100% deposit bonus up to one full bitcoin.


Based in Costa Rica, Betcoin is one of the longest standing bitcoin gambling sites on the market today. The site offers competitive bonuses, accepts a variety of altcoins and a large number of gaming options.

Deposit Bonuses
Number of cryptocurrencies available
User Experience
Number of Games Offered
Live Betting
Customer Ratings
  • Deposit Bonus 100% up to one bitcoin
  • Games offered Live betting, sports betting, table games
  • Live Betting Slow, but many sports available.
  • Coins Offered 8 different cryptocurrencies offered including bitcoin, ethereum, monero, dash and ripple
  • Customer Ratings 3.6 out 5 on TrustPilot
  • User Experience Videos on homepage load slowly, lots of noise
  • Long-standing reputation.
  • No wager neccessary to unlock withdrawals.
  • Withdrawals only require a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Big community of players participates.
  • 9 different coins can be used to play.
  • No responsible gaming policy highlighted.
  • Homepage is very busy. Information overload.

Betcoin Review

Of all the bitcoin gambling sites were reviewing, Betcoin has been around just as long as any other site. The benefit of that is the platform has had time to adopt several different cryptocurrencies so there are many options. There is also a robust community of gamblers that hangs out on the website in chat rooms and such. Other online gaming platforms allow players to chat, but it seems like an extra popular feature on Betcoin.

All bitcoin gambling sites have experienced their share of controversies and complaints from customers about not being able to withdraw money or bets not being placed properly. Betcoin is no exception. Overall however, based on the gaming options available, the flexibility of different cryptocurrencies supported, the strength of the brand and the community that plays on Betcoin, we rated it as one of our top sites.

Finish reading this review for more insight into the different kinds of games, the bonuses available and the level of service available to all players.

Betcoin Overview

Not too many established bitcoin gambling sites existed in 2013, but Betcoin was one of them. Unlike other websites that do everything under one domain name, is actually a collection of three other domain names:, and This is actually a great selling point for the platform because all other bitcoin gaming sites we reviewed operate under one domain name.

Part of the marketing strategy behind these sites is to make everything look loud and exciting, which means that homepages and all the tabs that organize the different games are designed to look busy. Betcoin’s three different websites allows users to focus on exactly what they like to wager on. This really makes the user experience fun without being overwhelming.

As we go through all the promotions and different kinds of games available, readers will see that Betcoin really does stack up quite well against other online bitcoin casinos. At least we can say for once that we’ve found a platform that’s well-organized. At the same time, there is more to consider. Let’s keep going shall we?


Before we jump directly into the traditional promotions that keep players hooked on bitcoin gambling sites (which Betcoin does offer), let’s talk about a different kind of promotion…social media promotion. While we haven’t discussed much of this in other bitcoin gambling reviews, it’s actually a great point of difference between Betcoin and other sites. Betcoin actively uses Twitter and other social media platforms to promote whatever’s current on the company’s different websites. They also have a very busy thread on, the world’s leading bitcoin forum.

Being a top contributor on a forum normally isn’t a big deal for a company. It doesn’t drive a lot of traffic or necessarily increase the brand awareness and make the platform a lot of money. In the case of Betcoin however, plays a significant promoting the platform. This is why the online chat community on Betcoin is so robust and active. It’s also what allows Betcoin to stand out as a top site.

Now to the actual promotions that drive the action.

Deposit Bonuses offers arguably the best deposit bonuses in the bitcoin gaming industry. Perhaps there are other platforms that offer a better matching bonus on the first deposit, but Betcoin is the only site that rewards the first three deposits.

The first deposit bonus is the most lucrative. Players get 100% matching up to one full bitcoin and 10 free spins on a slot game. The second deposit offers a 50% bonus up to one full bitcoin and one free spin on a slot game. The third deposit provides a 25% bonus up to one bitcoin and 12 free spins on a slot game. Those three deposit bonuses can accumulate so users can earn up to three full bitcoins total and 12 free spins on three deposits altogether.

This is by far the most unique promotion when it comes to deposit bonuses. All of the other sites we reviewed stop at a single bonus on the first deposit. There’s something to be said for a platform that rewards multiple deposits. It’s obvious that Betcoin values customer loyalty and they want to continue to foster it with interesting ways of dividing up the extras offered.

Huge points to Betcoin here.

Sports Betting offers wagering on 17 different sports. What’s cool about the platform is that users can look up previous results and odds for certain big games under a separate tab titled Results. It’s a small feature but for serious bettors it’s actually a cool tool that can be used for analysis.

On top of offering bets for traditional sports like soccer, ice hockey or NFL football, Betcoin also offers odds on more niche sports like table tennis, futsal, badminton, beach soccer and squash. How much does the average gambler know about squash? Talk about a ton of options.

Betcoin’s sportsbook doesn’t just stop there though. Believe it or not, the site offers odds on e-sports competitions. This includes offering odds on arguably the most popular games in the video game world including Dota 2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Starcraft.

Even the most serious sports gambler would be hard-pressed to find a platform that offers a wider variety of sports betting options than Betcoin.

Live Sports Betting

Let’s briefly touch on live sports betting. It’s in this section where players will see the overwhelming number of options available to them. It’s literally impossible not to find a game to bet on. When it comes to soccer, Betcoin follows national leagues in 20 different countries and then has a separate category for international play. When it comes to basketball, players can wager on international competitions in eight different national leagues on top of betting on the NBA. It’s just ridiculous how many options are available.

When it comes to actual betting options on the live platform, there are just too many to name. No other bitcoin gambling site reviewed on CryptoRadar comes even close to Betcoin. Consider that for a soccer game, players can bet on how many corner kicks a given team will get in the game. They can also bet on whether the next goal in the game will be scored between the 48 and 58 minute of the game or the 68th and 78 minute of the game. Those kinds of bets are called proposition bets. Very few websites offer ones that are that specific unless it’s a special event like a World Cup or a Super Bowl.

Even traditional sportsbooks don’t offer the number and types of bets that Betcoin does. It’s almost overwhelming. For that reason Betcoin definitely gets rated the highest when it comes to the live sports betting platform.

Live Casino Games

Betcoin relies on four different vendors to provide its slot games including XIN, BetSoft, Endorphina and GameArt. Most of the slots are video slots. There are also progressive jackpots where the winner can claim over six figures in winnings on just one pull of the handle.

For the players more interested in card games, there are plenty to choose from. BlackJack, Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Win Three Cards and Casino Hold ‘Em. So, that covers all the classics and even some of the more exotic card games that casinos typically make available to players.

Betcoin doesn’t stop there. Other table games include Shake the Plate, Wheel of Dice, Roulette, and Monopoly to name a few. There are also spin-the-wheel type games and traditional lottery games like Keno, Dream Catcher, Monopoly and SideBet City.

Even the most experienced online gambler is likely to find games they’ve never played before at Betcoin. To say the least, we’ve got to rank Betcoin number one when it comes to the sheer number of varieties offered, although our review of 1XBit showed that there’s at least one competitor keeping a close with table games. Still, 1xBit’s sportsbook and live betting options isn’t nearly as diverse as Betcoin’s.

Maximum Bets and Limits

One of our favorite parts about wagering on is that Betcoin has no requirement for a certain number of bets to be placed or a certain amount to be wagered before money can be withdrawn from the platform. This means a new player struggling with responsible gaming can withdraw at any time. It also means people are less likely to get hooked, and it means it’s totally okay to cash out after winning big on one wager. While a competitor like CloudBet offers a better first time deposit bonus, players must wager the full balance of their bankroll before being allowed to withdraw. This makes it less likely to win as casinos always have the edge in the long run.

As far as betting limits go, the sportsbook limits players wager’s depending on the circumstances of each specific game. A favorite up against a huge point spread is likely getting more of the betting action from the general public. This means that sportsbooks are likely to limit the maximum amount of currency that can be wagered, even if there is a point spread attached to it that evens out the odds. The bottom line is history shows that players are always more likely to bet on the favourite even when the odds are tilted to try and make things even, and sportsbooks don’t want people walking away big winners too often. That’s not profitable.

Still, generally speaking players can wager several bitcoins on one particular event. The average person probably doesn’t bring this much to the table but high rollers and VIPs will like having the option. The minimum bet on most smaller stake tables is somewhere around 0.0001 BTC, a manageable amount for most casual players. This makes it easy to get in the game without having to wager one’s life savings, but it’s not a point of difference. Most bitcoin gambling sites will start at that particular limit just because it’s easy to get people in the door so to speak.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

While Betcoin trumps almost every online casino when it comes to the number of games offered and the deposit bonuses, it is not the leading website when it comes to supporting cryptocurrencies. That honour goes to 1xBit. The competitor supports 29 different cryptocurrencies. Betcoin on the other hand only supports nine different ones. That’s still more than some other competitors like CloudBet, which only accepts wagers in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Here are the nine cryptocurrencies accepted at Betcoin:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • Monero

Bitcoin SV is one coin that isn’t really accepted by most bitcoin gambling sites, so anybody that really believes in Satoshi’s Vision will be glad to choose Betcoin no doubt.

Customer Support

Players expect to have access to customer support for whatever they need, whether there are issues regarding deposits and withdrawals, the gaming experience or just general questions. Betcoin meets these standards easily, making gaming available to anyone who has some crypto to spare. Customer service agents are available via text message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s an industry standard whether players are wagering in digital currencies or fiat currencies.

Customer Ratings

Betcoin scores a 2.7 out of 5 on and It also scores a 2.8 at a five on a website called It should be noted that most people who are happy with a betting site won’t give it a review. It’s people that lose their money or don’t get it out of the casino fast enough in their eyes that are more likely to leave a review.

The truth is that bitcoin is still known as a shady currency in the eyes of many and the gambling industry has a history of seeing gaming sites pop up and disappear just as quickly while registering in offshore countries with relaxed tax and gaming laws.

All in all Betcoin is still a top site and it’s 2.7 out of 5 average customer rating is actually better than most competing websites. Other sites we like score less than two out of five, yet they still have large customer bases and solid promotions.

Betcoin vs. Other Bitcoin Gaming Sites (1xBit, SportsBet, CloudBet etc…)

While Betcoin certainly offers a wide variety of different gaming options, it’s been around a long time and it has a very active community, that doesn’t mean it’s the best in every possible category players consider when choosing a gambling site. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of breaking down Betcoin against all the other competition and putting it into a nice, easy-to-read chart. Take a look at it below and compare the advantages and disadvantages to both.

CriteriaBetcoinOther Bitcoin Betting Sites
First-time Deposit Bonus100%, up to 1 bitcoin. Rewards second and third deposits as well, for a total up to 3 bitcoins.100%, up to 5 bitcoins.
Number of Games Available to PlayMore than 70 table games and more sporting events than any other bitcoin sportsbooks1xBit compares well on table games. No other sportsbook matches Betcoin.
Deposit & Withdrawal LimitsNo deposit limits. Players must play 100% of their balance to withdraw money.Various limits on withdrawals, some better than 1xBit.
Customer Ratings2.7 on Wizard of Odds and other site has customer ratings higher than 2.5 out of 5 stars on more than one review site.

Should You Bet with Betcoin?

In starting to review bitcoin-only gambling sites here at CR, we had no idea what to expect. There are a handful of traditional online casinos that deal in fiat currency and have since transitioned to also accepting bitcoin, but serious gamblers already know about those (Bodog, 5Dimes, etc…). While we do plan to review those too, it’s kind of incredible to see how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to bitcoin-only wagering options.

We thought CloudBet and 1xBit were good, and they are! But given the different types of games available to play at Betcoin, the fact the player doesn’t have to play their entire bankroll in order to withdraw, and the fact that Betcoin provides deposit bonuses on the first three deposits instead of just the first’s hard to go against

Sure like any other crypto-only platform, Betcoin has its issues. But overall, the site’s commitment to offering the most flexibility and highest level of entertainment possible I would have allowed Betcoin to stick around and control a huge share of the bitcoin gambling market since 2013.

Feel free to use the platform just like any other and experience it for yourself!

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