ChronoSwiss Bitcoin: The Currency


Only 101 quantities sold.


ChronoSwiss delights crypto enthusiasts with Bitcoin: The Currency. The watch boasts a perfect technical dial set amongst a trademark Open Gear style that's sure to draw the gaze of onlookers. Show your affinity for digital assets with this piece of avant-garde design and breathtaking elegance.

Brand Recognition
  • Price $8,500
  • Type of Movement ChronoSwiss calibre C.299
  • Type of Dial Skeletonized, Red-Gold Plated
  • Dial Customization Feature No
  • Type of Strap Crocodile Leather
  • Power Reserve 42 hours
  • Water Resistance Yes
  • Production limit 101
  • Still available for sale.
  • Lower price point.
  • Can be purchased using Bitcoin.
  • Blockchain-friendly proof of ownership certification.
  • 5 different cryptocurrencies represented.
  • No ladies editions of the watches.
  • Featured diamonds are smaller than competitors.
  • Brand recognition not as high.
  • Few personal touch or customization options.

ChronoSwiss is entering the crypto game with a series of five different watches, all reasonably priced. Based out of Lucern, Switzerland, the watchmaker offers luxury timepieces at prices more affordable than competitors like Hublot or Franck Muller.

The company offers five different pieces in its blockchain series, each recognizing one specific cryptocurrency. The digital assets represented in the collection include Bitcoin, Ethereum NEM, COMSA, and Zaif.

Bitcoin of course is the classic cryptocurrency project that started it all in 2008. Who would’ve thought Satoshi Nakamoto’s eight-page whitepaper would lead to such a revolution?

Ethereum is the flagship representative of blockchain 2.0. Its mission is to build the world’s largest decentralized computer, allowing developers to offer apps to the public without the need to get approval from powerful publishers like Google, Apple or Amazon.

NEM stands for New Economy Movement. NEM coin uses JavaScript and launched in 2015.

COMSA is a Swiss-based company that allows centralized businesses to get into the blockchain game and launch initial coin offerings.

Zaif is a Swiss cryptocurrency exchange.

It’s safe to say that while COMSA and Zaid themed watches may be popular among Swiss consumers, the Bitcoin and Ethereum-themed watches will sell more.

The ChronoSwiss Bitcoin Watch


Bitcoin: The Currency. That’s the proper name of the watch. It’s “Proved by worked and worth every Satoshi. Hodl on for a brighter tomorrow.”

The case of the watch is made up of 16 pieces of is stainless steel surrounded by a DLC coating. Like the Hublot Meca-10 P2P, the ChronoSwiss features a satin finish. The watch is water resistant and the face of it is made from sapphire crystal. Pretty standard feature among the most luxurious watches in the crypto category.

What’s special about this watches that it’s skeletonized with a red gold-plated rotor and connected to the Bitcoin logo and ball bearing. The pallet lever is polished nicely and the bridges and plates contain perlage. The hands of the watch are also red and gold-plated.

All watches in this series are verified on the blockchain by a third-party company called Lux Tag.

The Flying Regulator Open Blockchain Series is a limited collection, with only 101 of each of the five watches available to the public.


Other Features of ChronoSwiss’ Bitcoin Watch

The displays on the face of the watch are located in three different places. The off-center hours at 12:00, the minutes and seconds at 6:00. The watch contains 31 jewels and the strap is made from hand-sewn crocodile leather.

One area where this watch fails to match the competition is with its power reserve. Hublot and Franck Muller crypto watches offer reserves the last several days, where ChronoSwiss’ power reserve lasts only 42 hours.

If having top-notch power reserve is a must have feature for you, the ChronoSwiss may not be the brand you want.

However, if you got into Bitcoin slightly later than most people, this watch is definitely worth the price.


One thing buyers of this watch will love is the fact that it can be registered on the blockchain, and there’s actually a proper explanation video of how to do it:

ChronoSwiss Blockchain Series Watch Price

Each watch in the series retails for exactly 8,356.55 Swiss Francs which is roughly $8,500 USD. The watch can be purchased with Bitcoin, just like its competitors.

Chronoswiss’ Ethereum Watch

The Ethereum watch is called The Contract. The silver Ethereum logo is located next to 6:00 and the same hand-sewn crocodile straps featured on the Bitcoin watch are actually featured in a blue hue. It’s a really nice colour any Ethereum enthusiast would want to wear on their wrist.


ChronoSwiss vs Others (Franck Muller, Hublot, Cryptomatic, etc)

Bitcoin: The Currency
Other Bitcoin Watches
Price$8,500Cryptomatic is cheaper. Every other watch costs more.
Type of DialSkeletonized, Red Gold PlatedAll offer skeletonized dials with features unique to their brand.
Type of StrapCrocodile LeatherAll offer leather. Only one offers an alternative fabric.
Water ResistanceYesAll watches are water resistant.
Type of MovementChronoSwiss Calibre c.299All watches offer unique types of movement.
Dial Customization FeatureNoSome watches offer customization.
Power Reserve42 HoursMost other watches over a longer power reserve.
Production Limit101Most other watches have a higher production limit.

The main reason the ChronoSwiss Blockchain Series is set at a price more affordable than Hublot or Franck Muller is that ChronoSwiss brands feature far fewer jewels. The watches are just not as big and in-your-face. As far as function and quality of the working parts of the timepiece are concerned however, ChronoSwiss matches any other watchmaker quite well.

Perhaps another drawback of the watch is the fact that each variety poses a specifically male appeal. There’s nothing in the collection available for women. For the average cryptocurrency enthusiasts, this won’t matter since male investors and cryptocurrencies far outweigh females statistically speaking.

Still, watches made for ladies usually have smaller watch faces and straps. Anybody interested in the ChronoSwiss Blockchain Series won’t find that in any of the five watches.

Unlike other luxury Bitcoin watches, the ChronoSwiss is still available, even though the price point is much lower than many competitors. The Bitcoin watch is still available as of this writing.

Delivery times may vary, but anybody hoping to get their hands on a Hublot Meca-10 can still be associated with another Swiss luxury brand. ChronoSwiss.

All photos and videos courtesy of ChronoSwiss.

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