Based in Costa Rica, Betcoin is one of the longest standing bitcoin gambling sites on the market today. The site offers competitive bonuses, accepts a variety of altcoins and a large number of gaming options.



Sportsbet.io prides itself on three principles. Being fast, fun and fair. It's top notch in supporting the cryptocurrency enthusiast and the hardcore sports fan. Though there's certainly room for improvement, you'll enjoy the gaming experience at the end of the day.



1xBit markets itself as one of the best bitcoin betting sites on the market today. CryptoRadar's review second's that belief. With a higher maximum first deposit bonus than competitors and 29 different currencies accepted, 1xBit is indeed a top bitcoin gaming option.



Nitrogen Sports launched in 2012. It's one of the first Bitcoin betting sites ever to open its doors to the crypto enthusiast. The site offers great odds for sports fanatics and just enough action at the tables to please a casual bettor's appetite.



CloudBet is one of the leading bitcoin betting sites on the market today. With 20-plus sports to wager on, a variety of exciting table games, hefty deposit bonuses and no KYC required, CloudBet gives players many great ways to win more bitcoin.

Here’s an article that’ll please gamblers and potentially earn them a boatload of Bitcoin. It’s time to review the top Bitcoin betting sites. While big brand name offshore betting sites like Bodog and 5Dimes do accept Bitcoin, they weren’t known crypto-friendly sites, so we’re not talking about those here (though we may review those sites in the not too distant future). Instead we’re talking about sites that position their marketing efforts to specifically target the crypto enthusiast above the traditional fiat gamer.

As any avid crypto fan knows there’s a certain way of communicating about Bitcoin and other crypto projects, and a sense of community that goes with it that the traditional gambling world is trying to capitalize on, but isn’t necessarily a part of. That’s why we’re reviewing traditional gaming sites and Bitcoin-specific sites separately.

Plus, we know our dedicated following at CryptoRadar is all for crypto adoption already, so we might as well talk to you in crypto-speak anyway.

An Overview of Bitcoin Betting Sites

Throughout this review we’ll talk about all of the things that make one site better than another and give all our readers food for thought as they browse through each site (and each corresponding review of course) and pick the right Bitcoin gaming site for them. However, just because these sites compete for your hard earned Bitcoin, doesn’t mean there aren’t some common themes between them.

Here are the five Bitcoin betting sites included in this review:

Each of these sites is registered on an offshore island such as the Cayman Islands or Curacao. They all offer live betting and they all accept Bitcoin for betting. Unlike more traditional sportsbooks that are currently accepting cryptocurrencies, the above sites don’t convert your balance to fiat when you’re placing wagers. This of course has an upside and a downside. All depends on the price of Bitcoin. Obviously if the price goes up while you’re placing wagers, all of a sudden your wins are worth more than you thought. But if the price of Bitcoin goes down while you’re wagering, your wins aren’t worth as much.

Whether or not you feel comfortable gambling on a site that is specifically crypto-focused and not just accepting it because it’s easier to get around the law really depends on whether you value cryptocurrency in general. If you do, it will be easier for you to accept these fluctuations as a part of your gaming experience.

A Word of Warning

Bitcoin betting sites take advantage of many of the grey areas that go along with being involved in cryptocurrency. Obviously if you’re already a fan of the movement, you don’t need to be sold on things. However, gamblers using these sites should know that in the world of digital assets, when you send someone else your crypto, you’re pretty much at their mercy as far as getting it back is concerned. Now of course, people who want to build a sustainable business around Bitcoin over the long run would be better served to treat people with integrity and respect, but the other side of that is these sites may not feel obligated to do business with you in the traditional way. For example, pretty much all of them will let you take out small withdrawals without providing identification, but if you start winning lots of your bets, that may become a requirement and all of a sudden it will take significantly longer to take out winnings.

Risk vs. Reward

There’s also the problem of Bitcoin potentially being lost in transmission. If you don’t send cryptocurrency to the proper wallet, there’s no way to get it back, and even the most honest Bitcoin gaming operator won’t be able to help you. Also, many of these gaming sites have rules on when somebody is allowed to withdraw. Sometimes you have to play your entire bankroll before they will let you take money out. A traditional gaming sites dealing in fiat currency would never be allowed to do this to anyone, but some Bitcoin betting sites get away with it.

Everybody knows that when you’re gambling with your money, you should only be risking what you can afford to lose. But even sending your money to these sites in the first place involves a small degree of risk, so be mindful of that.

There are also benefits to taking that risk. We’ve already touched on the fact that these operators won’t ask you for identification for the most part, so if you value anonymity and don’t want anybody to know about your profits or losses, you get that.

Secondly, since many of these operators are able to avoid using major banks and third-party services to accept payments, it means they don’t have to pay those costs of doing business. While the odds of winning the sports bet or a table game wager definitely differ across the five providers in this review, pretty much all of them offer better odds of winning than any traditional online gaming site.

So in summary, as you dive further into this review, just know that when it comes to Bitcoin and gambling, you’ve got to be willing to take the good with the bad. As long as you’re comfortable with that, you can have a great time and potentially wins some big money!

All that being said, let’s get into what these sites have to offer. We’ll go over each site individually based on our cumulative rankings and then offer up an explanation of our verdict at the very end.


betcoin-logoOf all the Bitcoin/crypto only betting sites on the market, no one site does a better job of branding itself than Betcoin. The platform has a large following on the forum BitcoinTalk.org. That may not mean much to the average gambler, but to a Bitcoin enthusiast that should hold weight. That’s because Betcoin is very active on there. They answer questions and offer promotions to the community. They do a great job of marketing on the forum and that’s why people trust them.

That’s not to say that everybody trusts them. Customer reviews we read routinely call out Betcoin and other competitors for missing funds, bets that weren’t credited etc…

Still, Betcoin generally has a great track record when it comes to serving customers. They offer live support and surprisingly, not all competitors do that.

First Deposit Bonus

You would think that offering a traditional first deposit or welcome bonus would be a standard for all Bitcoin-only betting sites. You know, the kind where you deposit a full Bitcoin (you’re a high roller) and get a 200% return after playing 25 times your bankroll? As you’ll find out a little lower down, that’s not necessarily the case.

Fortunately, Betcoin isn’t going to leave new users hanging. They do offer a 100% bonus up to a full Bitcoin on a first deposit. But as usual there are always terms and conditions to these bonus promotions. Betcoin’s does stipulate playing many times your balance before you can receive the reward. Still it’s better than nothing and if you’re a long-term player who knows how to manage their bankroll, you’ll eventually cash in.

Other Promotions

Betcoin offers a weekly handicapper battle during the NFL season where bettors in a prize pool paid in BTC to those that top the leaderboard. They also offer bonuses to those that win parlay bets featuring Major League Baseball games during the MLB playoffs.

Non-sports focused promotions include jackpots for winning a table games and again, rewards for finishing a top leaderboards on various games.

More on Betcoin Sports

Betcoin’s website is overwhelming just due to the sheer number of games offered and the fact that they cram everything into such a small digital space. Still, the operators of the site deserve kudos for the fact that they use separate domain names for their sportsbook and table games. That means, if you want to look at everything they have to offer you just go to Betcoin.ag. If you only want the sportsbook, go to BetcoinSports.com.

Also, it should be noted that Betcoin routinely offers some of the best wagering odds in the industry. That’s not just saying that they do better than traditional betting sites like Bodog. Betcoin even does better than most Bitcoin-specific betting sites. After you’re done reading this review, go and check the lines and odds on each site and see for yourself.

Cryptocurrency Offerings

Betcoin supports eight different cryptocurrencies. That’s considerably more than any other gambling site we reviewed. SportsBet offers more currencies, but half of their offering is for fiat currency. Nevertheless, at Betcoin, players can use the following coins:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • Monero
  • Litecoin

Remember the transaction time for a deposit depends on the speed of the blockchain. The transaction time for a withdrawal depends on the speed of the operator AND the blockchain. That is why it usually takes much longer to withdraw currency than it does to deposit it.

Why We Rated Betcoin First

Betcoin has a large online community, not just because of its position as one of the earliest Bitcoin betting sites around, but because of its commitment to actually being part of the community and answering questions from users. You can see it when you log onto a live game and see people chatting. There are a lot of them.

That’s not the only reason we rated Betcoin first. They offer more cryptocurrency support than anyone else, some of the most competitive sports odds, and more sports betting options than anyone else. Using Betcoin really is a fun experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Now let’s move on to the other top sites.

Read the full Betcoin review.


SportsBet.io is still working on its marketing and brand awareness. It’s also still working on its website. Some of the links to its promotions don’t work. So why would we rank than the second in our review of crypto only betting sites? There are number of reasons.

An Adoption Focused Promotion

First and foremost the website has a unique partnership with English Premier League football club Watford FC. The partnership is still in its infancy, but so far SportsBet seems committed to giving away team merchandise on a regular basis and also inspiring those that love to bet on soccer with decent odds. Make no mistake about it, having a sportsbook advertise during games is nothing new. It’s a particularly popular marketing strategy in Europe, where laws surrounding sports gambling and advertising are more relaxed. Of course, that’s about to change in the United States, but that takes time anyway.

Still even though other betting sites advertise during games, they’re not affiliated directly with the team so that’s a new approach. It’s also an interesting and not-so-subtle way of promoting the adoption of Bitcoin, which is why we really like the promotion.

A Different Approach to Welcome Bonuses

In scouring the Internet and looking to review every aspect of Bitcoin betting sites, the concept of doubling up an initial deposit made by a player who rolls over their bankroll 25 to 30 times got so tiring to read about. That kind of bonus is an industry standard, whether we’re talking about a Bitcoin gambling site or a regular fiat gambling competitor.

SportsBet’s approach is slightly different and much simpler to keep track of. Players making their first deposit can wager up to three times their initial bet for free. That’s it, there are no other terms and conditions as far as we know. This means any gambler looking to get a head start on increasing their bankroll can wait until they find a favourable matchup they really like and use their 3x bet on that game. In theory this should increase the chances of winning. To be fair there is a caveat to that. Wagers must be on odds of at least 1.50, so no betting on overwhelmingly obvious wins. There’s still some risk involved here.

Supporting a Wide Variety of Currencies

SportsBet.io doesn’t support as many cryptos as Betcoin, but it does accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, TRON and a sports gambling-specific coin called the All Sports Coin. The thing is they don’t just stop there. SportsBet actually goes even further than most traditional sportsbooks in accepting fiat currency. They don’t just accept the American dollar, they also take the Canadian dollar, the Indian rupee, the British pound and a handful of other currencies. That’s pretty amazing in this day and age. It’s far above the industry standard.

The Cons of Using SportsBet.io

Here’s the thing. It’s a little bit off-putting that some of the promotions located in the left-hand side of the website’s navigation bar don’t lead to anything when there isn’t a promotion currently being run. It just leads to a blank page with an error message on it. That’s not a good luck for a betting platform trying to steal market share from other Bitcoin betting sites.

While its partnership with Watford FC is probably the first of its kind in the Bitcoin space, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. That’s why we couldn’t give SportsBet.io the top spot in our review.

Read the full SportsBet.io review.


1xBit logoIn comparison to SportsBet.io, the brand recognition of 1xBit is far higher. Whereas SportsBet is aligning itself with a specific team in the English Premier League, 1xBit is actually an advertising partner for the whole league. Anybody who watches EPL matches will see the advertising on the sidelines from time to time. People who aren’t fans of Watford FC but still watch the EPL (IE every other footy fan in the United Kingdom) will thus be more likely to choose 1xBit in comparison to Watford FC. That makes logical sense.

Advertising aside, 1xBit offers its own unique set of value propositions and promotions to try to entice players to get in the game.

Adopting Crypto to the Fullest

1xBit accepts no fewer than 29 different cryptocurrencies. That’s by far more than any other competing website. Here’s the entire list, brace yourself:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bytecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dogecoin
  • Stratis
  • Ethereum Classic
  • TRON
  • NEM
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • GameCredits
  • Monero
  • BitShares
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Dash
  • QTUM
  • Verge
  • DigiByte
  • Sibcoin
  • ZCash


If you’re gambling on sports or table games, you log on to 1xBit, and you can’t seem to find a digital asset that you want to play with, then you’re pretty much out of luck. 1xBit is the best in the business in this category. The only comparable competitor is SportsBet for the simple fact that they accept fiat and 1xBit does not.

First Deposit Bonus

1xBit matches 100% of deposits up to seven full Bitcoins. Again, that maximum cap of seven is the highest in the industry. The question is, why on earth is a person with seven bitcoins willing to gamble them all away? Perhaps this is most applicable to the whales out there, which means very few people can afford to maximize this deposit bonus, but still, kudos to 1xBit for going above and beyond what other betting sites would even dream of offering in terms of a first time bonus.

Most Gaming Options Available

1xBit doesn’t offer as many different types of sports bets as Betcoin or Nitrogen Sports, but it still offers plenty in that department. Where the site definitely sets itself apart is with table games. There are more than 50 different varieties of table games available at 1XBit, including all the classics players know and love like blackjack, poker, and roulette. Players can participate in these games with live dealers at any time and take advantage of a wide variety of bonuses. Most of the bonuses relate to cumulative jackpots, which reward players for going on a streak or finishing high atop the leaderboard.

Cons of 1xBit

1xBit’s website, like all other gambling websites, is designed to look busy and exciting. The trouble is the company doesn’t separate its sportsbook and gaming options under different domain names the way Betcoin does. It’s a little bit hard to navigate and it makes scrolling through options a bit of a learning experience.

The one downside about the company’s promotions is that there are no promotions that give players money back on their losses. Betcoin offers that, but people love playing on sites that reward them with a second chance.

For high rollers, one of the downsides is that there are no VIP account managers. People who are serious enough about gaming to risk a substantial amount of Bitcoin probably want to be catered to and they have questions or get special access to promotions that are more suited to their style of play. This represents a big opportunity for 1xBit that they just aren’t capitalizing on.

Read the full 1xBit review.

Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports was a difficult site to review. When we say that we’re not talking about the way the website is laid out or anything like that. It’s tough because the website is missing to glaring opportunities that forced us to dock its ratings. If not for these to glaring opportunities, we could have easily ranked the site first or second.

No Altcoin Alternatives

Nitrogen Sports doesn’t accept any fiat coins, which is fine by most if not all crypto adopters. The issue is Bitcoin is the only option players can use to deposit and play at Nitrogen. This means that anybody who thinks Ethereum is the next big thing, or that Bitcoin Cash is the best version of Bitcoin is out of luck. Players will simply have to trade in their cryptocurrency for Bitcoin in order to play at Nitrogen.

No First Time Deposit Bonus at All

Crypto-friendly or not, one would be hard-pressed to find a betting website anywhere in the world that doesn’t offer some kind of incentive for first time users. It’s a classic marketing strategy that benefits gambling companies, and players love it. Nitrogen Sports certainly tries to make up for this with other promotions, which we’ll get into in a moment, but not to rolling out the welcome mat for first time users is pretty crazy.

Amazing In-Season Promotions

Nitrogen Sports separates itself from other betting competitors because they really do focus on the hard-core sports fan. The website literally only offers three or four different types of table games. Everything else is about major sports.

Nitrogen regularly gives away jackpots worth thousands of US dollars, all paid in Bitcoin of course. At the time of this writing the NFL season and baseball playoffs are in full swing. Players that love to wager on the MLB can win their share of a huge jackpot just by including a baseball team on a large parlay ticket and meeting a few basic rules and requirements. Even a losing ticket and there’s the player to win and the jackpot can sometimes be worth multiple Bitcoins. It’s totally worth it. Nitrogen Sports promotions are truly a sports fan’s dream.

The Best Betting Odds

No Bitcoin sportsbook offers better odds on sporting events than Nitrogen Sports. Many casual players might not know this, but shopping online for the best sports odds is a big key to winning long term, especially for the serious player or at least the want to be serious player that hopes to make money for years to come.

It may not seem like much but even getting a few sense on the dollar on a particular bet is worth owning an account at Nitrogen Sports.

Reviewing Nitrogen was by far the most challenging for these reasons. There’s lots of room for improvement but the promotions and odds are very good and that’s what players care about the most.

Read the full Nitrogen Sports review.


Despite the fact that CloudBet is ranked last in our review, there’s nothing wrong with using the website. When it comes down to it as far as crypto adoption is concerned, like Nitrogen Sports, Cloudbet leaves much to be desired. The site only accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. That’s still better than accepting just Bitcoin, but both CloudBet and Nitrogen need to get with the times to help adoption increase. The fact of the matter is that gambling is one of the key drivers behind getting more people to use cryptocurrency on a regular basis and not just hold it as an investment.

Withdrawal Hurdles

There are two withdrawal hurdles at CloudBet that make it really difficult to have a good time. Number one, players have to play 30 times their bankroll in order to receive a first deposit bonus. The fact that the first deposit bonus offers 100% up to a maximum of five full Bitcoins is great, but to get there playing 30 times your bankroll is not that easy.

Another concern is that players must play their bankroll at least once in order to make any withdrawal at all, including the principle of their initial deposit. They are not the only Bitcoin betting site that holds customers to this rule, but not every competitor uses such a rule.

Thirdly, in chatting with customer support it was explained to us that while customers don’t need to provide identification to withdraw, support can pretty much ask for it whenever they want. So the question is, why would they ask for it? If no one else does, they shouldn’t have to. What that tells us is maybe once somebody starts winning a lot of money it becomes harder to withdraw. That could be true for any website but with two other hurdles already standing in the way, this third one might test the trust level of the customer too much. It would be better if CloudBet had a clear rule for when they ID users and when they don’t.

If you ask CloudBet if there’s KYC required, they say no, but one customer service representative there hinted that under certain circumstances they will.

The Upside

The upside to using CloudBet is that the site still does beat most sportsbooks when it comes to offering the best odds. It doesn’t necessarily offer the best among Bitcoin-specific sites, but still, the prices could be a lot worse. A player shopping around for the best odds with a keen eye for was going on in the betting market will still occasionally find the best deal at CloudBet.

The other plus it is the maximum limit on the first deposit bonus. There’s only one other website we reviewed that offers a higher limit of up to seven bitcoins. That’s 1xBit.

Thursday Night Football Promotion

Every Thursday Night during NFL football season, CloudBet promises to offer the best possible odds relative to other competing Bitcoin betting sites. They email their customers every Thursday to remind them of the prices they are paying out on the event, and highlight the percentage that players are saving by choosing CloudBet for a Thursday night game. This is one of our favourite promotions. Since the average Bitcoin betting site can beat traditional sportsbooks in terms of odds on any given day, you know that by taking CloudBet’s odds on a Thursday, you can’t get a better value bet anywhere else.

The VIP Service

Another great added bonus is that CloudBet offers a VIP service for high rollers. Most competitors don’t offer anything like this at all, so the fact that the folks that CloudBet even thought of anything like this is pretty impressive. Most brick and mortar casinos offer this, but believe it or not, that’s not the case for a lot of online betting sites. Even the ones that don’t use cryptocurrency at all.

Nevertheless, VIP service at CloudBet means higher betting limits, getting a VIP account manager, having first priority on the online chat support system and getting access to VIP experiences and events.

As a dedicated player who spends a lot of time on gambling sites, it’s always nice to know when you have added support that makes the gaming experience easier, more fun and more lucrative at the end of the day.

Which Bitcoin Betting Site Should You Use?

We’ve given you our break down on which Bitcoin betting sites to use based on a wide variety of factors, but ultimately the choice is yours. You have to consider whether or not the adoption of cryptocurrencies is important to you in choosing. If it is, you might be inclined to go with the website that offers you the widest variety of cryptocurrencies. Heck, even if the broader goal of adoption is not that important to you, there may be an altcoin that you really believe in that you just don’t want to trade for anything else because you would rather use that coin to make your wagers. That preference might eliminate certain websites.

If you’re a high roller and you spend a lot of time betting, you may want higher limits, more intimate service, or a larger number of games available to you at one particular platform so you don’t have to move around looking for excitement. Each of those factors might eliminate certain competitors.

And again, if you want the best odds on sporting events, you’ll have to shop around. These websites are always competing with each other for business, so while a particular website may offer better odds on one match, a different sportsbook may be better for another.

No matter what you decide to do in the end, use this review as a starting point. Good luck in whatever online games you decide to wager on and remember to play responsibly.

Read the full CloudBet review.

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