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Since its inception a decade ago, Bitcoin has enjoyed a surge in popularity and price. It has emerged from the nether regions of the dark web, triumphantly into the mainstream. Yet unfortunately for investors, no one has been bestowed the gift of prophecy- the ability to foretell the future of the cryptocurrency. However, the general consensus is certainly positive for Bitcoin. Ranges from five-figures to astronomical seven-figures are very long-term projections of a price for the mighty crypto. In this article, industry experts weigh in on Bitcoin price predictions for 2030 and offer an explanation of what to expect from the cryptocurrency.

$37,000 Per Bitcoin By 2030

“Obviously this is going to be nothing but people pulling numbers out of their a** as nobody has a crystal ball that can predict the future of Bitcoin, or any investment for that matter. The target of date of 2030 is so far off as well, the world is going to be an entirely different place in ten years with AI and automation and advances in technology as well as specifically blockchain technology and quantum computing.

All that said it’s a fun discussion to have. We regularly see financial advisors and people in the Bitcoin space throwing out numbers, Bitcoin could be $50,000 by 2021, Bitcoin could be $500,000 by 2025, etc. People post this stuff on the Bitcoin and Crypto subreddits on a daily basis.

If I had to throw out a number I’d say $37,000 per Bitcoin. Bitcoin moves crazily though, we saw Bitcoin go from a couple of thousand dollars to almost $20,000 over the course of 45 days so I rule nothing out with Bitcoin. It could just as easily be a million bucks. One piece of news can send markets going wild, so much could happen over the course of 10 years. I think Bitcoin will hold out as the main cryptocurrency and will act as digital gold or store of value whereas other cryptocurrencies will be more functional and more utility tokens.”

John Frigo, SEO Lead, MySupplementStore.Com

$100,000 USD By 2030

“Bitcoin today has a market capitalization of over $200 billion, larger than many countries. We have seen a lot of price fluctuations this year, but Bitcoin is still widely considered among the top digital assets.  Its simple math that Bitcoin will continue to increase in value over the long-term; its price the year 2030 will reach and possibly surpass the 100k USD mark that year.  Bitcoin will likely be the biggest and most popular asset by 2030 and beyond.”

Addy Crezee, Founder and CEO, BlockShow

Three Million By 2030

“I am on the BTC at one million dollars by 2020 train and by 2030 I predict $3M based on full token economies emerging throughout the unbanked world opening up new economies. As we continue to see increased use cases and companies utilizing blockchain with the decrease in BTC supply, the timing looks to put John McAfee’s bet in the clear. Increased blockchain use cases benefit Bitcoin by allowing investors to hedge the volatile bitcoin price with more traditional high performing assets. For example, available equity in the high performing commercial real estate industry is almost $14 trillion. Tokenizing this equity increases the market cap for blockchain overall and drives BTC’s dominance to one million by 2020 and three million by 2030.”

Kyle White, Chief Marketing Officer, Element Zero Network

The Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s) Component

“Given the rapid advances in technology, the over-hyped blockchain currencies may not even exist as we currently know them in the year 2030. This is because the world’s central bankers have already begun to discuss the idea of central bank digital currencies, or CBDC’s. Even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is talking openly about the pros and cons of the idea. Private digital payment systems are becoming more popular, but none of them can operate apart from the banking system. If CBDC’s gain in popularity then this would alleviate the need for cash, traditional bank accounts, and even digital payment services. According to studies, CBDC’s would likely replace all private digital payment systems, regardless of whether they are connected to traditional bank accounts or cryptocurrencies. Essentially, a Central Bank Digital Currency could render cryptocurrencies obsolete by the year 2030.”

James Hyerczyk, Senior Market Analyst, FX Empire 

Bitcoin Will Continue To Increase

“Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have captured the public’s imagination and investors’ fancy as a new pathway to wealth. Bitcoins traded as high as $4,000 in the last week of August, but as recently as 2010 you could have purchased a Bitcoin for a few pennies.

Part of Bitcoin’s mystique is its high technology, high security, and the massive computing power required to mine (or create) another Bitcoin. We might think of Bitcoin as a type of artificial currency, an imaginary currency, or even a counterfeit currency, but, of course, it goes by the moniker “cryptocurrency.”

The brilliance of Bitcoin is actually the block-chain technology that underlies the currency.  It is among the most secure online technologies available; it is virtually impossible to hack, manipulate, or thwart. In addition to artificial currencies, block-chain technology offers great promise as an extremely secure system for online interchanges and transactions. The technology that underlies Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are part of the allure, the rationale, and the story.”

Jerry W. Thomas, President, Decision Analyst Inc. 

At Least $1 Million USD

“1)We see a 24-month cycle of bitcoin which has happened 5 times since 2008. The last bull run was in 2017 and now 2019 seems to be the next one. 2) Bitcoin block reward halving will take place on 2020 May and before block halving, in the past, the price always moves upwards. 3) Bitcoin is not affected by the economic and political situations of any country. Looking at the global market conditions I predict a recession like a scenario in a few months, and this time people will look for alternative investments like Bitcoin which will make the prices stronger. 4) More regulations and awareness of the currency is always going to help the upside. Looking at all the factors we expect the crypto market cap to reach one trillion by the March next year which is just 280 Billion at the moment, and hence the price of Bitcoin should be around 30,000 USD to 37500 USD by the second quarter next year.

Price prediction for 2030 should be at least $1Million USD. The market cap of Crypto will reach 35-40 Trillion Dollars looking at the consistent growth rate. If that happens the Bitcoin price will continue to outperform assuming the Metcalfs law of Telecommunication and market sentiments.”

Sidharth Sogani, Founder and CEO, CREBACO Global Inc

$250,000 By 2030

“By 2030 I believe bitcoin will hit $250,000. There is just too much happening in the space for it to disappear or progress to slow down. It’s been around for a decade and with market share sitting at about 67%, you can’t stop BTC.”

Fred Schebesta, ICO Advisor, Co-founder,

It has certainly been a wild ride for the father of all cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has gone from a cent to soaring past $20,000 per token. In the past couple years the ever-increasing popularity of the crypto has lead to increased adoption of Bitcoin. At the beginning of April of this year, it enjoyed an incredible milestone – recording its 400 millionth transaction. Suffice to say, this is a major achievement for Bitcoin and is indicative that its user base is very active. Based upon the predictions of the experts in this article, Bitcoin will likely skyrocket into the stratosphere by 2030. At the very least, there is nowhere but an upward trajectory for the crypto.


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