Deposit bonus matches up to 7 bitcoins.


1xBit markets itself as one of the best bitcoin betting sites on the market today. CryptoRadar's review second's that belief. With a higher maximum first deposit bonus than competitors and 29 different currencies accepted, 1xBit is indeed a top bitcoin gaming option.

Deposit Bonus
Games Offered
Live Betting
Coins Offered
Customer Ratings
  • Deposit Bonus 100% on first deposit, up to 7 bitcoins.
  • Games Offered Over 50 different table games and a wide variety of sports.
  • Live Betting Good odds, many bets cancel as odds change slowly.
  • Coins Offered 29 different cryptocurrencies. More than any other site
  • Customer Ratings Customer reviews are mixed for most betting sites.
  • Accepts more cryptocurrencies than any other site.
  • Highest number of games and sports bets available.
  • Easy and quick player registration.
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees.
  • No KYC required.
  • The design of the website is a bit too loud.
  • There are no promotions that provide a kickback on losses.
  • No VIP account managers.

This 1xBit review is going to excite bitcoin gamblers everywhere. This website literally has any kind of game the experience bettor wants. Sure, it doesn’t have 100s of games the way some online casinos do, but this site is legit.

Of all the crypto-only gaming sites reviewed here at CryptoRadar, 1xBit does the best job of branding itself in mainstream media. The company even advertises during English Premier League soccer games. It’s the marketing and branding strategy that makes 1xBit one of the more trusted bitcoin betting sites out there.

Whether or not that marketing holds true in game play or not is something we’ll explore in this review.

1xBit Overview

1xBit is owned by a private company in Germany and was founded in 2016. Like CloudBet and other crypto betting sites, 1xBit does really well when it comes to privacy and security. The site doesn’t ask players to identify themselves. Like many other competitors though, the user experience is overwhelming. Bright colours and many different tables and charts relating to different sports, table games, live games and promotions all clutter the screen.

Players have to take the good with the bad however. All gambling sites promote excitement. This means making every attempt possible to hard sell players on how many ways there are to earn or win Bitcoin, and how easy or exciting the games are to play. These websites aim to overwhelm the senses in much the same way that extravagant brick & mortar casinos on the Las Vegas strip aim fill people’s senses with all of the luxuries that go with the idea of winning big.

Still, at its heart, 1xBit is a top bitcoin betting site, and definitely holds some clear advantages over the competition. There are several reasons it’s considered a reliable option. The promotions spark excitement, there are many options for depositing different cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, and the site has a large user base.

The promotions get people hooked, so let’s talk about them.


Every betting site offers some kind of deposit bonus, but each also tries to differentiate itself in terms of competitors. Let’s run down a list of everything 1xBit has to offer when it comes to promotions and ways to earn free bitcoins or free plays.

  • 100% on first deposit: This promotion is pretty standard. It requires a player to play many times their bankroll as noted.
  • Unlimited cashback bonuses: Players earn loyalty points on every wager and get those funds added to their account once bets are settled.
  • Accumulator of the Day: This promotion adds 10% to the regular odds listed on the site. Many conditions apply but it’s a cool concept.
  • Advancebet: The Advancebet promotion allows players to cash in on unsettled bets to avoid further risk of losing the bet. This means players don’t have to wait for the end of an event to find out if they won. It’s a way of hedging against future outcomes.

Sports Betting

One thing that’s cool about 1xBit’s sports betting platform is that the website allows players to group their sports of interest by the country in which they are played. This means if a gambler wants to bet on NFL football, they can select the United States and get all the games. It also means not having to scroll through a bunch of soccer games, European handball and tennis matches that are irrelevant to what the players interested in in order to place a wager.

This user experience layout is a very necessary move for 1xBit’s website because there are after all so many different ways to place a wager on sports and various table games. Be that as it may, even with the tabs the website is still fairly cluttered.

In terms of the odds that it offers, other website’s’ like CloudBet or sometimes offer players better odds as a way of enticing them, but all in all each of these crypto only sportsbooks usually saves a few percentage points off of the odds that more traditional sportsbooks offer.

Consider for a moment that the majority of sports books payout approximately $10 for every $11 a’s player wagers on an even odds bet. 1xBit and other websites will usually beat those margins by a few sense on the dollar. That might not sound like a lot but to a professional gambler shopping around for the best prices is a big part of developing a long-term winning strategy when wagering on sporting events. Anybody serious about betting on these events should consider dropping a few satoshis into multiple sites to take advantage of the best price no matter which site it happens to be on.

Live Sports Betting

Believe it or not, not every sports book allows in game live betting. Fortunately 1xBit does. Again, players just need to make sure they picked the right country in which the sport is being played in order to place an in game wager.

Since websites like 1xBit and other bitcoin betting sites are constantly uploading live data and odds to the sportsbook, there can oftentimes be many delays. This means that while a bettor may see attractive odds on a game and have the desire to place a big wager in the moment, best can often be declined. It’s just the nature of betting on a live event.

However the upside to betting on live events is that odds are always based on how the general public perceives the outcome of the match unfolding. This means that a good value player can spot inefficiencies in the market and potentially capitalize to profit.

Not every sport offers in game betting but the most popular ones certainly do.

Live Casino Games

When it comes to table games, players will be hard-pressed to find a bitcoin friendly casino that offers more than 1xBit does. Just hovering the mouse over the slots section of the website reveals 44 different slots eligible to play. That’s a mind blowing amount of options. There are some the games on the homepage of the website in fact that it be hard to not click something just by pressing down on the mouse randomly. We’re talking a lot of different games here it’s but of course, slots aren’t the only game in town on 1xBit’s website.

Other games include:

  • BlackJack (many different types)
  • Roulette (many different types)
  • Baccarat
  • Live Monopoly
  • Dream Catcher
  • Lucky Streak
  • Over/Under

While some bitcoin casinos include a statement in their terms and conditions about offering provably fair play, 1xBit, CloudBet and a few others don’t promise to be fair, meaning that the house has a clear edge on the competition. Of course the house always has an edge but the fact that they will come out and say their site is provably fair is a little bit troublesome, particularly in the bitcoin community where people really pay attention to keeping everything democratic and fair.

Still at the end of the day there’s no shortage of games to try at 1xBit. There are also many video based options where players can interact with a live dealer and really stay engaged in the play while bets are being placed.

Deposit Bonuses

1xBit match is 100% of deposits as a bonus. That doesn’t differentiate it from any of the other crypto sites out there that accept wagers. What is different about 1xBit is that it offers a limit on the bonus of up to seven full bitcoins. At the present moment seven Bitcoins are worth approximately $56,000 US. The average gambler probably doesn’t have that amount of money in digital assets. So that means the deposit bonus should cover almost everybody who chooses to use 1xBit over other competitors.

Of course the natural downside of all these bonuses is that players must gamble multiple times their bankroll before being eligible to earn the bonus. This encourages players to remain loyal to one particular platform and continue to gamble even after they’ve won significant amounts of currency. It’s a classic promotional strategy used by all gambling sites and crypto only sites are no exception to that. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

In general new players should consider deposit bonuses just that, bonuses. It’s very difficult to earn them and while they can be lucrative most people won’t get anything for it. As far as this review goes, we won’t knock down 1xBit for that because every other competitor is the same.

A Quick Note on Deposit Bonuses

1xBit requires that a minimum of 0.0005 BTC be deposited in order to earn a 100% bonus on a first deposit. Most other bitcoin casinos will reward smaller amounts but in general 0.0005 BTC is a pretty small amounts of the average player shouldn’t have a problem meeting that threshold in order to receive the extra kickback.

Maximum Bets and Limits

1xBit has minimum and maximum bets and limits just like any other online casino. 1xBit offers a wide variety of minimum bets depending on the game selected. Players can wager as little as 0.0001 BTC, but other tables have limits starting at 0.5 BTC, which at today’s market prices is a lot of money.

Sports betting works a little differently. Most books restrict wagers on the most popular games, which makes sense. They don’t want people walking away with multiple bitcoins because one heavy favorite happened to cover the spread. Most sites including 1xBit will limit players to around 0.05 BTC on a straight bet on a favorite, but sometimes they’ll allow multiple bitcoins on an even odds point spread wager. It all depends on the circumstances.

As for as withdrawal or deposit limits go, we’ve already covered a lot of that. The bottom line is betting sites want to stimulate action and the idea of betting one’s entire bankroll at least once before being able to make a withdrawal. And of course bonuses usually don’t trigger until bettors play 20-30x their bankroll.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

As for as crypto gambling sites go, bitcoin is accepted everywhere. It’s that includes every one of the sites that we’re reviewing. CloudBet and other sites also accept other alternative currencies. However, there isn’t a single bitcoin casino that accepts a wider variety of cryptocurrencies than 1xBit. 1xBit accepts no less than 29 different digital currencies. Here’s a full list of them:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bytecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dogecoin
  • Stratis
  • Ethereum Classic
  • TRON
  • NEM
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • GameCredits
  • Monero
  • BitShares
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Dash
  • QTUM
  • Verge
  • DigiByte
  • Sibcoin
  • ZCash

29 cryptocurrencies is clearly more than any individual player would want to wager in. People essentially have their choice when it comes to which currency to use. This is a really cool advantage to using 1xBit. Nobody is restricted to using only bitcoin.

That being said, bitcoin is not necessarily the best currency to use in terms of speed or transaction fees. Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Ripple are all faster and cheaper than the original Bitcoin. Still, most crypto only betting sites don’t convert coins to more stable fiat currency when placing a wager, so perhaps in terms of volatility it’s better to use bitcoin. Still, the market is going to be volatile the matter what so if players are comfortable using crypto to gamble, it might as well except the gamble that comes with using crypto in the first place.

1xBit vs. Other Bitcoin Gaming Sites (CloudBet, SportsBet, Betcoin etc…)

1XBit’s promotions definitely set it apart from the competition. Most sites allow users to recoup losses on certain days or get better odds on certain sporting events while offering a pretty standard first deposit bonus. We’ve noted more about 1xBit’s promotions in the sections above, but there are other differences between it and other sportsbooks. See the chart below.

Criteria1xBitOther Bitcoin Betting Sites
First-time Deposit Bonus100%, up to 7 bitcoins.100%, up to 5 bitcoins.
Number of Games Available to PlayMore than 50 different games available between sports, tables and virtual games.A wide variety of virtual games, table games and sports betting
Deposit & Withdrawal LimitsNo deposit limits. Players must play 100% of their balance to withdraw money.Various limits on withdrawals, some better than 1xBit.
Customer Ratings1.6 out of 10 on and 2.5 out of 5 on Best Bitcoin CasinosOther betting sites have more reviews that rate better.

Should You Use 1xBit?

With 29 different Cryptocurrency is accepted for betting, nearly 50 different table games to try, great odds on sports betting and the same live betting options as many other competitors, 1xBit makes it really easy to get in on the action.

The live customer support could use some work as it’s very difficult to find the messaging option to get somebody live to answer questions. 1xBit also doesn’t have the best customer reviews compared to other competitors.

All that being said, the company behind it has done a great job branding the website and tying it to some well-known properties that ensure its customer base is strong. At the end of the day a more profitable online casino with a larger number of customers will be able to offer better promotions and higher bonuses than smaller competing sites.

For all those reasons 1xBit is a great place to play. It will likely remain one of the staples of the bitcoin betting scene. Players can certainly do worse. Feel free to come back and review the table at the top of the page as well as read some of the other reviews on CryptoRadar!

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