, Titanium and Carbon. Each piece comes with straps made of alligator leather with rubber on the other side of the folding buckle.

The numerals that tell the time come in a uniquely bold typeface that totally stands out and accents the Bitcoin logo very nicely. It’s rare to find a watch that makes an emotional and personal impact, but Franck Muller’s Vangaurd Encrypto does the trick.

The Encrypto is available for both men and women in only 500 pieces of each model are available for sale. The price range to get in on this limited edition collection starts at $10,000 and goes just above $50,000 for the most expensive piece in the collection, the 45MM Diamond Gold Case Centurion Edition.

Many of the features within each model of this collection are customizable, giving the user unparalleled control over the look, feel, function and luxury of their rare collectible.

The Centurion Edition

The Centurion Edition of the Vanguard Encrypto may indeed be fit for a king, but this piece pays homage to Roman soldiers. That’s what Centurions are after all. However, Centurions are just any soldier. They behaved with the utmost class and encourage, and were said to have been paid 17 times more than the average soldier because of their ability to stay disciplined and act swiftly.

It’s with this level of prestige and honor in mind that The Centurion is crafted. 340 diamonds cover this piece (each one is 6.21 carats). The Bitcoin logo’s orange color acts as the perfect backdrop underneath marine white jewels. The numbers are handcrafted and painted in the same white color to match.

The QR code at the top of the face sits in its own frame, right above the famous Bitcoin logo which is surrounded by detailed circuitry representing its underlying technology known as the blockchain.

The dial represents the epitome of luxury. Gold and white details blend with black crowns act as the lasting impression on this exquisite limited edition timepiece.

Franck Muller vs Others (Hublot, ChronoSwiss, Cryptomatic etc)

CriteriaFranck Muller Vanguard Encrypto Other Bitcoin Watches
Price$10,000+Some watches cost less, some more.
Type of DialSkeletonizedAll offer skeletonized dials with features unique to their brand.
Type of StrapStainless steel, leather.Most offer leather.
Water ResistanceYesAll watches are water resistant.
Type of MovementETAAll watches offer unique types of movement.
Dial Customization FeatureYesSome watches offer customization.
Power Reserve10 daysMore than any other watch.
Production Limit500More than any other watch.

The Rest of the Encrypto Collection

The ladies Diamond Case Opera One provides a self-described visionary flair and opulence never before seen in a watch. Piano black and silk white provide a contrast that highlights the color matched numerals and the 340 diamonds surrounding the face.

A sportier version of the ladies’ piece is available thanks to the Color Dreams Edition. Each of the numerals is a different colour, but the face itself maintains Franck Mueller’s trademark shape. While the Opera One starts at $29,000, the Color Dreams Edition starts at $39,000 plus.

The entry-level men’s equivalent is the Diamond Case Speed Limited Edition. Starting at $39,380, this watch is inspired by motor racing instruments and the futuristic Bitcoin universe. The watch forces its owner to think about the early days of Bitcoin and the discovery of a new asset class. Outer black alligator leather with Bitcoin orange stitching accent the 340 diamonds on the face perfectly. A mat black backdrop and orange highlight the marine white numerals in a way that makes the watch fashionable, sporty and luxurious.

Getting your hands on the Vanguard Encrypto collection by Franck Muller puts you in an exclusive class of early adopters, even if you weren’t able to get your head around the concept of Bitcoin 10 years ago. Join an elite class and get the only luxury watch that doubles as a secure offline Bitcoin wallet.

Franck Muller Carbon Bitcoin Watch


All photos and videos courtesy of Franck Muller and Regal Assets.

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