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Coin IRA is in its third year of doing business. That’s not a long time. However, the company is owned by Goldco, an organization with plenty of experience selling gold as both a short-term and IRA-friendly investment. Trevor Gerszt is the founder of Coin IRA, with Brenda Whitman acting as the CEO. The company lists itself as having as many as 200 employees, which means the company is significantly larger than most competitors. Investors looking for experience and a company that caters to a significant portion of the Bitcoin IRA market could do worse than Coin IRA.

Whereas other IRA companies offer as many as seven or eight cryptocurrencies for investment, Coin IRA focuses on the three most popular digital assets: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The advantage to this is that they can likely dive deep into analyzing the fundamental value of each project. The downside is that competitors can do the same thing and service a broader range of verticals within the space, like privacy for example.

After this complete review, investors can make their own decision.

Coin IRA: The Advantages

If experience really is the best teacher, Coin IRA is a top IRA provider. Its parent company GoldCo is in its 14th year of doing business. The company sells physical gold and silver for direct investment and also provides customers with gold and silver IRAs. They vow to give customers the personal attention and respect they deserve when considering their investment options. Coin IRA promises to cater to both the novice investor looking to rollover a 401(k) and the experienced investor looking to capitalize on the exponential growth potential of cryptocurrencies.

The fact that the organization chooses to focus on three of the most recognizable digital assets on the market is proof of that. They really do aim to have a wide range of individuals. Other IRA companies I like the looking to help more experienced investors who feel they can handle a higher degree of risk. From this perspective, perhaps Coin IRA is meant to be more “entry-level-friendly” so to speak.

Despite the fact the company has only been crypto-friendly for three years, Coin IRA is one of the earliest movers and shakers in the space. Although not the very first company to delve into cryptocurrencies, Coin IRA does have somewhat of a first mover advantage when it comes to having the opportunity to build up a track record with their target customer.

That being said, the company is not the top rated one reviewed here at CryptoRadar. A few of the organization’s weaknesses need to be addressed in order for Coin IRA to move up the ranks.

Coin IRA: The Disadvantages

Coin IRA is established enough to garner the respect of investors, but those who want a broader range of cryptocurrencies to choose from have to go somewhere else. Only a pair of IRAs reviewed here at CryptoRadar offer more than six different currencies, but Coin IRA’s offer of just three is by far the least. Customers who are already with the company by way of traditional Gold and Silver investments held at Goldco will naturally use Coin IRA. Prospects not associated with the company at all might be better served to look at the wider range of cryptos offered elsewhere.

Another area where Coin IRA can improve is with regard to customer reviews. The organization has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but only a 3.4 out of four stars on Google. An A+ on any report card is impressive, but there are actually other IRA companies that fare better.

Perhaps one disadvantage for the beginner investor is the fact that Coin IRA requires a $15,000 minimum investment. Most IRA companies offer a $10,000 minimum. For the serious long-term retirement planner, $15,000 is still manageable. Still it’s not ideal for a younger investor just starting out.

Coin IRA Vs Others (Regal Assets, Bitcoin IRA Coin IRA, BitIRA, etc)

CriteriaCoin IRA.comOther Bitcoin IRA Companies
Minimum Investment$15,000Several other IRAs have lower minimums.
Coins OfferedBitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRPSeveral other IRAs offer more cryptocurrencies
Customer RatingsA+ on Better Business Bureau. 3.4 out of 4 on Google ReviewsTwo other IRAs review better overall.
Insurance OfferedUp to $100 million.$100 million is the maximum offered by several providers.

Should Investors Choose Coin IRA?

Coin IRA has a generally good reputation. Investors who consider themselves beginners or may already be investing in gold or silver with Goldco, the parent company. Of course, beginners will need to meet the minimum deposit requirement.

Above and beyond that, Coin IRA still offers adequate insurance coverage comparable to all competitors and has a good track record in general because of its history in traditional investments.

The one area where the company lacks is with regard to customer reviews. Coin IRA simply hasn’t been reviewed by as many third-party review platforms as competitors. The reviews the company does have rank it somewhere in the middle of the pack. Reputation management is a huge part of marketing a business online, and at the moment, consumers might be inclined to look at options that simply provide more testimonials or a higher number of quality reviews.

Be sure to check out other Bitcoin IRA companies here at CryptoRadar. If you do decide to choose Coin IRA, at least you’re now better informed.

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