Only 100 quantities to be sold.


Cryptomatic presents The Envoy Collection. It's the most affordable luxury Bitcoin watch on the market. Current models are sold out. Cryptomatic's reputation among enthusiasts is top-notch. Enjoy the all the glitz and glamour of spectacular timepiece commemorating cryptocurrency, without having to spend all of your Bitcoin.

Brand Recognition
  • Price $850
  • Type of Movement 8N24
  • Type of Dial Japanese-made skeleton
  • Dial Customization Feature N/A
  • Type of Strap Stainless steel, leather.
  • Power Reserve 52 hours
  • Water Resistance Yes
  • Production Limit 100
  • Affordable price.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Simple style.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Watchmaker serves only the cryptocurrency community.
  • Fewer jewels.
  • Lack of customization options.
  • No Bitcoin wallet.

Cryptomatic is selling the 11th and 12th editions of its luxury line of Bitcoin watches. The company is in its fifth year of doing business in the previous 10 versions of their trademark watch are all sold out. This watch will always be a favorite in the crypto community because it’s the one luxury brand available on the market today that is both manufactured and sold by a company in the cryptocurrency business, not a traditional luxury watchmaker.

This is an important fact to keep in mind because Bitcoin purists love the idea of supporting something that contributes to the decentralization community rather than finding a private business. Living off of Bitcoin is one way to do it, supporting a company that’s part of the economy and only serves Bitcoin-minded people as its target audience is another.

That’s how Cryptomatic markets itself. As a watchmaker for the Bitcoin aficionado. It’s not just for the early adopting aficionados who might’ve made millions of dollars off of the rise of Bitcoin’s price though. Cryptomatic’s price is just under $890 for the timepiece regardless of the one customers choose. That’s very affordable considering other luxury watchmaker’s like Franck Muller and Hublot start their prices at $10,000.

If you’re in-between on whether or not to enter the luxury Bitcoin watch game, this entry-level crowd pleaser might be the watch you’ve been looking for!

Cryptomatic Envoy Rose Gold Bitcoin Watch


The black version of the current Cryptomatic watches available for sale is a personal favorite. This version features the trademark Cryptomatic hand design and the return of the large Bitcoin symbol with a see-through skeleton that made the very first collection of Cryptomatic watches so popular.

The case measures 42 mm and it’s open. The digits for each hour on the clock are spelled out in binary numbers, as a nod to all the crypto and computer geeks out there that helped make Cryptomatic a leading timepiece brand in the industry. The digits sit over top of the dial that has the Bitcoin logo embedded in the middle giving it a three dimensional look and feel. The stainless steel used to make the watch is also used in aerospace technology, where preventing corrosion is a must. This watch is built to last.

It’s a beautifully finished piece that features self-winding mechanics. It’s made in Japan and vibrates 21,600 times per hour and maintains a power reserve that lasts 52 hours.

All models of Cryptomatic watches come with stainless steel straps and a complementary leather strap that can act as a replacement when you feel like a more casual luck. 21 jewels grace the face and give it the look of luxury without the high-end price of some competing timepieces.

Cryptomatic vs Others (Franck Muller, Hublot, ChronoSwiss, etc)

CriteriaCryptomatic Other Bitcoin Watches
Price$850All other watches cost more.
Type of DialJapanese-made skeletonAll offer skeletonized dials with features unique to their brand.
Type of StrapStainless steel, leather.Most offer leather.
Water ResistanceYesAll watches are water resistant.
Type of Movement8N24All watches offer unique types of movement.
Dial Customization FeatureNoSome watches offer customization.
Power Reserve52 HoursOthers offer more.
Production Limit100Other watches come in larger quantities.

Pros of the Cryptomatic Bitcoin Watch Collection

The warranty that comes with the Cryptomatic watch is a huge selling point. All international buyers are covered for life! That means you by the watch once and never have to worry about it not working or suddenly stopping. If that happens you can contact customer service and take advantage of the warranty. Get the watch replaced at no cost to you. Simple as that!

Another great thing about Cryptomatic’s offering is that the company includes a free leather strap to go with the default stainless steel variety. No need to incur added costs in order to switch up your fashion choices and your style. One watch and two straps. This timepiece sells itself. Add that to the fact that customers can also purchase the same style of watch in blue, and now this timepiece suits of both a formal and casual occasion and a variety of personal styles.

And of course we have to mention the super low price of this luxury item as a benefit. Look like somebody who got into Bitcoin in 2009 without having to spend like one.


The Downsides of This Bitcoin Wristwatch

Other luxury Bitcoin watches pay homage to different cryptocurrencies, engrave personal registration numbers on the face, include more jewels and even register Bitcoin transactions and the watches themselves on the blockchain, Cryptomatic does none of those things. It’s simply not as elegant as other brands, but of course, what could you expect given the price point?

Another disadvantage is that there simply aren’t that many styles available and these watches sell quickly. Only 100 editions of both the black and blue variety are available for sale, and because the price point is lower, these watches will probably sell out faster than most premium brands.

Still, being a Bitcoin aficionado and the timepiece connoisseur don’t necessarily have to involve the same level of investment. The Cryptomatic is perfect for anybody that wants to present their timepiece with the subtle style that’s not too overstated.

For under $1,000 this is probably the best Bitcoin watch money can buy. Unfortunately, the Cryptomatic can’t be bought with Bitcoin.


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